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Who said Rum Runners are no more...

Posted on Wed Jan 29th, 2020 @ 3:50am by Crewman Recruit Zeria & Chief Warrant Officer Qurrac & Crewman Stef

Mission: Promenade
Location: Hydroponics
Timeline: Shortly before leaving Starbase 50
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Qurrac was spending time patrolling the lower decks while not active on Investigation. He used time to get out of the of the office and stretch legs while tabulation information on a PADD. He followed the most prominent leader to crimes; replicator logs and supply manifests.

On a ship that can replicate just about all the needs there becomes a desire for 'real stuff' that is not through scrambled molecules. Thus the love of 'Home Spun' creates a market for profit; Qurrac had to admit his heritage did show him the seedy side of things, which in turn spark usually good people to go bad. Now this also gives opportunity for jobs like this; were it not so prominent Qurrac might be out of a job.

Now going through records is time consuming; filters on the data stream help of course, noting patterns, like the one Qurrac had noted and logged into his Investigations Hours on the clock one might say. The one thing that stood out first is the replication of Copper tubing outside the Galley requests and the Copper cylinder like a scientific Bell Jar size as who needs a solid container of Brass a 10 Liter capasity? That coupled with some fittings and tubing all of same material; replicated one at time gets past most search but accumulitive can be flagged in volume. The need to also replicate 3.78 liter glass bottles that are not attached to the galley or science tend to be noted over past months. These supplies were out of the ordinary.

While he was checking the usual flow he noted large transfers of Yeast and potatoes from Hydroponics that are not routed to the galley and not exported. The supplies remained 'On Ship' and made another question of "Who needed these supplies outside the Lounge/ Galley?

The hardware supplies could be any varied projects but the steady flow of Hydroponic food stuffs was a recurring request vanishing into the ship? Being a constant Qurrac decided to try that direction of Investigation.

[Hydroponics 0930 hours]

Qurrac had followed the supply releases and noted that a Civilian was involved; he sought her out as she is not Star Fleet but had to be held accountable for not fully disclosing the shipping information. A minor things that was likely paperwork oversight? STill he did wonder where the final destination was?

Finding her working the fields in a Hue-mon manner of speaking, he stepped close and made his presence known so not to startle her.

"Recruit Zeria, I am Investigations Officer Qurrac." He gave a nod but did not smile as a Ferngi grin is not always taken in correct context. "Might I have a moment of your time to answer some inconsistencies?"

Zeria perked her eyes up. "Sure, I guess." She had no idea why anyone would want to interview her about inconsistencies, all she did was grow things.

Stef walked into the hydroponics bay, tricorder in his hand. He was going to check on the small bee population that was supposed to take care of pollination. He stopped short when he saw a Ferengi standing close by. "Hello..." He greeted. "Are you lost?"

"No, I am where the trail leads." He said to the man. "I am conducting an investigation and need a few questions answered. I will be here a short time only." He nod and stepped towards his person of interest.

"Alright, just don't disturb my bees please..." Are answered, giving Zeria a small nod before walking on to find his bees.

"Ms. Zeria, as I was saying I have some questions about the export manifests concerning you sending of Yeast and Potatoes over the past months." He look at his PADD. "Several internal shipments that were no to a food production area?"

Zeria looked at him seriously. "Yes, they requested the items, I sent them. What's wrong with that?" She had no idea what they were being used for but she had assumed consumption of some kind of experiments though she couldn't really think of why those particular items would be used.

"Did you ship the items or were they picked up and after leaving Hydroponics leave your knowledge?" Qurrac asked. "Or do you know what department used the consumables?" He asked. "I am just following the paper trail at the moment, but if you know who used it might hasten my investigation?"

"Ship?" I delivered them personally like I normally do. This isn't that big of a ship, there was no need to involve anyone else when I have two good legs. I have no idea what they did with them after I delivered. It's just my job to grow them Mr Qurrac."

"To whom did you deliver the product?" Qurrac asked. "It would help me ask questions of the people next in the line of Investigation."

Stef came walking back, standing at Zeria's side. "Everything alright ma'am?" He asked politely while casting the Ferengi a sideways glance. "Is he bothering you?"

