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Ferengi Leading the Blind part 3

Posted on Sat Feb 15th, 2020 @ 8:02am by Chief Warrant Officer Qurrac

Mission: Promenade
Location: Corridors of Station.
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"Hmm, a step away from what I have heard about your race. A Ferengi that is interested both in the present underneath and the wrapping on top. My father did say if you could find a man who like both the frills and bows and what lay underneath equally that he would be quite the catch, and probably rather appealing. I'm starting to see his point." Isabelle mentioned.


[Corridors outside dance club]

"I am not a Ferengi at all." He chuckled. "According to Rules of Acquisition at least, a Ferengi without Profits is not a Ferengi at all." He shrugged. "I do not do business thus no profits." He laughed. "It helps me fit into the Star Fleet mentality of not focusing upon Latinum."

Isabelle smiled. I guess you live more by, 'Money isn't everything' than the rules of Acquisition. You are living the way that you want to, that is really admirable." Isabelle waked along with Qurrac, about as close on his arm as she could be and held his hand, letting their fingers mingle. "I guess I have a few things to thank Starfleet for. I might have another reason to go through all the pain of my next regen treatment, or maybe a really good incentive to."

"If it gives you more sight is not the pain worth the result?" Qurrac asked. "I should possibly ask what you can see and then have an idea how much these ...'treatments' are helping?"

"To be honest, what I can see does not feel like much. Colour left me eyes when I was about twelve, so it's more in shades of white, black and grey. The longer it gets between treatments the more things get 'fuzzy' around the edges and blur out a bit. The treatments are very specific to treat my problem and as it stimulates nerves to re-grow, pain is a very certain part of it all."

"So your vision is more like a Camera of Black and White film and the image is not yet in focus and blurry if I understand you correctly?" He tried to think of a parallel. "Blurred and treatments will bring more into focus and like average humanoid sees things?"

Qurrac had no real idea what her vision is and he tried to get some idea as a Hue-mon male had told him that if one makes efforts to understand it will make the Fe-male more happy and thus keep the attraction alive. It seemed a good vantage point and Qurrac was delving deeper into her personality and understanding of who she might be?

"The treatment gets the degenerating nerves to regenerate, even if for a while before the disease takes over and starts the process over. If they can stimulate them enough first things become clearer, then sharpness and depth kind of come back, if they can get deep enough with it colour could come back and get my depth perception as good as it could be. It would never be perfect, or stay that way." Izzy let a sigh slip. "They stagger the treatment over a couple of days but as it goes on and they probe deeper the pain gets gradually worse."

"Hue-mon Rule 117: Pain is lessened when shared rather than endure alone." He nod with some satisfaction. "Did not this Ulcer share your treatment pain?" He asked. "Your fe-male friends?" He looked at her as they walk. "I do not see holding a Fe-Male's hand as smuch of an effort. Is is not true that Fe-Males are aided by a friendly or caring touch; like the arm being offered to aid in your getting where you need to go?"

"Oh, 'Acer'? he tried, but it was way too much for him, he couldn't even bear Day 1. The girls tried too, Most bombed out on day one. Charlotte made it to the middle of day 2 before she couldn't stand any more. The only ones that have ever stuck around for my treatment have been my parents; but even then, I can tell some days it hurts them more than me."

"I do not understand this man you speak of." Qurrac said plainly.  "I know that Hue-mon Males tend to have more of a superiority complex and some are very self- indulgent. 'Ego' is what they call it but to not sit with someone you care for when she actually could use a bit of friendly support is..." He stopped and looked her in the sunglasses covered eyes; taking the shades so she might better focus on his face he hoped. "If one truly cares then Another Hue-mon compassion should be there to at least hold the hand while it hurts and let it known you are there for her." He nod frankly then replaced her shades. "You could do better than this Ace-Sir, but perhaps I am over-simple the whole thing?" He did not always get the complications of the courtship rituals.

"I don't want to be with him any more. He doesn't let me do anything for myself, I'm not that blind that I can't do things for myself. With him I can't even get out of bed without help from him. It's really sad that he wants to control, rather than support me." Izzy replied, somewhat sadly.

Even on Risa it is considered rude not to support where..." He pat her hand. "The Box of Soap will be discarded." He came to the Turbo lift. "I should just thank you for allowing me to help you; a stranger that follows out of a club from a Security vantage could be considered stalking." He chuckled. "WE have only just met." He touched her hand on his arm again. "It is like that Hue-mon saying about Old friends just meeting." He added. "I seem to be comforted when you are near; it is not expected but very much the gift as I am told by Males that I work with that give advice in women..." He shrugged. "I suppose some of what they say is right?"

"If they are gentle enough and have been in the right kind of relationships then their advice would be worth the same as gold. It's funny, I feel that way too. Being with you I feel so safe. The comfort is rather mutual, Qurrac. I feel so at ease that I'd love to be around you all night. If that was okay with only a very blurry idea of your face. I could get a better idea, but not everyone is all that comfortable with it."

"I am not a Hue-mon so exempt from most rules." Qurrac said with a grin. "Being Security as well leaves me less open to discomfort in reactions." He told her honestly. "I do admit curiosity."

Isabelle seemed to look both ways before she took a step in and in front of Qurrac. Her hands came up either side of his chin and her fingertips seemed to trace every last line and curve of his face. She could now understand what people meant about Ferengis, the kind of squashed nose and how everything kind of led to the lobes. her touch came up the back of his neck and ever so gently over the back of the lobes and slowly forward, allowing Izzy to get a good 'picture' of him.

"Now that could tickle..." Qurrac gently blocked her hands from touching his lobes. "It is also considered; by Hue-mon standards, a display of affection and intimacy for a Fe-Male to touch lobes." He did have a hint of regret. "A beautiful woman touching Lobes might convey the wrong Idea; like a caress of the bottom under the skirt is a good way to compare, very intimate." He guided her fingers away. "It is with regret I must be 'Proper as Gentleman."

"I see, I did at least get a better picture of you. I think you might actually be quite a handsome Ferengi. I don't really look at myself in the mirror. Not really much of an incentive to do so. I'm hoping that it's not just him that finds me pretty." Izzy resumed the place on his arm, yet close.

"Yes I find you beautiful and your attire is quite the attractive style that accents your more desirable 'attributes' such as your figure and shapely legs." He admitted. "I believe you must do much walking or the aerobics to have that tone." He grinned. "Though dancing more would not hurt the look you have as well." He chuckled. "A long formal gown for more slow traditional dancing would be quite stunning I will admit."

"A beautiful dress and dancing would be quite fun. To go twirling around the floor would feel really nice." Isabelle replied, while pondering just what that might feel like.



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