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Rum Runners part II

Posted on Mon Feb 24th, 2020 @ 6:58am by Chief Warrant Officer Qurrac & Lieutenant Sandra Adamson & Lieutenant T'Par & Crewman Recruit Zeria

Mission: Promenade
Location: Various on ship.
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[Sick Bay 1100 Hours]

Qurrac did not wonder into the Sick Bay this day, he had a PADD with the information he required. Knowing what he needed would make this simple. He made his way to the Doc he knew from his initial meeting .

"Lieutenant Adamson, I hope you remember me, Investigations Officer Qurrac?" He offered a hand. "I would like your professional opinion on some data that I have accumulated and need a Medical opinion."

Sandy accepted the hand from the Ferengi. "Yes of course, let me have a look." She reached out for the PADD. "So what do we have here?"

"I have some oddities of consumables being used outside the Food Preparation venue. What could one use Potatoes and Barley and HOPS to create?" He asked. "I also noted processed water in larger quantities being used in Gallon increments that lead not to food or cooling nor any quarters for showers or such?"

Sandy looked to the list before her. "Eh.. I am a surgeon, not a chemist, but I'd say a variety of things. Are you interested in brewing something interesting, chief warrant officer?"

"I tend to trust a kind and genuine face." He said with a grin. "I also like females and will work with them; unlike most of my brethren..." He grinned. "Someone is brewing it and I intend to find out what and whom?" Nodding. "I am the new guy on ship; just out to make friends and do my job Doc-tor."

"Of course," Sandy said. "You know, you should really ask a bartender, maybe an Andorian Aenar bartender." She chuckled. "I know Tarria brewed some of her own things before. And of course she can mix the most amazing cocktails. But hey, she is a bartender, she would know, right? Would you like me to get her on the com for you?"

"You are most kind, thank you." He reply. "Another reason to seek you out, kindness."

"Kindness is free," Sandy said with a smile. She tapped her badge. =/\="Tarria, this Doctor Adamson, could you help me real quick?" =/\=

There was a silence for a moment and then the voice of the Andorian bartender came over the coms, =/\= "Tarria here, what can I do for you, Doctor?" =/\=

Sandy looked a second to the PADD again and then replied =/\= "What could you make with Potatoes, Barley and HOPS?" =/\=

There was a small silence as if Tarria had to think about the question, but they didn't have to wait long. =/\= "Doctor, those ingredients could be used to make either beer or vodka. Any particular reason you want to know this? =/\=

=/\= "Our new ship's resident Investigator wanted to know, I'll let him take it from here." Sandy said looking over to Qurrac.

=/\= "Oh right, tell that Ferengi to come to the lounge soon, he hasn't been in for a drink yet. He is always welcome."=/\= Came the cheerful voice of the Andorian bartender.

=^= "If it is not a problem I shall be there directly."=^= Qurrac confirmed and met Adamson's eyes. =^= As soon as I am done here, Qurrac Out."=^=

Qurrac took her hand and like the Gentlemen of old kissed the knuckle as is the chivilrous thing to do.

"You are too kind." He look more into her eyes. "Thank you for the connection." He straightened. "Though sending me to another wo-man, dare I think I have worn out my welcome?" He winked.

Sandy grinned and said, "No, not at all. But this is a sickbay, and I believe you have an appointment with the bartender. You will find her interesting to talk to. She doubles on the ship as a counselor. Cause people talk better with their bartender rather their counselor, right?"

After a few drinks I am sure she gets to know the patent." Qurrac joked. "It was a pleasure as always." He gently took her hand and kissed the knuckle as Hue-mon gentlemen do before turning to leave.

Sandy chuckled. "Anytime." The Ferengi was somewhat flirty. She better keep an eye on him. But he was very polite though.

[Lounge 1125 hours]

Qurrac made his way to the lounge; it seemed the next step in his Investigation; the Andorian did tend to stand out aside from being at the bar. He took a stool at the end so he could talk more alone with her; placing his PADD on the bar beside him. He put up a hand to get her attention and waited her to come close.

"Miss Tarria, I hope this is a good time as Miss Adamson suggested I come to see you?" He asked just loud enough for her to hear.

Tarria looked around the bar. "Why are you screaming? Lunchtime is not for another 35 minutes. So it's a bit quiet here, aside from that couple at the window." She grinned. "And after 1600 is the busiest. Pooh, don't get me started. Right up till way after midnight." She then tapped her cheek. "Now, let's see, you're a Ferengi, what's your poison? Hmm... you're wearing a starfleet uniform, so want a rootbeer?" She chuckled and then shrugged, "So what can I get you?"

"I thought I was merely loud enough to be heard, sorry for my rudeness." Qurrac replied. "As for the hours of the Lunch rush I came directly here so to catch yo between the proverbial 'rush' of meantime and shift changes." He added."Being on duty and loathing Synthale , an Arnold Palmer very sweet would be most appreciated."

"I didn't suggest you were rude, Qurrac," Tarria said as she opened one of the coolers under the bar and pulled out a pitcher of cold ice tea and a pitcher of lemonade and put it on the bar. She put both drinks in a shaker and mixed the drinks. She then continued filling a glass and put it in front of him. She then put the pitchers back. "So what else can I help you with? Maybe a taste of chef Paddy's lunch. He is in there preparing something now." She pointed over her shoulder.

