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The Romulan and the Gorn

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2020 @ 8:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Petty Officer 1st Class Zirra Kajat

Mission: Promenade
Location: USS Majestic Security Department
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Zirra made her way to the Security Chief's Office.

She activated the door chime and waited.

"Come," came the answer from within.

Zirra entered the office. "Petty Officer 1st Class Zirra Kajat reporting for duty, sir." She said as she stood in front of her superior's desk."

The Romulan frowned. "Are you going to formally report to me every time you get on duty?" he asked pointedly, "because we already handled your formal report in."

"I apologize, Commander, I was informed that Romulans appreciated formality." Zirra said.

"I see, well I don't stand on formalities and you don't need to report in with every shift. I'm sure you know what your duties are?"

"I do, sir." Zirra said hoping she hadn't offended the Commander. She remembered when she went through boot camp, the looks of fear and disgust on the faces of her colleagues and some of the instructors. She'd survived alone on a barren planetoid, and been forced to kill one of her fellow augments in self defense. Then spent months being interrogated by Starfleet Security and Starfleet Intelligence and waiting in a containment cell, while the decided what to do with her.

Crossing his arms over his chest, the Romulan watched the Gorn officer. "What are your duties?" he challenged, since this particular officer didn't seem very forthcoming.

"As Master-at-Arms, my main duties are to maintain the armory, this includes keeping a manifest of all weapons, issuing them to personnel and repairing them when damaged. Assuring all crew phaser certifications are up to date and providing training and testing in said weapons. I also take part in all duties required of Security personnel, such as proving security for away teams and diplomatic missions, sir." Zirra replied.

"Excellent recitation Petty Officer," Lhaes commented dryly, "and how do you intend to providing security and diplomatic missions, without scaring the crew off? How do you plan to be a part of a team, instead of a soloist?"

"I intend to get to know the crew both professionally and socially, so that I will not be so frightening, sir." M'Jart said.

"Good. See to it," Lhaes encouraged, then waved her off. "Carry on."


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