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Taking Back

Posted on Fri Dec 10th, 2021 @ 2:24am by Captain Jane Saulitis (P) & Lieutenant Commander (P) Angus Murphy & Lieutenant JG [P]S'anra Shalakar & Lieutenant JG Annabelle Trevor (P) & Lieutenant JG (P) Lily Marlow

Mission: Torn- Parallel Majestic
Location: Parrallel Universe, Majestic Observation Lounge/Bridge
Timeline: MD 5
686 words - 1.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Jane had been up half the night. Between morning sickness that seemed to last all day and her worries about her crew members still on board the station, sleep had been elusive and restless. She made herself some tea and headed for the bridge. There were a lot of minds on this ship and together they should be able to come up with a plan.

Lieutenant Trevor was there at her station, the security area, when Captain Saulitis arrived. "Greetings Captain, so far things have been uneventful." she was worried about Lily, whom she knew was on the station and was left behind. She was wondering if they would be able to go get those who had been left behind. She cleared her throat gently. "Captain, do you think we can retrieve our lost people? "

"That's what I'm hoping. Call the senior staff to the observation lounge. The remaining senior staff," Jane corrected herself as she headed for the room.

Annabelle gave a nod and gave a message to those whom were still there. She assigned an ensign to watch the bridge whilst she was in the meeting with Captain Saulitis.

S'anra having been woke up early was due on the bridge at the start of the next shift, She dressed as quickly as she could and stumbled into the observation lounge and went straight to the replicator. " Hot coffee, Black! " She sat down and sqinched her face at the vile taste. After a few moments she realized her feet were cold, Looking down she noticed a lack of foot ware and tucked her legs up under her and hoping no one noticed her coming in barefoot.

"Bridge to Captain Saulitis," the intercom from the officer on deck broke into the observation with after a chirping alert. "Captain, we're receiving a signal from an unidentified source. They're using Starfleet identification codes."

Jane sat straighter in her chair, if that was possible. She slapped the comm badge on her chest and answered. "I'm on my way," Luckily the bridge was so close it took her only seconds to get there.

"You've confirmed the codes?" she said squinting and trying to see the source on screen.

"It's an older code ma'am but it checks out."

"Hail them."

A woman appeared on the screen. She was human and had a darker complexion and lots of curly wayward black hair. She wasn't in uniform. "I'm Captain Burke of the SS Gavia. Who am I speaking to?"

"Captain Saulitis of the USS Majestic. How can we help you Captain?" Her hope fell. This woman was obviously not from her Starfleet. The ship was much too old to be a rescue of any sort.

S'anra followed the Captain to the bridge and relieved the junior flight officer and was at the ready in case it was needed.

"You can tell me where the hell we are? And what class of ship that is?" Zoya responded though there was no real anger in her words, just frustration and fear that she didn't care to share with anyone right now.

"I could." Jane replied, not taking offense. "But first it might help me to know where you came from and when?"

Zoya's eyes widened. "What do you mean?"

"Let me beam you over and I'll explain. Do you have any wounded?"

"I'm not sure, our shipwide comms are down, we've got people running to give and take messages for us."

"Scan the Gavia," Jane ordered, "pick up any injuries and beam those people directly to sickbay. Captain, let me beam you over and I'll explain everything."

Lieutenant Trevor looked at Captain Saulitis, "I an meet her in the transporter room and where would like me to bring her to your ready room?" she wasn't certain about the captain of that other ship, the SS Gavia but she also had the safety of this ship as well to think of.

"Yes please, thank you." Jane settled back in her chair and took a few breaths before mentally preparing herself for telling someone they were likely to never see their home again.


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