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Getting to know the Spooky Person

Posted on Tue Aug 6th, 2019 @ 10:23am by Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez & Lieutenant T'Par
Edited on on Tue Aug 13th, 2019 @ 7:07am

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Intel Branch
Timeline: MD6


Tadez had on his Diplomatic uniform as he wondered towards the Intel Offices; he had a few ideas about what he could talk with the Intellegence Officer; the CHief might have a few more details that are not on the standard package. If all went well Tadez might get some information not readily available; if not he thought it not a bad thing to have a working relationship with the Intel people. They seem to know more; tell less and hint at nothing other than what they think is needed? Still that tends to be worth more than a lot of reports a Diplomatic CHief might get.

He pressed thew chime to request entrance.

T'Par looked up from her console and pressed a control to replace the readout she'd been studying with a Starfleet logo. Intelligence people did not generally leave their work where others could see it. "Come," she said simply.

Tadez entered the office and made it a point not to look around more than is a casual glance normal for entering a new place. He walked to her desk and gave a slight bow.

"Greetings, I am Tadez the new Diplomatic Chief." He began his introduction. "I thought it might be proper to make your acquaintance as I find your department and mine do have some 'over lapping' duties and information exchange." He explained. " I like to think that in the Diplomatic Corps we are 'Intel Friendly' in a manner of speaking?"

There was very little to see. The only decoration was a picture of T'Par with a Vulcan man of roughly the same aged, dressed in civilian clothing. No PADDs or chips were left out. There was simply a desk, a computer console, a chair, and two other chairs facing the desk. T'Par looked up as the man entered. "Yes, sir. I would agree." Her expression and her tone showed only the usual Vulcan stoicism but his Betazoid senses might detect a certain turmoil beneath that disciplined exterior.

Something in his gut told Tadez to be more forward and that his point, he wondered what he was really getting into here with a Vulcan as an Intel Chief that gave his gut a bit of a jab, something he could not exactly put his finger on. He had a couple of suspicions but he would keep to point and see what else his gut tells him.

"I get a package from the Diplomatic Corps; collating what resources they have in their relations to surveys and such, I also know that Intel always has some small bit they are aware of thatis not always included in that package of known information." Tadez explained. "Would you agree that to know the people and the game we are getting into is the basis of both our departments getting the job done," He waited to see what her answer and reacting sparked in that ol' gut of his?

"Broadly speaking," she agreed. "I would not wished to be surprised."

"May I take a seat." He said as he took the chair across from her. "Have you ever considered what the Diplomatic Corps could mean for the Intel Branch?" He asked directly. "I mean in terms that we could be of service to you in your chosen field of operations?" He sat back a bit to listen this time.

"Of course," T'Par said, gesturing to a chair. She looked up thoughtfully a moment. "I was about to ask you the same question. This is ultimately a diplomatic mission. I see our role in intelligence as providing you with better information on which to base your diplomacy. Is there anything in particular that concerns you?"

"On the surface not so much however, Civil wars and conflicts of that type are not often so simple to play with or the indigenous people would have long ago." Tadez began. "I was wondering if Intel had any 'rumors' from surrounding areas about the fight; ordering of supplies or just other races avoiding the planetary system for some reason not publicly known.?" Tadez shrugged. "Also I was wondering if you might be able to get any information while we are there that might be of use to our hand to play? They often refer to Intel people as "Spooks, ghost and Specters as you are trained to gather information covertly. If any of that information come available I would request being privy to anything that might help, With wars there are always secrets and Intel tend to unravel ... secrets?"

"The Bordere and the Felev are both proud peoples with their own historical grievances," she answered. "Their emotional commitments stand to render more difficult what might be a simple economic dilemma." She shook her head. "I do not currently have any intention of initiating a covert operation in the Cleddin Empire. My current assessment is that the risks of such an endeavor would greatly outweigh the potential benefits. However, that assessment is subject to change as the situation develops, sir."

With the third race in the middle." Tadez said as he thought. "Though it might be something that we consider and if you would think it prudent maybe I can suggest you be a part of the mission; even if analysing date from the meetings and gicving angles I miss?" He suggessted.

"I can certainly be a part of the mission," she agreed.

"I can use logic with diplomatic angles ; the old saying 'level heads prevail and all, so you culd be of great help in that." Tadez grinned in a sly way. "Plus you could fulfill your need to get intel on new races. So mutually beneficial."

"I would tend to concur," she answered. "What do you make of the Empire and its various species?"

The humanoids are very normal for two different planets and no knowing one another until space travel." Tadez started. "The third race is said ot be Telepathic variant of crabs who are more technologically advanced but not as high intellects as the Humanoids." He explained. "The Crab like people have the most to lose as the Empire is like a budding Federation; an alliance among races , for their mutual benefit. SO it is on the Plantoid that I am told we will be meeting under the neutral flag of the Crab Like people who want to have exchanges with the Federation and expand the alliances of the Empire, The humanoids are just trying to be like most; greedy and self-serving in their roots and need ot learn to play more nice with each other?"

