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Dear Annabelle

Posted on Sun Sep 13th, 2020 @ 6:09am by Lieutenant Lily Marlow
Edited on Sat May 11th, 2024 @ 11:50pm

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"First personal log of Lily Vanessa Marlow."Lily paused with a little bit of a sigh."Restart, I would rather make this a bit more personal than just saying, personal log. Instead, I will make this more of letters to you my best friend, Annabelle Trevor. I know you're not alive, but I feel I can sense your energies, your spirit come to visit me and give me strength and courage when I need it the most. I really miss you,Sister of my heart. Even though you were not biologically my sister, you are still my sister. Therefore, my personal logs will be as letters to you, it makes me feel that you are receiving them. I hope that maybe one day we will meet again, in another lifetime, or in the afterlife. My thoughts still go to when I was witness to your death. I was in shock. My heart shattered to pieces.

I had gone to what ended up being your last performance as Christine Daae in the Phantom of the Opera.. We went to the reception, you with your boyfriend, me with mine. We had quite a lot of fun, dancing, lots of laughs. You were so vibrant, so alive. Your boyfriend asked you to marry him. You said yes. We were all so happy! I remember when you called me two weeks later, sobbing, your heartbreaking, for your fiancee had been killed whilst on a mission. You and I were supposed to meet up, you weren't able to come, I decided to go where you lived, in which you were happy that I would be able to come see you. We did meet up, we had our best friend spa date. It was fun, you seemed to be cheered up. I made certain you got back to your home, a cottage out in the country with a beautiful garden.

I decided to go get things to make a dinner for us, to cheer you up even more. I told you that I would be back as soon as I could. Like a slow motion movie I remember so clearly everything I had gotten, the chocolate chips and walnuts, along with the butter and eggs. You were out of those ingredients. I even got the ingredients to make the calzones you so dearly loved. An enclosed pizza without a whole lot of mess with the melted cheese inside. I even got salad fixings with the ingredients of making the honey vinegarette you loved. Along with that was the Triple Chocolate Devils Food Cake from your favorite bakery. Along with the vanilla icecream. Of course you didn't want to have cake without the scoop of icecream, makes it taste all the better.

I remember being most of the way to your home, when you called me, your voice sounding so strange as if you were in shock. You told me not to come back to your home, that you were not in any danger. Of course that didn't make me want to stay away. Instead it caused me to feel a sense of urgency, so extreme that I moved beyond a safe speed. Just as I got to your cottage, and stepped out of my vehicle, my hand reaching out to open the gate that is when the cottage exploded. "

Lily paused, wrapping her arms about her pillow fighting back her tears, then resumed,her voice shaky. "I remember flying through the air backwards, landing in bushes almost a hundred feet away. I'm surprised I didn't get more injured than what I had gotten. Its probably due to my not being near your cottage when it exploded. I do remember hearing someone screaming out your name, hysterically sobbing unconsolably, not knowing that it was me that was doing so, until moments later. Then darkness enveloped me, my mind taking pity upon my psychological state. Unconciousness was blissful, then I woke up, finding myself in a hospital where I had been taken to for recovery of my injuries, which were only minor, just some scratches and cuts and bruising. You were declared dead, they only finding some dna fragments of you. I had to go into counseling to help me cope with your loss, and the shock of the explosion, all the while going back to school. I managed to graduate, of course I had all ready told you in another journal so I won't bore you with the rehash of what happened."

Lily paused once more to get a drink of water to moisten her dry throat. "now the reason why I brought up your demise, is this. On the trip to my new home I dreamt of you. The dream was so real, I could smell the pefume you loved to put on when meeting up with your boyfriend. And this is how the dream went."

I dreamt that I lay sleeping in my quarters, thoroughly sound asleep, caught up in a strange dream. I found myself standing in front of the building I recognized as the theater in Portland,Oregon. Upon the Marquee was the billing " The Phantom of the Opera. "

Curiosity seized me, and I climbed the steps which led inside the theater. Music was playing the beginning of the Phantom, the scene was beginning of Christine Daae singing "Think of Me"

There in your splendor, was you my longtime best friend, Annabelle Trevor, who divided your time between Medical School and Theater, singing the lead role. The scene ended, and you, Annabelle ran down the stairs throwing your arms about me. It was so real!"

"You came, you came! Oh sister of my heart!" you cried out.

"Yes I did, I promised." I exclaimed, with a smile. "You sang like an angel, like you normally do!"

"The dream changed, to one of sorrow where I was standing at the side of a grave, its marker "Here lies Annabelle taken away all too soon." was seen carved in black marble with white lettering. A single lily lay upon the base of the headstone, left there by me, along with a pink rose, your favorite flower. I cried, for the loss of you my friend.

"The dream within a dream changed to where years later I was crying in my sleep, I heard a voice that sounded so familiar,

"Shh... don't cry, Lilybelle." a gentle stroke on the hair as if to give comfort.

This woke me up. The sensation was so real, shaking my head to clear it of cobwebs, I gazed into dimly lit room. The only lightsource was the clock near my bed, and the stars which the ship passed by. I looked around and froze,for there sitting beside her bed was...YOU!

"Annabelle! You're alive, you're, ALIVE!?" I screamed out leaping out of bed to tackle hug you.

"Yes, yes I am!" you laughed. "What, you were dreaming about my dying once again? I told you to be careful of what you ate. I had been sitting here to make certain you suffered no ill affects." you said to me.

"I could only laugh in delight, my friend who was once dead, lived again. I felt your warm hug, heard your laughter at what you called my silliness. Truth be told, I didn't want to wake up, as I didn't want to stop talking to you. However, it was time for me wake up, as my journey to my new destination The USS Majestic had come to an end. I will continue later as I've got to finish exploring the ship and meeting other crew members. Lilybelle signing off for now, sis. I love and miss you."


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