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Ashes to Ashes, We All Fall Down

Posted on Thu Oct 10th, 2019 @ 5:57pm by Captain Jane Saulitis & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich & Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan & Lieutenant JG Nichelle Vannan & Lieutenant T'Par & Cassandra Leblanc-Reed & Ho'sidia Excin'vodia

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Grand Ballroom
Timeline: MD 09 20:00 Hours

Jane was the first person in the grand ballroom. The delegates would be there shortly but were being escorted by the various officers they had chosen. She had a few minutes to get her bearings and make sure everything was perfect. She tugged at the collar of her dress uniform and tugged at the tights she'd worn underneath it. Everything about her appearance had to be precise. She didn't even want a single hair out of place.

The food was in place, a good choice of vegetarian dishes and a smell that was wafting through the room that she couldn't quite identify, but gods she was hungry! The doors opened behind her and she instantly stiffened and turned to see who it might be before she would allow herself to relax.

“Hello captain.”

The doors parted and admitted one of the junior delegates of the Bordere along with Lieutenant Sullivan. The Majestic’s chief helmswoman had pulled out all the stops and was dressed to the nines. Her pre-event schedule included an appointment with Alta to have her hair done. A freshly tailored dress uniform completed the look, but it was clear from the overwhelmed expression carved onto her features that she was struggling to cope with the slower pace her partner demanded.

“Ma’am, this is Emnath, delegate of the Bordere delegation,” Lilith spoke in a deliberate manner. “Emnath, this is my commanding officer, Captain Jane Saulitis.”

Jane knew better than to offer her hand to the delegate. The long razor thin and deadly claws were clearly visible at the end of the sloth-like creatures hands. Jane bowed instead. "Welcome to the Majestic Emnath. I trust you had a pleasant journey?"

"It was . . . timely." The delegate answered her slowly. "I . . . wish . . . to see . . . more of . . . the ship."

"Oh I'm sure that can be arranged after the celebration. I'm sure Miss Sullivan would be honored to be your tour guide for the evening." Jane couldn't exactly wink without the delegate noticing but she gave Lily a knowing look.

"Yes, honored," Lilith raised her brow, taking a deep breath to collect some patience. It was a delicate balance for her because she had to both speak and walk slowly enough to be understood by her companion while simultaneously maintaining a comfortable distance from Emnath to keep from distressing her. All of this was going to make for a long night.

"Emnath. Perhaps some food would be nice?" Sullivan asked before sneaking in a parting statement to Jane. "We'll be migrating towards the table. Come find me if you need anything. Anything."

Jane chuckled when the delegate could no longer see her. She remembered being in Lily's shoes a few times herself and a certain commanding officer that had put her there on purpose.

A ballroom, to Lhaes, meant that some dancing would be done. Therefore, he had opted to wear more comfortable shoes under his dress uniform. Who looked at shoes anyway, he mused as he walked in, tugging down at the hem of his jacket. Why were these things always so uncomfortable? Out of pure habit, he scanned the room and unconsciously checked his hidden weapons. As security chief he was entitled to at least a phaser, but he did prefer his own weapons the ones that had already proven their reliance. "Ma'am," he greeted a nearby person, before nodding to a second. "Sir..."

Cassie arrived a few minutes later in a emerald floor length dress, with a cap sleeve on just one shoulder. It was slightly ruched at the waist, and hugged her figure in all the right places, without revealing anything. It was one of the more simple formal dresses she owned, but more importantly, it was one of the most comfortable. Cassie had only accessorized with teardrop white gold and emerald earrings, with matching strappy heels.

Her make-up was clearly done for an evening event, without being dramatic: a smokey eye that brought out her natural chestnut, subtle lip colour, and splash of blush. She had done her hair in a twisted low bun, intentionally leaving some strands free to frame her face. She knew various delegates would be present, and the trick was not to outshine the guests of honour. Nevertheless, she thought she had pulled off a good look for the evening.

"Captain, officers," she greeted, and slowly approached the delegate, who had turned around to see who had just entered. "Minister Emnath," she said as she curtsied, aware of her deadly-sharp claws. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise . . . you will . . . be in the . . . negotiations . . . tomorrow." Her long and wheezy voice asked.

"Yes, I believe we are meeting, first thing tomorrow," she answered, careful not to speak too quickly. "Would you like something to drink, Minister?"

"No . . . thank . . . you. I would hate . . . to . . . use the restroom . . . and miss . . . the party."