"To play nice with each other," she repeated with an arched brow and a nod. "Yes, I suppose that is one way of putting it."

"It is a generic term for a complected process, yet we are talking in the basics right now are we not?" Tadez smiled. "You are not as versed in Diplomatic jargon as with your Inteel Version so I am just trying to have common ground." He explained. "They are self-serving and aggressive as most Humanoids are prone to be. They squabble over resources and planetary space. The squabbles usually are against anyone with opposing views and thus expand quickly. That is what they are trying to stop here; the natural thing to take what they want and be aggressive enough to destroy them all. We need to help them find a way to coexist and use Federation as an example it can be done."

"Interesting," she said simply, sitting back slightly and steepling her fingers. "They have already formed a central, multisystem government, however. Your description of the mission seems far...broader...than the captain's."

"The Diplomatic package does have some newer insights than the broad package, I have a few things that I can bring to the table." He said. "I tend to be very through inmy study of a negotiation and thus come up with facts from other sources than just the Diplomatic Corps. Sometimes paying a Ferengi can be fruitful; or knowing the right Orion Slave Girl who runs the girls on a station that hear everything." He shrugged, "All information that could be used at a later time if the correct hands are given a gift,"

A brow arches rather sharply at the mention of an Orion slave girl. "I see. What is it that you've determined?"

It is the third population on a plaetoid'; the Crusitillans that are the real source of prosperity." Tadez explained. "They have been trading with other Solar systems much longer than the empire, kind of industrious blokes. Their preople believe in the spirit of the trade; using a barter system rather than established monetary means. Kind of like Ferengi only no rules or love of Latinum. They are traders though; resources for resources; they trade whatever they find is valued in exchange for something they value so the whole putting a monetary value to them is impossible. If they need metals they trade sea food for it as an example. Valuable pearls for labor if required . They live for the deal and from what I gathered they think the fihgt among the humanoids will be detrimental to the Empire and the Crustillians as Trade partners so they sued for peace and called for us to mediate. The Crab'like race is telepathic and while not as intelligent, they are sly and can read intentions so that is their advantage. They are the ones we have as allies in all this. They even trade with the Syndicate for things

"The Orion Syndicate is a persistent threat to citizens of the Federation and its allies. Starfleet Intelligence and the Federation Security Agency, as well as local law enforcement agencies on Farius Prime, Trill, Sappora VII, Coridan, Tellar Prime, and dozens of other Federation worlds are involved in active operations designed to bring its members and associates to justice for murder, kidnapping, extortion, sabotage, and other offenses. I would request, sir, to be apprised of any 'other sources' in the Syndicate, if only to make sure there is no conflict with ongoing intelligence operations." It was, perhaps, the first thing she'd said that fit with his original description of a 'spook'. She preferred the lighter touch first, but not when it came to the Syndicate.

"I have conducted a study of belief systems on all three worlds in preparation," she added. "The Crustillian aversion to currency is counterintuitive to most but deeply rooted in their understanding of value. It poses logistical difficulties for trade, of course, but leaves them open to the possibility. Their fundamentally honest approach differentiates them from the Ferengi whose respect for property and contracts seldom extends beyond their own species."

"It is that Honest approach that we can best work with." Tadez pointed out. "To them each deal is unique and has to be evaluated for the intrinsic value; an dsince they are more honest and want to make it better for the Empire we may have less ; if any, hidden agendas to deal with as in most Peace Agreements." He explained. "I know they will have objectives they believe will benefit them and the Empire and if they hold most of the clout we can deal with them on even grounds and know the others will listen?"

"Are you confident the others will listen?" she asked. "The Crustillians might have most of the clout but they still feel the need for our assistance. Moreover, their philosophy of barter, while admirable in many ways, might be frustrating to humanoids seeking more profit or simply inefficient from the perspective of currency based economies."

"They have tried to form an Empire; there had to be some cooperation to do so." Tadez pointed out. "Now even if the others were not liking each other there is always a more level head in anything that grows to keep everyone working. IN this case the Crustillians seem to be that mediator buit it has exceeded their ability to keep it contained so they called for us."

"Tried?" she inquired. "You really think the situation is that unstable?"

"Perhaps I should have interjected the word 'Trying' rather than a past tense, the three major players are humanoid and it appears that the Crustillians are the ones that foresee the problem being a little larger than they can handle. Being the one that promotes trade they basically have the most finacial interests and since the initial request was over trade routes between the humanoids I think it safe to say this Empire is in the early stages since there are butting of heads?"

"I think so," she agreed.

"Then we agree, we will keep an eye on any escalations and hope they stay calm while I do that Diplomatic Magic and help smooth things over."

"Agreed," she said with a nod. "Thank you for speaking with me, sir."

Lieutenant JG T'Par
Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez
Chief Diplomatic Officer.


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