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Valintine's Meaning what?

Posted on Thu Feb 20th, 2020 @ 12:40am by Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez

Mission: Promenade
Location: Razmi quarters.
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Just another reason to do something; to dote in a fasshion, to show his continued intent to court Razmi; he had gone through the information at hand; asked a few human Men about the event and then made his plans. This day happened upon a day that he and Razmi were slotted to spend time together; he had been at lunch with some crew when the subject of 'Girlfriends and PLans for this Day came up. Tadez listened intently and decided it would make for a more interesting evening if he were to do for Razmi what the other men did for their Girlfriends.

He came to Razmi's quarters and when invited in offered what he had brought. He had dressed in slacks and a flowing cotton shirt for the occasion with a box of Chocolate in a signiture 'Heart' shaped box of Chocolate.

"Happy Valentine's Day Razzi." He gave her a quick kiss of greeting.

"Happy what?" Razmi said as she entered the room and looked around very confused. She knew they were meeting for dinner but she hadn't expected anything more than perhaps conversation and cuddles.

"A human tradition on this stardate." Tadez offered the candy. "It is a day of Celebrating romance among humans." He continued. "The giving of sweets to emphasize caring and spending time with someone you care for deeply." He chuckled. "I thought it appropriate for us?"

"Oh," Razmi said looking down at the box of candies being handed to her. "That's really sweet, thank you." She was trying her hardest not to blush but didn't think she was doing a very good job of it. "But now I feel bad because I didn't know about the holiday and didn't get you anything."

"I have time with you." He nodded and pointed out. "That is what I wanted from the tradition; an excuse to spoil you a bit more than usual."

"You spoil me plenty." She said with a bit of a grin on her face. "Most of the time I don't know what to do with your attentions. It still surprises me I guess."

"If you want me to quit..." He asked in a teasing tone with a sly grin. "Just let me know because I would not want to make you unhappy?" He winked.

Razzi grinned back. "Well you can't stop now, it would ruin this holiday and we wouldn't want that. Isn't there some holiday that says I can tell you to do whatever I Want? Because there should be," she teased him.

"Be my guest." Tadez shrugged. "Valentine's Day is apprechation of someone dear , You are to me so why not start a Tradition as this is not our last Valentine together." He gave her the best 'innocent' expression he could. "Ask me to do what you will; your wish can be my command."

Razzi laughed and then realize he was serious. "Well I don't know what to ask for," she giggled. "You already gave me candy. I think just a nice dinner would be good, some conversation. Maybe we can try this again," she leaned forward and kissed him. It made her nearly shiver every time she did it.

"I like the idea,,," He kissed her again. "Anytime you wish Love." He winked. "And I just happen to have reservations for a Chef cooked Dinner to be delivered in about an hour." He grinned. " I was not even going to try to get Holodeck time today. So I ordered in."

"It will be wonderful, I'm sure. Who needs a holodeck, we have a perfectly good table right here? One of these days I should cook you dinner. I'm a pretty good cook. I used to do all the cooking for myself obviously, when I lived on Marga III."

"I look forward to trying some." He replied. "How about we relax and you can try that Chocolate; I had some Andorian type mixed in there. Said to be a Girl's best friend."

"Oh really? Never heard of it but I have had chocolate before and I loved it." Razmi sat down happily next to him. She looked at Tadez. "I am so happy right now. Is there anything you need from me to make you happier?" She blushed slightly, wondering what his answer might be.

"Until Dinner arrives..." He offers her a place to lean in close to him. "You can just come here and enjoy some quiet sharing; maybe tell me what you would be doing at this stage of a relationship where you come from?"

"They're kid of old fashioned on Marga III. Most aspects of the relationship appear in public. Couples dance and eat out with others and if they go for a walk they are escorted by someone else. And I was a bit of an outsider so I just saw everything from that angle."

"I am glad you have accepted the courting process we are following." He gave her a kind squeeze. "I am quite taken with you and having to be chaperoned might slow the fun down as I could not get away with spoiling you as much."

"Oh I don't know of anyone who would do that anyway, except Stef and he worries far too much about me as it is." Razzi sighed and curled into Tadez. "No, I don't need a chaperone, I trust you. You always do what is right."

"I promised to and I am a man of my word." He gently caress her back affectionatly. "You are dear to me and very soft in your nature; that is what I love about you."

"I know." Razzi said, pulling his face to hers for another long kiss. She wouldn't mind if his hands roamed a little bit over her body, his touch was intoxicating.

Razzi was soft and he liked the feel of her; gently he moved his fingers using her spine as center point with each vertrbre he caressed outward to give that slight sensation that he hoped tantalized her with the soft stimulation of blood flow outward to relax the muscles. Moving down her spine from shoulders to waist in hopes to create that 'like putty relaxed muscles and body while the kiss he added a little of his own passion to spark in another way.

The door chimed and Razmi jumped then laughed. "Probably best if we stop, at least for now. Sounds like dinner is here anyway."

Tadez gave a grin with mischief in it.

"Timing is everything." He winked and with a caress along the small of her back as he passed. "Good things come to those who wait." He continued to get the food.

The meal was a fine bit of culinary delight; the rib eyes steaks were cooked to perfection the potatoes baked to a soft skin wrapped in foil with mixed vegetables to round out the plates. He also had some Strawberry cheesecake as desert with a Bajoran Sweet Wine to give a bouquet to the food.

"Dinner is served." He said as he popped the wine open to allow it to breathe a bit. "Hope you like as close to home cooked as you get on a starship?" He owed the Chef; but then Patrick always did love a food challenge and was a romantic at heart Tadez believed.

"I'm sure it's delicious." Razmi assured him as she sat down at the table. "Tell me more about your family, I want to know everything about your life that you can tell me, before you met me of course."

"I can tell you what you wish to know about me." Tadez pour the wine. "This is a vintage from my home and no matter where I roam and what other spirits I encounter it is he home vintages that I prefer." He placed the wine on the table and took his seat. "I think the entirity of my life would take more time than a sitting at a meal, until I met you things had their highs and lows as does everyone." He met her eyes and thught for a moment. "I was still rather young with the onset of the Dominion War when the most dreaded thing happened to Bajor." He smile not so bright as it can be. "The Cardies came back; they had reign over us; the stories of my parents became a little more ..." He took his glass and raised it in salute. "very real and not just the ramblings of the 'older generation' to us." He took a sip. "That was the first reality of my young life and the glimpse as to what I should do; I watched My sister leered at by Cardie men; not even a teen yet and still they comment about when is the right age to pick the fruits of womanhood." He shrugged. "I was watched as future servant with special emphasis on what I did; would I join the next generation of Resistance Fighters, the expected reaction to the Cardie return." He forced a better smile. "If you want it all I suppose the beginning of what made me this man you care for should at least be touched upon. The Ugly to go with the good? Or can I just say the War was not a time I wish to dwell upon as part of the story?"

"It's important to remember your past, even if it isn't pleasant. I don't mind you talking about it though I'm very glad that at least I grew up someplace relatively safe, even if I was sort of an outcast. Let's eat. We can talk about this any old time but how often is such a feast in front of us?"

"Fine food and company, that is a tradition to continue on Valentines Day." Tadez smiled genuinely.


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