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Breaking Away

Posted on Sun Jan 26th, 2020 @ 4:37pm by Commodore Jane Saulitis

Mission: Promenade
Location: Starbase Poseidon
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It had been three days since Jane had worn a uniform. She'd put one on briefly to officially welcome her new XO on board but had since slipped it off in favor of civilian clothing as she explored the station. As she strolled through that morning one particular shop caught her eye and she wandered towards some Denobulan crystals. She reached out to touch one, totally oblivious to her surroundings for a moment and found herself face to face with someone she recognized. It took her only a moment to realize that she didn't know him after all, she had just seen an image of him. Her new Chief diplomatic officer. "Lieutenant," Jane said by way of greeting. "Sorry, I didn't expect to run into you here."

"Nor I you, Captain," Sporek replied, his tone was devoid of any shock, but he was equally as caught off guard as his new CO had been. Like her he was not in his uniform, his shuttled had only just arrived, and he wanted to get fitted for a new uniform before they took of, but happened upon the shop to look for a gift. Instead of his uniform he was dressed in a black suit, his white shirt was collarless but buttoned up to the top, and his hair was tied in a ponytail, most atypical of a Vulcan male.

"Nevertheless, it is agreeable to meet you, Captain" he said with a slight bow of his head whilst simultaneously stretching his right arm out for a handshake.

"Likewise," she was a little surprised by the handshake but had no aversion to them. "I suppose I shouldn't call you that since you haven't officially reported for duty. Jane," she said simply. "I mean that's what you may call me while we're here. My first name rarely gets used on ship, I rather like the change sometimes."

Although they were both at ease he still stood upright, his hands clasped behind his back now. "Sporek, will suit me just fine. Although of late my grandson has taken to calling me Sir Pointy" he replied, offering a bit of a joke, as best a Vulcan could tell one. "What brings you here, Jane?" he asked as he turned to face the Denobulan crystals.

"I promise not to call you sir pointy. Oh just a little bit of shopping." She replied looking back at the crystals. "I've been drawn to stones lately, from other worlds. I'm not entirely sure why either." Perhaps she was filling the void of Hak being gone. Jane shrugged. "Have you been enjoying the station?"

While Vulcans were not the most empathetic people, Sporek could sense that Jane was experience a feeling of longing. For what or whom he could not be sure of "My life-mate believed that certain stones can illicit certain feelings in individuals, with each stone corresponding to a particular feeling." he replied and then added,"to be honest, I only just arrived a few hours ago, I have enjoyed the station as much as anyone can, however, I am having trouble finding a gift. I suppose Vulcans do not make for great sentimentalists," he joked.

"Hmm, you know, I think I've always believed that as well. No idea why." She picked up one crystal and had decided to purchase it when she heard him speak of a gift. "Well, I would offer to help if I'm not being too nosy. What's the occasion?"

"Not at all, Jane. In fact your guidance would be appreciated, very much. Right before I learned that I would be serving aboard the Majestic my wife informed that we were going to be parents again," Sporek replied.

"Oh," Jane replied enthusiastically. "Congratulations then! I just found out I'm going to be a big sister as well. Rather surprising in my case but . . . nonetheless welcome. Let's see," She said thinking about it. "Well I don't know your wife personally but women usually like to be pampered in such occasions. Jewelry? Some fine clothing? Chocolates?"

"Indeed, I am 50 years older than my youngest sibling," Sporek replied almost empathetically.



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