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The Adventure Begins

Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 2:19pm by Captain Jane Saulitis & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan & Lieutenant Sandra Adamson & Lieutenant Neenyo Tadez & Lieutenant T'Par
Edited on on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 2:42pm

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Arcana Lounge
Timeline: MD 02 19:00 Hours

Jane resisted the urge to reach for her brown hair. It was curled and pinned perfectly in place, certainly more than had been done for the actual wedding on Marga III. She’d also been allowed more than five minutes to choose a dress. She knew they were already married and that the first ceremony was really what counted but this allowed her family and friends to get a glimpse of the special day and share in that celebration with them. She took a deep breath and pictured her nerves washing through her body, down her torso, over her knees and out through her toes.

T’Par stood with the other officers as she waited to watch her new captain’s nuptials. Her expression was respectful but as impassive as ever except that her eyes seemed a little more distant than usual. In truth, she was recalling her own wedding.Vulcan and human customs were very different yet they shared a wish to publicly solemnize long-term pair bonding. That was a clinical way to put it. T’Par was who and what she was. But there was a sentiment buried under there for the one man who did know her mind and her emotions.

Sandy walked as she was talking with Tarria. When they finished she looked around to find Sekat. The two of them were supposed to meet at the wedding, as Sandy had some things left to do before the wedding. Either she was early or he was late she wasn’t late.

Meanwhile Tarrie had walked up to the other people that were standing there. The Andorian was a bit enthusiastic. This wasn’t her first human wedding, but she found out that every human wedding was different from the other. Which made each experience unique.

The Vulcan doctor turned his head as he sensed Sandy’s approach. He had been standing off to the side, out of immediate clear view. As he spotted her, he walked up to her and offered her arm. “Shall we find a seat?”

Sandy took Sekat’s arm. “Yes, thank you.” She smiled as they walked to the seats.

Kav had made his way to the officers. He straightened his uniform a bit and then looked curious at the situation. He found human weddings fascinating, though he had only been to one, back when he was at the academy.

Lhaes stood wearing his new dress uniform, still getting used to the golden trimmings rather than his familiar grey. The girls were wearing similar dresses while he’d dressed his son in simple colourful slacks and a shirt. He knew that even before the ceremony would be over, likely the clothes would require changing. His grey eyes scanned the room, his left hand resting loosely on the hilt of his Honour Blade, which he openly wore for this function. Old habits did seem to die hard, and even in his new role, he had to remain watchful.

Kelris slipped in, tugging and twisting in her dress uniform before proceeding further. Warp speed, medical advances that had once seemed magic, but Star Fleet still couldn’t make a comfortable dress uniform, in her opinion.
All that was forgotten though when she saw the twin girls and their brother. She approached, smiling to them and their father. She’d met him briefly during her introduction to the ship’s command staff.

Bending down slightly, she said in a quiet voice, “Aren’t you three cute as seashells!” giving them a big smile before straightening back up to greet Lhaes. She could see people coming in and sitting down, and vaguely recalled hearing there was some sort of tradition to it. But she wasn’t sure what it was, or if applied to a wedding aboard a star ship.

“Good to see you Commander” she said to him. The height difference was a bit awkward, and she had to crane her neck given that he was over a third of a meter taller. “I haven’t actually attended a wedding before. I had an opportunity in school but fell sick. Is there a… procedure for where one sits?”

“Ma’am,” the Romulan greeted her politely, “I’m not entirely certain myself. It seems to differ per culture. As they are Human, I believe there might be such a thing as seat arrangements but the fact is that I actually don’t know.” He pulled the little boy back from the flower arrangements. “Galan, please don’t eat the decorations. Liviana, Evaste, please take your brother to the kids corner? I’m sure there’s someone there who’ll show you some games.” He watched the children move off, trusting his daughters to look after their little brother. “I’m sorry, three is a bit much to juggle sometimes.”

“I doubt they’ll throw us in the brig if we mess it up. May I sit with you? We can be lost together that way.” The mix of emotions was interesting to say the least. Happy in many places, expectant with some, nervous? Hmm, she was just starting to focus on that when it faded like a submarine disappearing in a sea of stronger emotions. At least with things mostly on the happy end of the scale (there was at least a bit of Envy floating about somewhere) she wasn’t likely to get a headache from it all.

"Certainly counselor." Lhaes held a seat back for her so she could sit. "Are you enjoying yourself so far?" As the woman suddenly walked away and left, Lhaes just shrugged to himself.

Tadez had his Dress uniform on; the subtleties of using other ; more comfortable materials like a silk dyed to color, help him stay within regulations and still have the Official Diplomatic attire. He had received the invitation at the last moment and decided that attendance would be a good way to become a part of the ship. Social gatherings such as a wedding are very intimate and the asking for one to attend an honor. He quietly made his way to the rear of the gathering; being unobtrusive as possible; he had a gut feeling his being here was more form him to meet the people he will be living with than anything else.

The thought and invitation was not lost upon him and he would be sure to let the Bride know how much being included meant to him. He stayed out of the way and able to observe.

"Hello Lieutenant," the unfamiliar voice belonged to one of the ship's newest transfers. "I've been meeting so many people recently, please forgive me if we've already been introduced, but my name is Lilith Sullivan," she offered an extended hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Tadez gave his friendly smile. "We have not as yet. I am Tadez; Neenyo Tadez, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Hw bow slightly as is proper. "As we are both new to the ship I would offer the suggestion we could stick together; solidarity in our newly arrived status, so to have someone to be more comfortable among the other guests?"

