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Those That Need Visiting

Posted on Sun Aug 18th, 2019 @ 9:53am by Commander Shev Th'aziavak & Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: USS Majestic, Senior Officers' Quarters
Timeline: MD4, 1000

USS Majestic, Deck 3: Senior Officers' Quarters
MD4, 1000

Despite the advancements in the past four centuries of Terran spaceborne travel, delays still happened from time to time. Folks had been trying to engineer Murphy out of existence, but his pesky law still stuck its head up from time to time to throw a wrench in even the most well-oiled plans.

Such were the circumstances that delayed Lilith's arrival to the Majestic by a full four days beyond the originally scheduled time. The ship's new chief helmsman was busy trying to make up for lost time, fulfilling the proper procedure, visiting those that needed visiting. The officer of the deck had been addressed properly. Permission had been given to board. Negotiations with the quartermaster to include standard issue gear, uniform requisitions, and bunk assignments had finally been completed, and it was standing in the center of her quarters that Sullivan finally found some time to relax.


Falling backwards into bed, she was grateful to have the relative comfort of a place she could call home after the journey from hell. The Gatineau had run into no shortage of mechanical and electrical issues ever since they had left the Terran solar system. Even the weeks leading up to her assignment hadn't been easy. Comfort was not easy to find when conducting SERE training. More often than not, Sullivan and her trainees were sleeping outdoors in the elements with little to nothing between them and good old terra firma. So by comparison, she was now in paradise.

The remainder of the to-do list, as best as she could figure, involved meeting both the commanding and executive officers.

"Ah hell, they can wait ten minutes," Lilith yawned as she burrowed herself deeper into a cocoon of bedding.

Precisely seventeen minutes later, Sullivan sprang to her feet and instinctively reached for her flight suit, stopping only when she remembered her new position. The position called for the standard duty uniform and metal wings, neither of which saw much use in her normal day to day routine, at least, up until now. The quartermaster had been thoughtful enough to have a pressed and fitted uniform transported directly into her closet, but the specifics of how to make it as comfortable as her usual jumpsuit would have to be discerned later.

"Computer, locate Lieutenant Commander Th'aziavak."

"Commander Th'aziavak is in holodeck 2."

"Uhhhhh," Lilith scrambled through her PADD, looking through the deck listing for holodeck two. There would come a time when she would be able to walk from point to point without referencing a map, but it hadn't arrived yet.

With a final deep breath, Sullivan zippered up her new uniform and headed out the door.

[Holodeck Two]

Shev was in uniform standing on a holographic representation of his home planet of Andoria. He wasn't really doing much, just looking around mostly. "Ahh." He said as he stood.

The sound of the door opening behind him revealed an unimmersive break in the otherwise pristine Andorian terrain. The starship corridor in the middle of a glacier certainly looked out of place, and in some respects, so did Shev and the now approaching Sullivan.

"Is this a bad time Commander? I tried to send a message through the program, but the door opened by proximity sensor."

"It's all good, Lieutenant. Just getting a good look at home. Was a time I thought I would not see it again. But that's another thing." Shev said

"I've been here," Lilith explained as she continued to close the distance between them. "Issan Continent, right? I gotta admit, it's prettier like this when the temperature isn't forty below."

"Heh. You get used to it." The Andorian grinned

Finally reaching Shev, the ship's most recent transfer extended a hand. "Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan, CFCO, reporting in, sir."

"A pleasure. Lieutenant Commander Shev th'aziavak. Just call me Commander Shev if it's easier."

"Commander Shev, thank you sir. It's good to finally make it out here to the Majestic. I had some time to look over the mission brief. Any early indications of what to expect once we make it to these trade negotiations?" Sullivan queried.

"I'm hoping for something straightforward myself." The Andorian replied. "Could use it myself. At least is not the Seliak. We'd be drowning in red tape."

"Seconded, sir. While we're at it, what's Captain Saulitis like to work with?" The curiosity was evident in her voice. "I see that the ship has undergone refit recently and that this is her first command. Have the crew been meshing well?"

"The Captain? She's great to work with." Shev replied. "I'm impressed with her so much. She's helped whip this biologist to a halfway decent XO, so that's something."

"Ah very good sir, thank you for answering my questions," Lilith considered the responses before continuing. "I'd be happy to answer anything if you have any questions. Oh, I almost forgot! Transfer orders and personnel file are available for your perusal. That's kinda important, probably should've led with that, huh?" she laughed.

Shev nodded. "I'll read them as soon as I get to my office." He said. "I'm glad to meet you. Maybe we can meet later on. Talk better then. Meet and greet. That kind of thing."

"Oh, of course," Sullivan nodded in return, only just entertaining the fact that perhaps she had intruded upon a moment intended for solitude. "I'll be sure to stop by soon. Apologies for interrupting, have a nice day Commander."

"You're fine, lieutenant. And you didn't interrupt, I enjoy meeting people." Shev said

Lilith turned to leave, taking once last glance around at the all too familiar landscape. With a quick shake of her head and a smile, she exited back into the corridor and continued with her morning.

"Places to go, people to meet," she murmured to herself.

Lieutenant Commander Shev th'aziavak

Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan


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