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medical check in

Posted on Tue Jan 21st, 2020 @ 9:45am by Lieutenant Sandra Adamson & Lieutenant Laural Hawke

Mission: Promenade
Location: Deck 8, Sickbay - USS Majestic
Timeline: MD 7 1130
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Walking down the corridors on deck 8, Laural was making her way to sickbay for her mandatory medical check. She never enjoyed these check ups as she often had to answer a list of questions regarding the implants that were removed, her tattoo's and the underlying scars across her body. Walking into sickbay, Laural looked around for someone who looked like they were in charge.

Sandy was sitting her office looking through reports. She rubbed her eyes as she was getting. It was probably lack of sleep, so maybe she would head in to bed after this, get some rest. Her new assistant chief was more than capable of handling the department. Then she noticed someone walking around in sickbay. She got up and walked in to the infirmary. "Hello, can I help you?"

"yes, I am looking for the Chief of Medicine. I am required to get a medical check" Laural answered, turning her attention to a small PADD mounded on her wrist, "is Dr Adamson available?"

"No she went to bed...ehm no sorry, I mean I am Dr Adamson," Sandy shook her head. "Though that bed does sound good right now." She chuckled as she rubbed her eyes a bit. "Anyways, please have a seat on the bed and we check you out. What's your name?" She asked so she could call up the right file.

“Lieutenant Laural Hawke, Starfleet Intelligence” Laural replied, hopping up onto the closest biobed, “has it been busy for you lately?”

"Yes, with everything that has happened the past days," Sandy said, "I am happy that's over." She had opened the medical file and started the scan. "Let's see, tattoos, check! Scar tissues, also check!" She looked to the intelligence officer. "How are we feeling? Anything I should know that's not in your medical file?"

“I am fine. My back can feel a little sore at times from the sites where those bloody implants were removed, and I also suffer from mild to extreme headaches when near a person with telepathic abilities”

"Well, we do have some telepaths on the ships. Aside from Vulcans, a Romulan, there is an Andorian Aenar hybrid running the lounge." Sandy looked through the database. She then put a medical button on Laural's right temple. "There, this should block the telepathic waves from the crew. You still have to work with them. You're Department chief is a Vulcan. If you still experience any discomfort, come see me."

feeling the button on her temple, Laural immediately felt uncomfortable having a piece of tech practically glued to her head in such a way. Shaking her head, she quickly removed the button and placed it on the bed beside her, "I'm sorry, I won't be a slave to technology in such a way, surely there has to be another way. maybe one of those Vuclans you mentioned can help?"

Sandy looked a bit shocked at that reaction. "Well, I could ask if Doctor Sekat could maybe do a mind melt. But I am not really versed in the procedure. I will see if I can schedule a meeting with him today or tomorrow. Do you want me present at the meeting?" She had turned her attention at the screen again. She wasn't really sure what to make of this situation. She never had a patient refuse treatment.

“No that’s alright, from what I understand a Vulcan mind meld is a rather personal experience. I believe a note from you should be enough if the doctor agrees” Laural said, still a little shaken from the thought of the button on her temple. “I’m sorry doctor, I just have a bad history with implants, I hope you can understand”

Sandy nodded. She made a note in the lieutenant's file. "I made a note in your medical file and said a memo to doctor Sekat. You may approach him when you feel up to it. Or I could schedule an appointment." She took out a hypospray and set it for her. "This should help with the headache in the meantime. It's all I can do for the moment without the medical monitor." She handed her the hypospray.

Laural nodded, “thank you, i hope I won’t need continued medication. Is there anything else you need for my medical file?”

Sandy looked a moment in the file and then shook her head. "No, I think this is it. You are ready to go back to your duties." She smiled.

Laural nodded, "thank you Lieutenant"

Lieutenant Sandra Adamson
Assistant Chief Medical Officer


Lieutenant Laural Hawke
Encryption Specialist


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