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Executive Diplomacy

Posted on Wed Sep 18th, 2019 @ 7:58pm by Commander Shev Th'aziavak & Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD02


Tadez had put all his plans into action; launched his testing phase and still had a few minor things to work out; he felt that a visit with the executive Officer is about due. Both the Captain and the Executive Officer will be widely involved with his job and on the next mission it was not stated who among the Command Chain would be heading up the meetings with the concerned parties?

Besides, it is always better from a productive vantage, to make friends with the Command Chain. So Tadez came to the bridge during the XO's Watch.

"Commander Th'aziavak, I am Lieutenant Tadez your new Diplomatic Officer." He offered a hand shake. "I Thought I would make the introductions Sir?"

Shev nodded and gladly took the offered hand. "Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant. And points for pronunciation." He grinned. "Welcome aboard the Majestic.

"Thank you Sir; I try to be polite of course and getting some names is more of a trick than others." Tadez replied with a neutral expression. "Kind of a good skill in my line of work to get the names correct."

"Oh, I totally agree. Don't want to start a war." Shev nodded. "I admire Archer for that. Having to deal with the old grudges." He said.

Tadez chuckled. "He was insturmental in showing the need for Diplomats and beginning the book for training future generations." Tadez agreed. "Captain Picard had his share of showing great Command Diplomacy and sometimes back with a little show of potential force to back his play." He added. The Command Chair holds may jobs that we all support; I am just a tool to aid the Captain and Crew to do what we are sent to do."

"Well said." Shev said.

"Thank you Sir." Tadez replied and gave a slight bow. "Do you foresee anything I should be aware of with the coming mission Sir?"

"I don't foresee any wrinkles." The Andorian replied. "But I'll provide a padd with the particulars later on. In fact I'll download it now." He offered.

"Thank you Commander." Tadez replied using his genuine smile. "In my business having information is like Latinum in the coffers." He waited a few seconds. "Also Commander; with this being just past a First Contact the Diplomatic Envoy might be needing the use of a shuttle, we have three main cultures reigning over the Empire and aside from the Crustillians whom asked for this the two humanoid races who have the conflict will have individual First Meetings and taking the ship all over the system might be ; as humans say, an over kill where a shuttle is non-threatening in comparison?"

"I totally agree on that score." Shev said. He thought for a quick minute. "Ok." he agreed. "Send in the recquisition, I'll approve it immediately."

"Thank you Sir." Tadez said with a smile. "I might also be requesting specialized personnel as there are certain statements that should be made within the negotiations and having those personnel present would help bring that point to the table." He explained. "There are humanoids and a type of Crab variation. I might wish some of out less human looking crew to be present to show that the Federation also has great diversity and thus we can understand better the matters that crop up within the Cladden Empire as well."

"Excellent idea!" Shev replied

"Thank you Sir." He gave a bow of the head. "I shall not take more of your time as I prepare for the arrival." He was ready to depart but hesitated. "You have been most helpful in all of this Commander."

"It was my pleasure to, Lieutenant." Shev replied


Commander Shev th'aziavak

Lt. Neenyo Tadez
Chief Diplomatic Officer


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