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Mini Ambassador

Posted on Wed Feb 12th, 2020 @ 7:11am by Lieutenant T'Par & Commodore Jane Saulitis

Mission: Cruel Meridian
Location: Various Corridors
Timeline: MD 02 08:30 Hours
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Min had been careful at first about asking permission to leave her room but Jane had assured her that as long as she didn't enter a restricted area, and those had been laid out of her, she was fine to explore the ship as she saw fit as long as she was back for evening meal and attended her regular school classes during the week. On this particular day Min found herself by some offices, curiously looking at any open doors and wondering what they did on this ship. Her notebook in hand she was sketching things as she went and taking notes so she could finish the images later.

She came across a pointy eared woman in the corridor and said, "Hello."

"Hello," T'Par said calmly as she looked to the child. "You are Min, correct?" She made it a point to know who was who, even a child.

"Yes. What's your name?" Min asked, turning her head slightly, her wings quivering. "I don't know everyone on the ship yet, but I will eventually. I'm making a list."

"My name is T'Par," the Vulcan answered. "Are you lost?"

"No, I know where I am." Min replied without the least bit of concern. "Nice to meet you T'Par. You are a Vulcan? I like your pointed ears." She didn't know if that was the proper way to say it, but she did like her ears.

"Yes, I am a Vulcan," T'Par answered. She hesitated a moment and then then added, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Can I draw a picture of you?" Min asked, carrying along her notebook with her at all times.

"If you wish," T'Par allowed.

"Some people find being drawn uncomfortable." Min said clearly pleased that this was being allowed. "But I need to practice if I'm ever going to get better. You can talk," she clarified. "What is Vulcan like?"

"It is hotter than most worlds," T'Par said, "with higher gravity. Much of Vulcan is desert and the planet is also home to vast mountain ranges which often include complex rock formations created by millennia of erosion. Most Vulcans, however, live most of their lives in the planet's cities which rise high into the sky. The province where I am from, Xial, is known as the breadbasket of Vulcan. Although it was once flat, equatorial desert, it was found especially suitable for irrigated agriculture and is now filled with hydroponic farms. We call our planet Minshara, which is where the classification Minshara-class comes from, much as humans used to refer to planets as Earth-type, but it is Vulcan in Federation Standard, after an Earth god of the forge. Apparently the atmosphere brought him to mind for the first humans to visit our world."

Min knew she was supposed to be drawing but she was completely fascinated by what she was hearing. "I did not know that. I'd like to see it someday," Min said, closing her eyes and trying to picture what T'Par had been describing. "I like warmth. This ship is cold to me. But I still like it here, it has really interesting people like Captain Jane and my godfather, Pappa Murphy and you."

"Are you allowed on the Holodeck?" T'Par asked.

"Yes. Ohhhh, we can recreate your planet there. I'd very much like to do that." Min said snapping her notebook closed. "Let's go right now."

"I have duties right now," T'Par explained. "I could suggest some programs to you."

"Oh. Okay, I guess so." Min was disappointed but she understood that adults couldn't always play whenever she felt like it. And she was here to learn about what exactly their duties were but the thought of flying around T'Par's planet was too good to pass up.

"You can call up Program T'Par 7, which is a Xialite hydroponic farm. You can also call up Program T'Par 1 which is a scenic view of the L-Iangon Mountains. Program T'Par 2 is a traditional meditation space, although you'll be able to see some of the Xialite rainforest out the window. Forests are rare on Vulcan with its many deserts but, where they exist, they are vibrant and colorful. All of those programs have been left public so you should have no difficulty accessing them and none of them have any threats or surprises. They are simply locations," T'Par explained to her. "I hope you find them interesting."

"Thank you," Min said writing down notes as fast as she could. She almost wandered off without saying goodbye to T'Par. "I will look at them and get back to you on which one I like the best." Min said very seriously. "Umm, good luck with your duties."

"Thank you," T'Par said.

Lieutenant T'Par

Creoli Mini Ambassador
PNCP by Saulitis


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