"Hey, that sounds like a reasonable way to go about things. Everyone needs friends," Sullivan nodded in return. "Just about everyone that I've met so far has been so friendly since I've gotten on the ship - it's already starting to feel like home. So new friend, tell me a little bit about yourself why don't cha?"

"Diplomatic Officer born on Bajor." Tadez told her quietly as they wait the ceremony progression. "I had a knack for talking nice with people; star Fleet saw that as useful and here I am." He shrugged. "I am not that exciting a person; no Holos will be written for the excitement of my life. I just be friendly and help other work thought some diplomatic oddities or problems. Listen to all sides and help them find resolve , best case of course." He grinned. "What of you Ms. Sullivan, who are you?"

Lilith nodded in agreement, smiling at the thought that even in the far reaches of the galaxy, there were still people exercising their versions of what humanity would call the golden rule. "Well now, I can appreciate anyone who helps people, that's an honorable line of work. I will say though, I can't help but feel that you're being far too modest. One of the main missions, if not the main mission of this vessel is diplomacy. Being a part of that is exciting!"

"Thank you ; you are kind, but I am afraid all I do is talk to people and try to make new friends. Perhaps on a larger scale but that is the essence of the job, something everyone does, make friends." Tadez explained.

"Me?" Sullivan pointed to herself, noticing some commotion among the guests. "Well, I was born on Earth to a mostly civilian family. I had three older brothers growing up. To make a long story short, I dated a guy during university that was an instructor pilot at the Academy, and I learned two things during that relationship. He was an ass, and I really liked to fly. So, skipping all the boring bits, here I am on my third rotation starside. I moonlight as an instructor when I rotate back planetside."

"Teaching the next generation." Tadez smiled. "Now that is truly admirable; training the new ones that will follow us and continue the forth. Your job gets us to where I do my job and then you train others to carry the Federation outward." He lean closer. "Yours sounds more exciting actually."

"Stop making me sound like a taxi driver," Lilith laughed, giving her colleague a friendly nudge to the ribs. "But yeah, it's certainly fulfilling work, and I love to do what I do when I'm out here on assignment. I must admit, the diplomatic mission is foreign to me. The last few postings of mine have been on ships that only get called upon when, uh, how do I put this - um, when diplomacy fails."

"There are such times and they require desperate measures I suppose." Tadez answered, "I have been fortunate not to have to resort to that level of Diplomatic relations." He nod. "I know all the levels of diplomacy and am willing to use them if it saves lives and gets people to work together for their own good."

"Well, I can certainly appreciate pragmatism in all of its manifestations. And you're right, let's hope it never comes to that kind of thing again," Sullivan's voice trailed off ever so slightly. "Enough of that line of thinking, this is a joyous event! Oh, and Tadez, I propose a bit of diplomacy. As long as you find it agreeable, I'd say you've got a friend in me," she smiled.

"I'll remember what my old pal said." He quoted another bar of a song that came to mind with her statement.

"Yeah! You've got it!" Lilith's visage lit up with a smile. For a moment, a lull in the level of conversation turned several heads away from their conversation partners, eyes scanning to see if the ceremony was starting. After another moment, the natural rumble of conversation continued, there was time yet.

"Well I guess we're a bit early new friend," Sullivan shrugged. "Hey, that reminds me, are you aware of anyone else transferring to your department? I came over on the Gatineau with more luggage than just mine, and the loadmaster specifically had mentioned it belonged to a diplomat coming to an assignment here."

"We are more like; and I quote, 'Old friends who just met?" Tadez answered. "As to other new people, my Yeoman Jennifer is rather new; assigned to me and not regular crew. Also there is another Diplomat o board that I have not had a chance to converse with."

"Ah, interesting. Well in either case, his or her stuff made it safe and sound, so that's always a good thing." Lilith was about to form another sentence when she noticed the officiant of the ceremony starting to walk towards the front of the room. "I guess it's just about time, eh? We'd better go take our seats, let's go!"

The dress was on. A flowing A-line thing was more frilly than Jane expected herself to like. But one did only wear a wedding dress once, well this was actually a vow renewal ceremony instead of a wedding, but still. Now that everything was ready she felt much less nervous and stepped into her shoes as she headed toward the door and into the beginning adventure.

Before she could step out, Stef approached her, handing her a small blue hairpin. "Something borrowed and blue," he offered, "it belonged to Svara...I would like to have it back after the ceremony.."

"I'm touched Stef, thank you," Jane said sincerely. In fact the thought nearly brought her to tears. "Beata is a very lucky woman," she whispered in his ear as she pinned it in place. "There, fitting I hope?"

Stef nodded slowly. "Do not cry captain, you will ruin your make-up. Is your father leading you down the isle ma'am?"

"He is, he should be here any moment." She smiled at him again, "I really appreciate this Stef, I won't forget the gesture."

"Hello beautiful." Alta arrived in a crisp suit. Every silver hair in place, the clothing perfectly applied to his body. "Ready for this?" He asked his daughter.

"I've actually been married to him for weeks." Jane pointed out with a smile. "But yes, I'm more than ready."

Alta offered her arm and they stepped out onto the path that would lead to Hak.

Captain Jane Saulitis
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LtC Lhaes Sommers

Lt. Neenyo Tadez
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Lieutenant JG T'Par

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