Lilith, who up until this point had been trying to avoid blatantly staring at Cassie, broke out of her temporary malaise as a result of the Bordere minister's reply. "Quite the sense of humor!" she chuckled. "Minister Emnath, you've met Captain Saulitis, and I take it you are familiar with our diplomatic officer, Cassandra Leblanc-Reed. Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez should be by shortly. I think I speak for all of us when I say we are honored to be a part of the proceedings."

Emnath merely sighed. She hadn't been joking at all. She gave a nod to Lieutenant Sullivan's words but did not speak as it seemed to take her so much longer to get out any words than the others.

Dominic had assumed his normal position of wall flower shortly after entering the room. He understood the importance of the event, but things like this were not his normal cup of tea. He did, however, love putting on his dress uniform. It fit his personality like a glove. He held a drink and looked around, doing his best to project an air of comfortable confidence as the guests walked to and fro around him.

"Hi," Zeria said, approaching from behind him. She'd opted to wear something a bit more form fitting than normal with the idea that it was supposed to be a party. Her hair was curled, which she'd done about twice in her life before. "Look how handsome you are in uniform."

Dominic turned around and smiled. He was struck by the sight of Zeria. "I look like a puddle of mud next to you. You look amazing." He kissed her cheek and then added, "You have no idea how much better I feel having you with me."

"Oh you do not. You're a very handsome man, I thought so the moment I met you. And I figured you might want some company or someone to hide behind." Zeria teased him. She reached up to brush his hair back and make it behave a little more.

The fact that Tadez had taken the time to meet the Crustillian delegation and escort them towards the Grand Ball Room was more than official and friendly, it was also to calm the masses as a Two meter long twisted seashell that was just thin enough in width to get through doors did tend to clear a path in the corridors before taking into account the two large pincher type claws at a meter long. The eyes on the stalks moved together as the Crustillian gaze about the corridor looking more at the crew than anything else.

When the Twin Delegates followed Tadez through the doorway into the Grand Ball Room they seemed more at home around the humanoids than some of the serving crew who tended to give a wider birth for them as Tadez guide them about nodding as they walk; on on either side of him as he made a descreet bee line to the Captain.

"Captain, I would like to present 'Woohsaaa the Delegation leader..." He gesture to the Crustillian to his right. "and his Mate the most ingratiating Hiisaaannnahhh who is the codelegate for our talks."

[ The pleasure are mine to give.] Woohsahhh's hissing did manage to translate while soft images of sarene saea setting with lapping waves seemed to convey a genuine feeling of comforting across the connection to the Captain.

"Likewise," Jane replied, feeling a strange warm fuzzy feeling that she knew was not coming from her. "Care for some food, I'm starving myself. I believe we have quite a few dishes that have been prepared for the occasion."

Hiisaaannnahhh started clicking her claws the computer converted the timed clicks from a code to words.

[I -look-forward-to-ingesting-the -bounty.] The modulated female voice replied. [Your-Morris Code- was easier to learn than dynamics of language. This is good Yes?]

"Very acceptable. The computer translates it well for us as it is an older Earth code. Let's see what we've got here. Lots of vegetables. Oh there's a lovely seaweed dish and then this which I'm not really sure what it is." And in that moment all Jane had to do was think about how it might have been nice to have a lovely leg of crab to go with all these salads. It was only a second before she realized her incredible mistake.

The translator suddenly came to life with extreme whistling from the Crustillian female representitive...

[SH...NOT RiGHT...]

A wave of imagery hit the Captain with the mental force of tidal force; thick claws snapping shut around her torso and right arm; the crushing of the right arm held immobile and at the threat of crushing.

Your predatory nature will not do you well... The Crustillian had her two claws one over another; this was a warning, not an attack between them. I am not food, please think more of your cows or other sub-species.

"Captain!" The seemingly bored and dreamy Romulan sprang to life, rushing forward as he drew his phaser. Other security officers, who had been disguised among the guests, came rushing forward as well. "Release her," he demanded of the female representative, "right now, before I have you arrested for assault."

Jane had fallen to the floor with her hands over her head during what was otherwise a perfectly calm party with little to no noise except normal conversation. She would have been rather surprised, had she been able to use the brain power to think about it, that Lhaes had noticed the interaction between her and the Crustillian delegate.

The imagery ceased with a thought, the clicking of her claws to the translator.