"Actually I have a question about what kind of consumable; which zi believe is being cooked or processed, I had Hops Potatoes and Barley which could have been processing Beer but the Hops were not continued so I think it is a different alcoholic beverage. Something that is desired and I know that real Beer is easy to make and often processed, so more rare and desired and hard to get."

Tarria would give him another piece of the puzzle he hoped?

[Operations 1420 hours]

Qurrac had a few materials on a list that he found quite strange. Mainly the fact these items were normally used in consumable production; cooking and the like, yet these were not assigned for the Galley.

(5) Gallon Brass container
(20) Feet Copper tubing
(12) Brass fittings
(10) ft clear tubing
Glass Bottles (In 4 bottle mobile containers.)

Thus far nearly 30 of the Glass Mobile container kits have been ordered and none to the Food Preparation facilities.

Qurrac noted these were being replicated by the industrial Replicators; the bulk items were not used for repairs of the ship nor any social gatherings that were on the planning calendar.

He would head to the Operations Section to discover the purpose?

[Promenade 1530]

What interested T'Par more than perhaps anything else was people, other minds. She had always had something of a gift for working through the internal logic of even the most illogical thought process and her curiosity had taken her first to anthropology and then to intelligence. This led to a certain habit of people watching and the Vulcan woman was now gazing intently but emotionlessly at the crowd. No one who did not know Vulcans well would guess her thoughts, thoughts of self-doubt after the last mission. She turned her head just slightly at the Ferengi investigator she had noted passing by throughout the day.

"You are the Vul-can Lt. T'Par if I am correct?" he Bow slightly. "I am Qurrac; Investigations Officer." He gave her a smile. "Might I join you for a moment?"

"You may, Mr. Qurrac," she said. "You are on duty?" For most of the crew, this area might be more recreational but she imagined a investigators duties would often take him to this part of the station.

"Investigations never rest." Qurrac smiled. "They do take breaks but not one to have set hours." He took the seat. "Plus I do like it here as a place to have stimulating conversations." He nod to her. "Or just relax and observe perhaps; get a pulse of the crew and such?"

T'Par nodded and brought her tea to her lips. "Always keep your ears open. That is the Seventh Rule, is it not?"

"I think you and I will be very good together; we have an understanding of... viewpoints." He complemented. "I hear you have very acute research skills, would you be willing to share those with some of my investigations?"

"That should create no conflict," she noted.

"I do not like conflict." Qurrac added. "I like to think I am a friendly per son and easy to talk with." He shrugged. "Provided you are not involved with a crime; then I am not so... nice." He nod to her. "I offer my humble skills to the Intel Department should you need someone to do 'Footwork' type investigation of suspicions."

"Not that sort of conflict," T'Par. "It would be no conflict with my current duties. What are you working on?"

"I have come across some replications items that are not ordinary or standard." He gave her the padd with the items he found a mystery. (Items listed above) "These items alone might be harmless but I find that something is being created and there is no evidence of the missing gallon containers. I have been patrolling the decks with a Tricorder keyed to the glass container shape and indeity matrix but they are not on the ship. I believe it is being transferred off the ship but there is no record of them being shipped anywhere else?" He explained. "With the consumable items from hydroponics I can only presume it is a consumable product?"

"Roughly 3.79 liters," was T'Par's first and rather Vulcan response to the mention of the gallon containers even as she took the padd and examined it carefully. "That assumption may be premature," she said thoughtfully. "Biomatter is a component in some explosives. It might also be being used in an unauthorized scientific experiment of some kind. If it is consumable, it might not be consumed directly by a crew member. An unauthorized animal might be being kept. Logically, many possibilities remain open. However, I notice all of the food items are of Earth origin? Perhaps a good starting point would to look into traditional Earth uses for these items?"

"I have consulted with a doctor and the Lounge Bartender." Qurrac said. "It has been suggested that a type of Alcohol; very high proof and to a degree that it is combustible yet it is desired for some reason.I find humanoids have the oddest tastes in possible beverages."

"That violates any number of regulations," T'Par notes placidly, "and yet is likely not a great threat unless one of the parties involved arrives on his or her duty shift inebriated."

"That is where I find the 'hole' in the process; that volume of whatever it may be is not being regulated or registered moving about the ship nor exported yet there have been a small flow of part requisitions being filled and not by the usual OPS network. I have a suspicion based on missing volume and unusual parts being imported." Qurrac suggested. "I thought you might have resources to verify this better than I?"

"Perhaps a few," she conceded. "Starfleet Intelligence likes to keep a finger on what happens under the table or through back channels." She paused. "I'm reluctant to bring the full force of that to bear here. We ignore a lot that might be of interest to a security officer so we won't lose sight of a channel that might give us information on a more serious threat. However, I will see what I can find out."

"Any information you can help with will be most appreciated." Qurac said with a slight bow of the head. "I have an idea of what it might be but the markets; a star ship moves and for it to be trade-able in several venues means the consumable is not easy to come by and others know it; I believe 'Rare Spirits; as Hue-Mons call it would be a place to start?"

"A logical starting point," she agreed. "I'll see what I can find out."

"I do thank you for the support." Qurrac said as he started to rise. "It was a pleasure planning jobs with you, I look forward to working with you."

"Likewise," she answered him.

Qurrac felt he had enough to report his investigation officially and with a little help even close it soon.



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