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Ferengi Leading the Blind part 1

Posted on Sat Feb 15th, 2020 @ 8:01am by Chief Warrant Officer Qurrac

Mission: Promenade
Location: Station Dance club.
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The small bar/club was a mainstay hang out for Federation personnel on leave at Star Base 50; the music was loud and the lighting dimmed to allow the spots and multi-colored lighting from the Dance Floor. It was not all that different from other places; that might have been the allure, but a large Fleet contingent flowing through the doors made it preferred for those on leave and less chance of an incident that might come from the clashing of Racial traditions and ideas of Entertainment. 

Basically speaking it was an implied 'Fleet Hang Out' and therefore safe for the most part. Qurrac had been dancing a couple of times but no one really caught his eye, Marceleen had gotten passage off the station and away from the Ferengi that had held her as an Indentured Servant until Qurrac paid the contract; a small feel actually compared to what he had thought he might pay for some information, he kind of purchased her contract and got the information as a bonus for doing a good deed. That is the way he thought of it. 

He would have brought her if she had not left; it is something that happened and Qurrac understood; why stay on a station where you have bad experiences longer than needed? He sipped his drink; nursing it as he sat near a corner not being really noticed. If he stood too close to the bar he was considered the 'hired help' and that was not the case. Monitoring the crowd; predominantly Hue-Mon of course, he did notice a beautiful woman wearing sunglasses; which had her stand out until the white cane; sight impaired, he wondered why she would come to a dance club of sorts? She had been sitting at a larger table; three other women had come and gone periodically but the woman sat and began to look bored. The lights flashed and her skin looked quite smooth and the simple attire was attractive.

He noticed a set ending and the lighting changed; he moved to the side of her table.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked kindly.

Isabelle Maisy O'Malley stood all of 5'7 with deep brown hair and very interesting coloured eyes. It seemed like someone had swirled light brown and green together into it's own little cosmos, encapsulated in her eyes. They looked quite pretty when 'Izzy' opened her eyes up far enough. For the time being, they were hidden behind a pair of oval shaped black tinted glasses with a very simple frame. She was in a simple white 'A' frame dress with a thin black sash around it. A simple and practical set of black ballet flats finished up her simple outfit. After all, it was hard to be truly stylish when you can't see half of what you are doing. Her hair was loosely pinned back with a large 'glide clip' style hair brooch, it was simple, maybe not all that elegant but it was all she could do, for now. She was not one who showed any real signs of vanity, often her good friends helped her to find nice outfits that would help her look nice, highlight her curvy figure or match her eyes. She actually felt rather pretty and lucky when they fussed over her, even if she told them to 'not be too flashy about it all.'

Izzy was not really able to see much of anything. Especially in between her Optic Nerve regeneration treatments. A scale of Black to white and every subtle shade of grey made up her world and eventually the outer lines of shapes started to blur. Eventually everything would start to blur and there was a very good likelihood of eventually her whole world turning to black or white and nothing else. No blurry shapes or colour, no seeing fuzzy clouds or a blue sky, just one very blank canvas as the nerves that handled every last signal to and from her eyes degraded to the point that they would no longer function. Everyone asked, 'what can be done?'. It was hard to hear the tone in their voice when she said that all of what they could do was being done, you could hear the disappointment and sorrow in their voice, knowing it would be written on their face as well.

Izzy heard the voice beside her, Male, unfamiliar and somewhat exotic. She lifted her head and turned towards the voice. "You would have to do an awful lot of leading, kind sir. My vision is not quite what it should be. Still, I would love to feel what it is like."

"According to Hue-mon tradition the man is leading, I promise not to guide you astray." He smiled. "Though your cane will not be a requirement if you can just follow the lead, a slow tempo will allow you to enjoy the steps I think." He offered an arm. "If you want to try something out of a comfort zone?"

"That would be lovely, actually. I'm Isabelle 'O'Malley."

"Qurrac." he offered a hand to guide her from her seat and lead her to the dance floor; careful not to allow anyone to intersect her course and cause bumping until they were in a more secluded corner of the dance floor "WE are here." Stating the obvious. "Allow me..." He moved her right arm to his waist and back while taking her left hand to raise it slightly. "WE will do a simple four count of the steps to the music; if I wish to turn you right, the hand at the small of your back will touch you with the heel of my hand and Fingertips for a left turn."

"Sounds simple enough, for a kind Ferengi and the sweet little blind lady. Let's give it a try." Izzy had a soft smile, this would be fun. At least someone wanted to dance with her. "I'll try not to step on your feet, Qurrac." Her voice had a light and sweet quality to it. "I haven't done this much."

"People that can see have done that." Qurrac said as he started in the first steps of the simple 'square' dance style. "The best dancers are the ones that flow with the music rather than concentrate on the steps." Qurrac was easy with his use of her back to guide her through the turns and noticed she had remained in step with the tempo. "You like the music, your steps are light as the notes."

"Music is something I can really appreciate." Izzy replied. "It feels nice and light."

The song continued while Qurrac moved with Isabelle; she was a pretty Hue-mon female and very soft to the touch; her hands felt warm and the smile on her face was inviting him to take her deeper and with more fun into the slow dance. While not bringing her closer than one would on a proper dance floor he did find it fun as they flowed in their little 'corner' of the dance floor.

"You seem to be enjoying the dance; I am surprised you come to a dance club yet this is not something you do often?" Qurrac commented. "You are doing well; natural rhythm it would seem." He did note that with the sunglasses  and when a subtle lighting change a slight move of her eyebrow; the lighting change, or the brightness, did affect her slightly. 

"I love the music, I want to be able to move to it more but most have an aversion to having their feet stepped on." Isabelle replied, she was truly in the moment and having a wonderful time. I play the Violin. I usually move with the music when I play, I kind of can't help it. It's like my body feels the music and just has to flow with it, I guess."

It seemed that he was only just enjoying himself when the music was concluding and the dance was over. Qurrac separated himself as is the thing to do; offering an arm to guide Isabelle back to her table, he had tempted the Hue-mon belief in Cupid enough for a night. This beautiful woman had danced with him and seemed to enjoy it.

"You did not threaten my feet." He complemented and kissed her hand. "You really should get onto the floor more often, you do well."

"Thank you. The desire is there, just needing the right partner. You were wonderful, I would love to go back out again." Izzy replied, beaming slightly.

Qurrac noticed that one of her friends had returned to the table and had an expression that was not of complement towards the situation; her scowl was not hard to read.



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