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Heading Back Out

Posted on Thu Mar 12th, 2020 @ 3:17am by

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I spoke with Laura today. She’s doing well. Still helping Dad with the clinic but I don’t think she’ll ever get sick of the place. Mam was busy but she said she was excited for me. Petty Officer 1st Class. And assignment to the USS Majestic. I’d heard about the ship before my assignment, but only in passing. I looked it up on the newsfeed before I arrived and the ship has some history. It’s definitely been put through it’s paces.

But its not a relic. She’s been through the ringer but the refit and crew seem to be keeping her in good form. What am I saying? She’ll be the most modern starship I’ve ever served on! I hope I can live up to her reputation. After the Calypso, Lancaster and Rapier I’d grown used to the older style classes...

I don’t know much about the CO or their Chief Engineer, but I’ve been told Lt. Commander Murphy did some incredible engine and shield systems work at Utopia Planetia in the past. Hopefully I can pick his brains about that while I’m here. And the sensor suite looks incredible!

I’m excited to get to work again. Two weeks at Starbase 50 and I was starting to get angsty. The Buran shipped out barely after I stepped off. Didn’t get much of a chance to wave them off. Captain Sr’Pel wished me luck. I think it’s down to him I was able to get this assignment. I probably owe him more than few now. Although filling my debrief last night didn’t make for the most fun. I hear our first mission is a diplomatic one. Should give me time to find my way around the engines...

Okay, okay. That’s the call for my duty shift. Computer, remind me to call Ross tomorrow. Far past time I caught him up. End log.


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