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A Glimpse of What Came Berfore

Posted on Fri Nov 26th, 2021 @ 10:50pm by Lieutenant JG Siora Carberos

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: A random Starbase.
Timeline: Just before Siora boards the Majestic
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The USS Madeira had been Siora’s home for 4 years and part of her was sad to see her disappear from view when they walked across the walkway at the nearest Starbase for reassignment. That little Nova class ship had gotten her and her people through some tough scrapes.

Pirates, small gravitational wells, rogue planetary pieces to mention but a few.

The Madeira’s job was to see if there was any link between the supernova and the use of technology to quicken the deterioration of the Romulan and Reman sun. Sadly, their efforts came up short. There was evidence of damaged tech, Romulan, Reman and a few other species but that was not conclusive and instead more a reminder of the ships present during their forced evacuation that did not quite make it.

Oddly the Pakleds had taken a keen interest in the system since its destruction and the Madeira had a few run ins with them, most ending with a minor firefight or a game of cat and mouse. After all, a small ship such as theirs was not built for confrontation.

Even stranger was that when they suddenly found something tangible, she received a call from her sister Niotro. Commodore Niotro Carberos of Starfleet Intelligence, normally a quite approachable and generous woman but when the call came to return to base, she didn’t seem herself.

Siora pleaded with her to give her a little more time, that she was on to something, but Niotro was insistent. Siora even tried to defy those orders, forcing Niotro to engage the ‘Return to Base’ override device that had been fitted without Siora’s knowledge.

Things between them are now a little strained. Siora has always had a good, open relationship with her sisters and now one of them had went against her wishes, withheld information from her and forced her into a corner. Sometimes she wished that their ability to get information from others worked on their own species.

There was a short time where she sat on a bench that viewed the drydock. There was something relaxing, almost soothing about watching all those little worker bees scuttled across the ship. Like a little dance routine made especially for them.

So now her transfer to the Majestic has come in to play and she was excited by the prospect of running a department on a starship. Yes, she’d ran an entire crew, but this was different, and she’d have to work alongside people as colleagues. She’d have to get to know people, their quirks, and talents all over again. Siora was nothing if not a social butterfly.

This was a new chapter in her life, although she’d had many of them over the last 300 or so years.

Over her shoulder was her small duffel bag containing all the more personal things she’d picked up over the years so she could decorate her quarters to her taste. Starships usually had quite bland décor and Siora liked to spruce things up, make them more homely so that at least after a hard day slaving away in a Jeffries tube you could feel comfortable and relaxed.

That old Human adage of ‘Home is where the heart is’ was certainly true. Put your heart into your home and you’ll always feel welcome there, comfortable. She also liked it to be a bit of an homage to El Auria as in her early years in this quadrant she tried to scoop up all the lost things of her past she could find, for posterity.

Sometimes to look forward it helps to look backwards.


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