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Things for parties and such

Posted on Wed Feb 26th, 2020 @ 11:34am by Lieutenant Nichelle Vannan & Patrick O'Malley

Mission: Promenade
Location: Cargo Bay four
Timeline: after Min's arrival
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Vannan was with PAdd in hand; she had allotted this cargobay for the Diplomatic supplies; the specialty items, and thus had to make sure they were both maintained and protected. Some of the cargo thus far were on a timeline for spoiling; long after arrival but still had a shelf life. She also wqanted to keep her investment of pushing favors to get some of the supplies in semi-bulk.

It was time to clue in her Deputy CHief; she had not a lot of time for introductions with the hasten departure and getting the long Operations requests filled; her people will need a party themselves to wind down after this mission. She thought a beach party in the future.

While the bulk of her crew were working the main lists; under the eye of both Vannan and her Deputy, it seemed a good way to see how S'Rem handled the flurry of work. They could compare notes as they go over this Specialty bay.


Vannan had also put in a request for an old friend to stop by; Patty the chef; whom would be the best judge of these specislty supplies to come and see the goods in cargo bay 4.

"Hey Nichelle," Patrick called as he walked in, "you had need of me for something?"

"Paddy..." Vannan spun to face her friend with the look of glee that was her trade mark. "I have such good stuff for you." She winked as she close distance to meet him. "You always said you liked real down home cooking..." She directed the attention to the nearest crate displayed 'Live Gagh' "I got a bay full of the real stuff for the banquets and parties since there are diplomats I thought we might need a chef to help out with the 'real' cooking." She all but squeaked in tone.

The Human chef went green in the face. "Live Gagh?" he queried, "oh no no no....I don't cook with live things. There is no way I'm going near that. Ew!"

"No worries..." Vannan laughed. "It is served live to Klingons." She point to another crate. "A type of fish like salmon, Lamb and a lot of Beef and chicken." She gesture to the crate surrounding them. Lots of fresh fruits and ingrediants from a station Hydroponics and real spices. Nothing in here is replicated all real food to work with." SHe gave him a grin ear to ear and a wink. "I hope that is a Chef's dream, all the real stuff."

" partner's goddaughter is here and she's indicated she wants fresh fruits and steak so..." Patrick smiled happily as he wrapped his arms around his best friend in a tight hug. "Thanks Nichelle, you sure do know how to make a chef happy."

"That's what friends are for." Vannan smiled. "Of course if you need a prep cook I get to be top of list, you were teaching me to cook." She chuckled. "I am just giving incentive for more lessons."

"Ohh I know," Patrick grinned, "and you will get them I promise. Just not when there's this banquet and such coming up and while we're having a guest in our quarters. Between cooking meals and looking after a child I'm rather... busy. But I'll owe you still, alright?"

"Friendly running tab." she winked.

"Something like that," the chef chuckled, "so are you settling in alright? Making lots of new friends?"

"The friend thing comes slow as a new chief it is not as easy as when I was just little Gnatty of OPS." she grinned. "But you know I am one heck of a girl once you know me." SHe winked. "Work wise I have a good crew and hope to keep the Captain's mind on other departments, we are the unsung heroes of OPS, service quietly with a smile."

"You've never been Little Gnatty to me," Patrick objected, "you know how I feel about that nickname. Youre not an annoying gnat at all. And if you do good work I think the captain ought to know about it." He grinned at her. "I'm sure her chef will let her know how pleased he is that he can serve fresh foods for her."

Vannan gave O'Malley a hug as she always had in their past. "You know I would do anything for your passion of Cooking." SHe let him go and stood back to look at him. "I wish I knew more of what to get that sweet girl you have visiting?" SHe winked. "I did not notice her because of outfitting took a lot of my time, sorry Paddy."

"Oh don't be sorry. I'm glad you met Min, she's a delight isn't she?" Patrick smiled as he released her.

"I think she might be able to keep up with me on one of my Fun things to do." Vannan giggled. "I was thinking of doing A hang gliding program, think she might like going with?"

"I think she might like to glide herself," Patrick chuckled, "she's a bird you know, she's got wings of her own. I think she'd prefer to fly, but all the same it could be fun. assuming you can convince Murph to come."

"I had intended to glide with her in that 'We' would run the program; me with my unit and her with her own freedom." Vannan amended. "I should have asked if she might want to go flying in tandem with me; both soaring about." SHe grinned. "But if you think Murph would go I can make a case for letting her stretch her wings a bit?"

"Letting her fly is a good idea, but flying with her in a harness, no I don't think so, she's too young for that. Best is to ask Murph though, he's the guardian." Patrick smiled. "I'm just tagging along because I'm Murph's partner but I got no say over her. He does."

"I would have my glider and she would fly." Vannan said. Just take Murph with me in the harness if he wants to go. and with safeties on she will be safe but still ably to soar a bit and I will be gliding with her. Two birds in flight." She winked. "I can ask Murph if she can go and offer to take him to soar along side of her; they could share it."

"Ask him," Patrick encouraged. "I should head back to the kitchen.... how about you stop by after all the courses are served and we'll make us some nice dessert?"

"Never pass up dessert." Vannan winked.

"I'll see you after dinner service then," Patrick smirked, hefting one of the boxes up in his arms. "Bye!"

Vannan gave a finger wave as he left.


Lt. JG Nichelle Vannan
Chief Operations Officer

Patrick O'Malley
pnpc Lhaes


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