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Opening Pretty Eyes

Posted on Tue Aug 13th, 2019 @ 7:36am by Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez & Razmi

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Tadez Quarters
Timeline: MD 03 20:30 hours to MD 04 01:30 hours


Tadez had been pondering things lightly before he managed to nod off; Razzi nestled close and getting what he hoped was some well needed sleep. Tadez was at the end of the occupation and the beginning of the reconstruction of Bajor over thirty years ago. He had been raised wiht food in his stomach and no fear of Overlords coming down and taking him or his family away. He had roomed with his sister until she started to change into a woman and his elders siblings had started going off to find their fortunes.

Having Razzi use him as a pillow reminded him of more pleasant times of his childhood; his sister had often used him in a similar fashion; they had to share their limited resources at first and keeping each other warm was not unheard of. He had more than once been there and missed the sharing of warmth both in the love of a family member and the comfort that came with caring for another. Right now he was caught up in the caring; Razzi had awaken that in him; she had an innocence he missed from his youth; before the training and diplomatic ... answers that he was so famous for. They had tainted him; some levels of Diplomacy were harsh; like tough love to an addict, bt the 'intervention' of an outside party often fixed things.

Razzi was like that intervention; she brought a sense of peace through her being there; he had not even kissed her yet he cared for her more than the women he had met along the way for the most part. One woman sparked similar feelings but her candle did not shine long enough to truly be enjoyed.

Hours had passed and Razzi stirred a little; he ran fingers through her hair gently to get her to relax; soothing her sleeping form. This present moment was enough; she was becoming more than special and he did not deny it. Her innocence was intoxicating; she said and lived what she felt at that moment it seemed. That is something Tadez could very much get used to.

Razmi opened her eyes. Something had changed, she wasn't immediately aware of what had woken her. She felt warmth against her and moved her head up to see Neenyo looking down at her. "I'm sorry," she said moving. "I didn't mean to fall asleep for so long." She brushed her hair back out of his way. "I hope I didn't trap you." Razmi stood up and stretched. "What time is it? I didn't sleep there all night did I?" She looked slightly alarmed.

"It is still considered the wee hours of the morning, you slept about 'half' the night." Tadez stood and stretched a little but not as though he were uncomfortable. "I would have allowed you to sleep as long as you like." He chuckled. "I was quite comforted, I hope i am not rushing you off? It would not be gentlemanly to run a lady off so early?"

"I'm not sure it's very lady like to fall asleep on someone and demand that they be a pillow all night either." A horrible thought crossed her mind. What if she had drooled on him? "I guess I could still stay. But I won't sleep on you anymore. I could just curl up anywhere."

"My place is yours, anywhere you like." Tadez offered. "I am going to bed; it is comfortable and could sleep two with their own pillows. Or the sofa is apt for sound sleeping as you have noticed." He smiled and moved closer to kiss the top of her head. "You are becoming dear to me and that means wherever you are comfortable is fine with me." He winked. "So long as you sleep comfortable?"

"I'll take the sofa." Until she figured out what was wrong with Stef and had a talk with him she did not want to worry him further by sharing a bed, though she knew Tadez would not try anything. "Sleep well." She blushed slightly when he kissed her head.

I have a meeting at 0900 and will get up at 0800 for preparations, I can make you breakfast." He smiled. "That is about four and a half hours, If you need anything do not hesitate Razzi." He look into her eyes for a few seconds. "Be well Razzi." He gave the Bajoran blessing as he turned to go to bed.

"Breakfast sounds wonderful, I can't remember the last time someone made me breakfast." She couldn't because she didn't think it had ever happened. She always did the cooking and the cleaning and taking care of herself. It was really nice that someone was offering to do it for her. "Good night." She didn't ask but supposed if she got cold she could replicate a blanket from the replicator. Stef had showed her how to use one. "Sleep well!" She called after him and glanced at the sofa. She was still tired, she should be able to fall back asleep.

Tadez went to the bed and removed the t-shirt and got under the light covers. It was going to be a long night.

Lt. Neenyo Tadez
Chief Diplomat

Civilian Navigator


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