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Sugar and Spice And Everything Nice

Posted on Sun Feb 16th, 2020 @ 3:13am by Commodore Jane Saulitis & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Cassandra Leblanc-Reed
Edited on on Sun Feb 16th, 2020 @ 5:46am

Mission: Cruel Meridian
Location: Airlock to USS Majestic- Starbase 50
Timeline: MD 01: 1600 Hours
1301 words - 2.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Jane tugged down the jacket of her uniform and thanked many gods that these dress uniforms were long enough to cover up anything important. The tights were driving her crazy and she wanted to reach down and scratch her legs. Why did they have to make dress uniforms so uncomfortable? People were already uncomfortable in these kinds of situations and this only made it worse. The airlock opened and she straightened up. "Welcome Princess Leyana."

Leyana barely glanced at the woman in front of her, though she offered a very orange looking hand, fingers stretched out as if expecting her hand to be lightly held and kissed in reverence. "Thank you captain," she said, "I trust my quarters are prepared for me and my entourage?"

"Yes, of course." Jane took the hand, feeling really awkward about kissing it but she did so. "My executive officer Commander Hanover. And our chief diplomatic officer Ms. Reed." She gestured to the two of them.

Leyana offered the smallest of curtsy, but offered her hand to both anyway. "Pleasure," she said haughtily. "Who will be my escort, while we travel?"

"Princess Leyeana, it would be my privilege," Commander Hanover stepped forward and bowed ever so slightly before following suit and kissing her hand. He stood upright and offered his arm to her, wracking his brain to ensure no detail went amiss, especially when it came to traditional greetings. There was a certain fluidity to his movement that had been afforded to him by the craftsmanship of a master tailor, one who could contend with the many layered garment and make it appear stylish but leave enough room for the person inside to have some semblance of a natural range of motion.

Jared had still not grown accustomed to the occasional flash of command crimson that danced in his periphery from time to time. The aforementioned piping lanced across the uniform jacket, running into the insignia denoting his department. Three polished pips adorned the collar of his shirt, yet another change that would take some time getting used to. His discomfort was purely in his own head - on the exterior, he certainly looked the part of executive officer. The rest would have to come with time.

Pleased with his response, Leyana cast him a minute smile, as if doing him a favour. "Yes, the honour would be yours," she replied stiffly before turning to the other woman.

Cassie chimed in as she curtsied before the princess and kissed the hand presented to her. "My team and I have arranged a menu for the duration of your stay, your Highness, which has been sent to your vizier for approval. We've made every effort to ensure that the freshest ingredients are being used." She paused, if only to catch her breath. "Entertainment, and a tour of this fine vessel, are available at your leisure. On that note, my staff and I are at your Highness' disposal. You only need ask," she concluded, giving the Executive Officer a pointed look.

"As I should," Leyana replied, "my word is your command, obviously. Yes I will have a tour of the ship, and fresh food as befits someone of my station." Her eyes shifted slightly to look at the ambassador. "You may dine at my side," she added, as if doing her a huge favour.

Jane raised her eyebrows when she was sure the woman wasn't looking. This was going to be the cause of a conversation between her and Hanover later. "Yes well, we'll I'll let you get settled in. If you need anything my Executive officer will know how to reach me."

Noticing the glances being exchanged back and forth - some directed at him, some not - Jared did his best to keep a stoic look on his face. His body language stiffened slightly. Suddenly, the expert tailoring was not as comfortable as it had been the moment before. The briefing had prepared him to expect some cultural and behavioral differences, but there was no substitute for witnessing them first hand.

"It's only a bit further, princess. A short turbolift ride to deck two and an equally short walk to your quarters. We certainly hope you find it to your liking."

Leyana stared at him for a moment, her expression briefly showing a hint of horror. "A princess does not walk," she informed him, then cast him an expectant look. "Well?" she prompted.

Hanover froze for a moment, looking to the faces of the others to see if they were clued into what the princess was implying. No such answer was coming which left him no other choice but to take Leyana's words literally. "To avoid confusion, princess, are you suggesting that we carry you?" The inflection in his voice indicated his confusion.

"As you chose to be my designated escort, you must carry me," Leyana explained impatiently.

"I do apologize," Hanover began after taking a short breath to collect his thoughts, "for anything that may be perceived as reluctance or unwillingness to comply, Princess Leyana. Humans have been ingrained with a certain reverence for royalty which includes keeping a respectful physical distance, so you have caught us - well me - off guard. I can assist you this time," Jared extended his arms as he read the body language of the princess to see in which manner she wanted to be lifted. Mid-hoist, he turned and conveyed several paragraphs of complex emotion and thought into a single glance as he made eye contact with the other two women present.

Jane was having a hard time keeping her mouth closed. She considered herself a pretty patient person but the things coming out of this woman's mouth had truly surprised her. She'd read nothing about this kind of behavior from any of the mission reports she'd been sent.

As she was being hoisted up, Leyana burst into laughter. "You can put me down now sir," she said as she patted the man on his shoulder, "I'm perfectly capable of walking for myself." Contrary to her haughty attitude just seconds ago, her expression had mellowed considerably and her purple eyes seemed to be sparkling.

If Cassie was holding her breath, and it really did look like she had, she now released a sigh of relief at the realization this scene had all been a practical joke on the princess's part. The young diplomat had just been about to order a litter from Ops when the royal lowered herself down to the floor, prompting her to quickly cancel it.

Any uninterested onlookers would have thought the entire scene to be very peculiar indeed. As Jared gently lowered the princess back to the ground, he doubled over in a surge of uproarious laughter. His entire chest heaved, giving his dress uniform jacket a life of its own as it undulated as one, well-starched piece of clothing. Taking his hands off of his knees, he collected himself and stood up straight.

"Oh she really got me there." Flecks of laughter were sprinkled in with his words. He looked around to see the reactions of his fellow officers. "I can't believe I fell for that. Quite the sense of humor."

"Why thank you," Leyana smiled, offering a small curtsy, "I aim to please sir. Now, I believe we were going somewhere?"

"Your quarters if you two can stay out of trouble long enough to get there." Jane said with a smirk. "I'll be off though, please call if you need anything. She walked away with perhaps a mumble about how she might have to start drinking.

"Right this way," Jared gestured further down the corridor.

Commander Jared Hanover
Executive Officer

Captain Jane Saulitis
Commanding Officer

Cassandra Leblanc-Reed
Chief Diplomat

Princess Leyana
Bride of Sozon II
PNPC by Sommers


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