[I do not wish to be thought of as food.] Hiisaaannnahhh relayed. [She wanted to eat Crab's Legs, I reflexology the thought of being food by a Captain. She is not harmed, just warned not to follow through with eating my leg.]

Tadez stepped up to the two and between the Romulan and the Crustillian. "WE have a little misunderstanding." He said quickly. "The Captain should not be harmed, there is just a small thing that sounds like someone literally thought of another as food." He took the Crustillian's words as stated. "With a telepathic type it could be a small detail we should see the Captain's side and such before we brandish weapons." Tadez suggested. "We are the ones being evaluated by the Cladden; we should show some restraint..." He warned. "No one is hurt and now we know to really guard our own thoughts in the future?"

"Except unless you're a trained telepath, next to no-one really knows how to guard or shield their thoughts," Lhaes answered curtly as he knelt next to the captain, helping her up. "Are you alright ma'am?" he asked, his tone changing from harsh to concerned. "I had a sense of distress from was intense."

"A misunderstanding, perhaps," Cassie quickly interjected, and moved towards the Crustillians, bowing her head when she stood before them. "Delegate Hiisaaannnahhh, I can assure you the Captain didn't think of you, or Delegate Woohsaaa, as a source of sustenance," she explained, trying to diffuse the situation. "But I do understand if you have taken offense at the thought. Our dietary cravings sometimes tend to get ahead of us. As most humans are omnivores, we enjoy a variety of... subspecies, as you call them. Please rest assured that you were not, and never will be, intended as a target."

[It is misunderstood.] The Crustillian clicked her claws in the code. [There are no other like us in the systems we prevail; so the thought was mistaken that Captain has creatures like us on planet. I must appologize for bad read of thought.]

T'Par, as was her way, had been observing quietly but attentively. She was not proficient at small talk. However, an eyebrow rose at altercation and she stepped towards the captain. She also focused inwardly on a flame, disciplining her mind. She had a vegetarian dish on her own plate.

Cassie tried to keep her mind blank, but the thoughts brewing in the back of her mind constantly turned towards the captain out of concern. The delegate may have reacted in self-defense, but the captain could have been seriously injured, or worse. The young diplomat thought the Crustillian female, who was much stronger than any human, had clearly overreacted. Call me a hypocrite if you will, I'm allowed my own opinion, she thought.

"I'm fine," Jane said a little raspy. She stood back up and tugged down her dress uniform with as little embarrassment as possible. "It was my fault, but I was in no way thinking of you." She tried to explain to the Crustillian. "I was only thinking of Earth food, which admittedly I shouldn't have been doing, it was a slip of the mind."

Not a moment after the kerfuffle between the Crustillians and the crew of the Majestic ended, the doors leading into the grand ballroom slid open. Standing in the void left by the parting entrance were two members of the Felev delegation. They were both standing at attention, pausing just inside the entrance long enough to gather the attention of those nearby. With multi-colored plumage that seemed to change hue depending on the angle of viewing, many of the gathered guests stopped dead in their tracks to gawk at the newcomers.

"Hail," one of the humanoid figures took a step forward. "I am Dordalus ai'Ho'sidia. It is your honor to share this space with the High Matriarch of the Mai'Aiud, Hosidia Excin'vodia. Prepare for the presence of the High Matriarch."

In contrast to her assistants, the High Matriarch had almost entirely white plumage except for a small grouping of grey, mottled feathers around her shoulders and down her sides. Physically, she was slightly taller and larger than her male assistants. Piercing golden eyes scanned around the room. Without saying much of anything, Ho'Sidia made her way towards the center of the ballroom floor, surrounded by her assistants.

T'Par looked towards the High Matriarch as she entered. She simply stood at attention, her gaze focused on the Felev as she recalled all she had studied about them.

The last thing Jane wanted to do was to meet another one of these people, her head still hurt, her vision was a little off and yet she was assuring security she was fine. It had been her fault really, but right now all she wanted was a quiet dark room. She plastered a smile on her face and waited to meet the final delegate.

"Fraternization has not been allowed by the High Matriarch," Dordalus announced in the direction of Captain Saulitis and the other gathered officers. "Simply her presence is enough for most aliens upon first meeting. The scheduled meeting with the one named Leblanc-Reed is complete. Meetings may be scheduled for the future with sufficient notice..."