"Most investigations are not considered to be desired." Qurrac tilt his head. "I did inform you I was investigating and needed to ask Ms. Zeria questions; that is official and I could have brought her to Security. Your intervention will hinder the confidentiality of the conversation. The details are not for everyone but required to follow a line of evidence." He look Stef in the eyes. "You are not involved yet; if you would give five more minutes of conversation I would have thanked her for her time and been gone. This is official and I wish less pressuriing yet I have question that need be asked. Your presence is hindering what I am trying to keep between Mz. Zeria and the record, I cannot do that with you here; a few more moments alone and I will be; as Hue-mons say, out of her hair."

Stef looked to Zeria, not sure what was going on. "I am not Human," he answered, "If Miss Zeria wants me to leave, I will leave. Otherwise, I will stay her and make sure she is not being harassed."

"Security Officer Qurrac to Brig. I will be transporting site to site one individual to the bring for interfering with an investigation. " He nod. "Please transport Crewman Stef to the Brig site to site by Security autherization Qurrack, Investigations Officer."

"No stop," Zeria said with a frown on her face. "This isn't an investigation it's a witch trial. Why do you care where my supplies go, what' s going on and where is Commander Lhaes?"

"Hold transport." Qurrac said calmly. "Mz Zeria has been involved by the perpetrators into a violation of Procedure." He explained. "It is an investigation and to understand and clear her from the violation I need information. His interceeding is slowing a simple process as he seems to disregard the two warnings this is an Official investigation and not his business to be involved. I have given notice of his interference twice and he decided not to take the warning. This is my duty; I investigate, I had the option to make it simple and ask here or it could have been an office visit for the same questions under secure conditions. So the gentlaman can stand out of ear shot and allow the last two questions or I can exert authority and have him detained." Qurrac shrugged. "This is not personal, it is Business and quick answers will end the investigation easier than standing about with the Ego of this gentleman delaying it."

Stef held his breath as he steeled himself for site to site transport. When nothing happened, he relaxed a fraction. "I have been accused of being emotional, and I freely admit to possessing them, however, ego is not one of them. That implies I put myself before others, and I assure you I do not. Miss Zeria is a family friend, and I consider I my duty to assist her. If you are questioning her, then she has the right for someone to he present. And unless she tells me otherwise, I will be her witness."

Zeria didn't feel like she needed a witness but she had no objection to letting Stef stay. "What information do you require? I am not hiding anything."

Qurrac gave Stef a shake of his head before replying. "The last question I asked before being interrupted was to whom did you deliver the Consumables?" He asked in a kinder tone. " Which was all I needed and would have departed with a Thank you' had he not interjected himself into the process." He looked to Stef. "This information should remain not discussed outside of this circle of people present; it is an on going Investigation."

"I have a list of names." Zeria said looking around for her PADD that showed who ordered what. She handed it to Qurrac. "Here, you can keep it."

Stef crossed his arms over his chest, while still holding his running tricorder. His eyes flashed ever so briefly, which was the only current outwardly visible sign of emotion he was showing. His face was a carefully maintained stoic mask, though his eyes were fixed on the Ferengi. He said nothing, as he listened to the conversation.

Qurrac noted the crossed arms and passive aggressive mannerisms; he did not really care what the crewman thought.

"Is a passive aggressive stance logical, you are almost hinting at emotion?" Qurrac said to stef before turning to Zeria.

"I never claimed to be without," Stef answered calmly, even if the Ferengi's attention was already diverted.

"Mz. Zeria..." He bow slightly. "I humbly thank you for this information and assure you you are clear of wrong doing; I just needed to get further information and your quick response is appreciated. Thank you for your time. Please have a plesant rest of your day, may your efforts be profitable."

Zeria was totally bewildered and she just nodded her head and watched the man leave hydroponics. She glanced at Stef for some kind of explanation and pondered leaving just for a little bit to go and visit Dominic.

Stef shrugged. "That was highly unusual," he commented, "and since when do we have a Ferengi in security?"

"He must be new." Zeria said just as confused as Stef.

Crewman Zeria

Crewman Apprentice Stef
Animal Caretaker/Yeoman

Chief Warrant Officer Qurrac
Investigations Officer


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