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Musings and Meditations

Posted on Mon Jun 22nd, 2020 @ 10:15am by Lieutenant Orin Sempton

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Computer, begin personal log.


Personal Log, Orin Sempton. Stardate... Huh, I don't know. How strange. Like where I'm sitting. On another starship, rocketing across the galaxy.

You know, for a time, I didn't think they'd send me back out here. Figured they would just keep me on Earth, jerking me around in the Personnel Office till I gave up and stopped bothering them. Starfleet is many things. Chiefest among them, is they are a bureaucratic nightmare. If my father is to be believed, and I think he might have a sliver of truth in his bias, it's due to Starfleet being a military organization. And it wouldn't be military without bureaucracy. Forms among forms. How many times did my application to be placed back into active service get "Lost"? I, myself, lost count after a dozen. It wasn't enough for them to break me back down to Ensign, but they attempted to break me as well. No matter what they think, I refuse to believe I did anything wrong. Machinery can be rebuilt, but the extinction of a sentient species is permanent.

This ship... sigh. I hope this ship can be a new start. Right now I'm just another Ensign. Bunking in a room with others with similar hopes and dreams. It's been a while since I've bunked with anyone. I hope no one snores... Shaka, I'm getting off topic here. For now, I have a new lab I can work in and slowly make my own. From there I can build. Thankfully, it seems that I've been placed with other odd ducks. My Captain is an interesting one. Difficult to get a read on, but everything about her screams that I can trust her unequivocally. Our first meeting went far out into left field from what I was expecting. I expected recriminations and got respect. Instead, I ended up nearly forcing my own foot down my throat. The CSO is quite the gentleman as well. Keeps you on your toes and forces you to think outside of norms. He presents quite the intellectual challenge to keep up with. And he's a fellow spectacle wearer!

I'll need to visit more of the ship, become acquainted with this Majestic class ship. I definitely need to memorize the layout. Getting lost while trying to find things isn't going to make me look capable to my commanding officers. I need to visit my lab. I'll need to see if my supplies were delivered and then re-calibrate the sensors so they can be ready at the drop of a hat. Maybe I'll set up the shelves first. My collection of antique astronomy and archaeology tools could use some fresher recirculated air, and it would make the lab start to feel like home...


I wonder how Mom and Dad are doing? Dad was still dead set against me coming back out to space. Eight years and he still hates that I joined Starfleet instead of following in his footsteps.


C-computer, end l-log.


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