"Enough," the High Matriarch lifted her hand. Dordalus overcame his initial shock in time to scramble back into formation with the other Felev. "I will speak for myself, as to appear more approachable to our arbitrators. It pleases us to see a matriarch in charge of such an important mission," Ho'sidia looked directly at Jane as she spoke. "Perhaps there is hope yet that a solution can be found. But make no mistake," the High Matriarch swept her arm across the room and motioned to the other gathered delegates. "We have an agenda to accomplish. And we will accomplish it."

With one final glance towards Captain Saulitis, High Matriarch Ho'sidia Excin'vodia and her assistants walked towards their designated table. Ensuring that the High Matriarch had been seated first, the other Felev took their seats and froze at attention. The proceedings had come to a screeching halt during this display, but eventually the low murmur of conversation restarted within the room.

"Come with me," Lhaes said, offering Jane his arm, "let's go for a dance, away from the VIPs...and get you a little space to clear your head." He smiled at her. "You do dance, don't you?"

Stunned didn't even come close to Jane's reaction. She expected Lhaes to do his job which was to keep the people of this ship safe, that included her. But she certainly never expected him to rescue her in a more gentlemanly manner. "Occasionally, I'm really no expert at it." She took his arm though and let him lead her off. "Aren't you just a tad upset with me at the moment?"

Despite the upcoming headache, Lhaes continued to smile as he led her onto the dancefloor. "Fortunately, I am an expert," he smiled, "and why should I be upset? You're Human, how were you to know that a thought of something you like to eat would upset them?"

"Not about that, about my mother." She said with a soft sigh.

"No, I'm not upset about that, because you're right." He shook his head. "Much as I do love her, you were right. I can't tell if it's all me, or this device directing me. And until I know for sure, it's probably better not to pursue any such plans."

"Well if it makes you feel any better, when you figure it out . . . I won't object. It's been a long time since she had anyone." Jane let him pull her closer into the traditional dance position as the music began.

"We'll see," the Romulan murmured as he started to lead her across the floor, "for now my duty is to keep you safe and sound and this will do just fine. I'm sure others will be lining up to dance with you soon enough."

Jane snorted. "Yeah, sure. Lining up to dance with a now married starship captain. I'm sure the line will be out the door." But she had to admit that Lhaes was a really good dancer, she was sort of starting to see maybe what her mother saw in him. It might have been a few of the same reasons she fell for Hak. She shook the thought off quickly though and tried to just enjoy the moment.

Wilfred stumbled through the door late and knocked into someone, "Oh sorry." He apologized, trying to catch them as a domino affect took over and people started falling right and left. It was pretty crowded in here.

Patrick was about to lift a large pan of soup onto a serving table when he was suddenly shoved. He cried out as the soup went flying, drenching the crab-like delegate in it. The chef looked on in helpless horror, eyes wide, hand covering his mouth.

[Such a crowded room.] The Crustillian Hiisaaannnahhh put through his translator. [It is disadvantage being size and height of what you call a table.] The translator gave a very weak laugh like translation. [Accidents do happen...] It relayed as a near by cloth float over and wiped away the spill on his shell. [It was not intentional, at least you did not try to put bowl on me; that has happen in past...] Another laugh like translation.

The poor chef just stared, pan still in his hand, not sure what to do now. "I..." he started, looking around, feeling so clumsy. It didn't help what little had remained of his confidence at all. His first feeling was that he shouldn't have gone to help. That he should've just stayed home, where it was safe.

"It's all right Patrick," Zeria rushed forward to help the mess. "He's apparently not upset. It was just an accident." She looked around for a distraction. "Why don't you dance with the Captain, it looks like she could use a new partner and I'll get this taken care of."

"D-dance with..." Patrick shook his head. "Oh no, I don't think that'll be a good idea. Besides, I don't know how to dance and I'm working..." He looked up at the crustacian. "I'm really sorry," he apologized again before rushing off. Where was Murph, when he needed him most?

Nearer the exit, Lily and Minister Emnath had circled around in time to watch the ship's chef scurry out of the room. A grimace flashed across Sullivan's face as she saw the remnants of the spill dripping from the Crustillian delegate to form a puddle around his feet. Subconsciously, she leaned towards Emnath to keep her voice low, only just remembering the Bordere's razor sharp claws in time to prevent a premature haircut.

"Well, at least it wasn't a crab bisque," Sullivan muttered under her breath. A moment or two passed, but her comment drew a chuckle.

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Patrick O'Malley
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Lt. Neenyo Tadez
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Ho'sidia Excin'bodia
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