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News Snippet

Posted on Thu Feb 20th, 2020 @ 11:52am by Herbert Barr

Mission: Promenade
Location: San Francisco
Timeline: 6 months ago
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Federation News Service

Six months ago a team of diplomats and their security detail were murdered at the hands of the Breen. They were conducting negotiations with the Breen Confederacy about border alterations. These were minor however details needed to be sorted before official paperwork was drawn up.

Only one person survived the massacre, Commander Herbert Barr, the officer in charge of the mission. He was unharmed and delivered back to Starbase 315 by the Breen.

At today’s inquiry, Commander Barr, who has had a glowing career and was tipped for promotion to Captain shortly, had his opportunity to disclose what happened during the mission. Due to the nature of the mission the inquiry was held behind closed doors. A statement from the Judge, the honourable Jack Colburn, which stated that Commander’s Barr’s account of what happened had lots of unexplained gaps or holes. Starfleet Security have investigated the Commander since his return and found no evidence of conspiring with the Breen Confederacy or any other party.

He went on to say the Commander seemed very uneasy and nervous during the four hour questioning by the Judge and other panel members.

After breaking to deliberate the Commander’s future. The Judge confirmed that the decision had been to allow Mr Barr to continue serving Starfleet as he has a long and distinguished career of which he only had a few more years until he could honourably retire.

However, Mr Barr would be stripped of his rank, surrender himself for regular counselling sessions and report in with Starfleet Security on a regular basis.

His next assignment is still pending.


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