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Monsieur Cannibale

Posted on Fri Oct 4th, 2019 @ 10:44am by Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Distant Federation outpost
Timeline: 9 years ago

At age 27, Lhaes was one of the younger members in his group, assigned to deal with a bacterial infestation on one of the outer Federation colonies. The group was led by Lieutenant j.g. Altair Ferenze, a young Cypriote who wasn't that much older than the rest and had only a few months of seniority at being a j.g. compared to Lhaes. Except that he had a few years more experience on his peers. Ferenze too was a graduated medical officer, though unlike Lhaes, had no background in intelligence. The rest of the group consisted of a female Human security officer, a male Vulcan intelligence officer and another male Vulcan security officer who had a medical background.

Phaser in hand, the small group inched forward towards the colony, which was unusually and suspiciously quiet. "Phasers on stun," Ferenze ordered softly, while peering at his tricorder. "This is very odd. Sommers what are you reading?"

Lhaes peered at his own tricorder, then back up at the lieutenant. "Nothing sir, absolutely nothing. Not even the microbe we came to battle." He studied the lack of readings again. "This is very odd sir, might it have been a ruse to lure us here?" His senses were already at their fullest as he tilted his head to listen. "Ensign T'Vek, do you hear what I hear?"

The Vulcan woman tilted her head, then nodded. "If you are referring to approaching footsteps, then yes ensign, I hear what you hear. But I am still not reading anything."

Altair nodded his own confirmation. "Semak, Sommers, scout ahead, Ensign Levine, remain with me." He backed away with the Human woman in tow, while the two Vulcans went with the Romulan. Altair watched them go; while he liked the young man fine, he didn't trust him enough to send him off on his own. As he watched, he was unaware of a small group of dark-skinned aliens creep up on them until ropes were tightly binding his arms to his body. "Levine!" he called out, before crashing down. Levine, however had long been subdued.

Minutes later, the rest of the group were captured and tightly bound as well. Lhaes struggled against his bonds but had insufficient strength to free himself. He watched in horror as T'Vek was carried off, seemingly unconscious as she wasn't moving. Then, he was forced to watch as the woman was decapitated, dismembered and thrown into what appeared to be a kettle boiling with something. "Cannibals," he breathed in shock, "that's where the colonists went!"

He struggled as he was lifted and carried away, losing sight of his comrades in the process. He was dumped unceremoniously into a small hut where he was tied securely to a pole and blindfolded. "Altair?" he called out, knowing the Cypriote was in the same hut as he.

"They killed them," the other medic whispered sadly, "Levine and Semek are gone too, we're the only ones left." He fell silent as sounds reached them both.

Lhaes blinked as the blindfold was removed and he was met by two rows of sparkling, bright white teeth. He winced as long fingers touched him, sensing their myriad of hungry thoughts as his assailant's skin touched his. The Romulan realised he was being probed and renewed his struggles as one of his arms was released to be inspected. Was he too skinny? Somehow, the Human fairy tale of Hansel and Gretl came to mind, remembering his mother telling the tale when he was a child. The story had always scared him, no matter how often he had heard the happy ending.

And yet here he was, experiencing the tale for real. "Ow!" he called out as his skin was painfully pinched and he tried to yank back his arm. He looked around and saw that there was only one alien, but he appeared strong for his size. The row of sparkling teeth parted, burying themselves into the Romulan's skin. Lhaes cried out in pain as the teeth broke skin, and finally bone. With his still bound hand, he managed to draw one of the kailune he kept hidden and worked furiously on the remaining bond, managing for once not to cut himself. Which was just as well or he would've passed out immediately. Once his hand was free, he lashed out at his attacker, who was still holding fast on his left arm.

The little alien fell back, black eyes wide in what could pass for surprise. Lhaes wasted no time and freed his legs before hurrying to his crewmate. "Altair, close your eyes." One-handed he removed the blindfold. "Hold still, if I cut you, you'll pass out. My blade is coated in a sedative." With the kailune he cut his friend's bonds. "Can you walk?"

The Cypriote nodded, crawling to his feet. He stood trembling, ready to bolt. "We have to get out of here," he breathed, "we can't help them, they're dead! They're all dead!"

With all the strength he could muster in his weaker right hand, Lhaes slapped him. "Calm yourself lieutenant," he snapped, eyes blazing though they were pain-ridden. "I need your help. He broke my arm as he bit me. Once we get to safety I need you to examine me and give me the necessary shots. I'm bleeding Altair, badly. I may not make it to the beam-out site."


The two young officers, however made it all right, through determination and team-effort. As Lhaes tried to keep his friend sane, Altair did everything he could to keep his friend conscious. Breathing heavily, the paid made it to sickbay where both were sedated and treated for shock and other injuries sustained.

When he woke, Lhaes felt restless, yet when he tried to rise he was forced back down. "Not yet doctor," the chief medical officer admonished him, "you're in no condition to go anywhere, and you'll be seeing a counselor soon. I doubt you'll forget this experience anytime soon, but I want you to see a counselor anyway.

The young Romulan nodded. "Yes ma'am," he replied softly, "I want to see the counselor. This was.....gruesome. We were about to be served for dinner." He shivered, his face paler than usual, his eyes haunted. "The colonists...." He fell silent as the CMO patted his shoulder.

"Rest now lieutenant, you'll feel better when you wake again." Lhaes heard the hiss of the hypospray before he could protest, then felt himself slip into a dreamless sleep.

Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers
(then Intelligence/Medical officer)

& various NPCs by Lhaes


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