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Meeting the new Chief of Security

Posted on Tue Sep 28th, 2021 @ 4:17am by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Andrew Callaghan

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Security Office
Timeline: Current
1121 words - 2.2 OF Standard Post Measure

With the shifting of Lhaes to being the Chief of Medical, Lily caught wind of a new security chief and decided she wanted to meet him. She wandered to the security office where Lhaes once claimed as his own, and pressed the chime. It was early enough in the day for him to perhaps be there, or.. he may be back on the station to get some extra R and R. She'll soon find out, and pressed the chime once more.

Andrew looked up from the door, half expecting Megan even though he knew better. "Enter," he called out. As the doors opened to reveal a mid-twenties human female, he quickly scanned the face, "Lieutenant Lily Marlow, I don't believe we've met yet. What brings you to my office?" He stood as he greeted the woman. One of the first tasks he undertook after arriving was to look over the crew manifest, and as he would be contacted to medical; well he started there.

Lily smiled. "Yup that's me." she answered then continued. "Well, I heard we had a new chief of security so I came to meet you. Normally, I would be bringing a small satchel with fresh fruits from my Aunt's farm but, I forgot the bag." giving a bit of an apologetic shrug. "It was something that I did when I first arrived on this ship."

"That is a very sweet gesture," he smiled, "my wife tells me I need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but that might be the Doctor in her." He set the padd, that was in his hands down, "so what can I do for you, Lieutenant?" he asked.

Lily's eyes widened, and she quickly brought out her own PADD to check on newly incoming medical personnel. "Oh my word, I am so sorry, I've not checked the roster as of late. Good thing I'm not the CMO anymore. I can't believe I hadn't noticed this. I need to up my game on being an Assistant CMO." she blew a puff of air to get a stray lock of hair out of her eyes. "What is your wife's name?"

"Megan DuBois," he replied, "and its no a big deal, she did just transfer in. Our transfer here was a bit unexpected and last minute so she would be understanding." He left out the part about her being rather pregnant. He wanted to ignore the platitudes that came after the revelation was typically made.

Lily had gotten to Megan's records saw something there, then closed it up. "Well I am certain Megan will be a welcome addition to the crew." giving a nod. "I'll probably be seeing her later on or even Dr. Sommers. Just for the normal physical that sort of thing. I am sure that you will be getting your physical at a later date. And that isn't why I am here though." Lily paused for a moment then continued. "I am needing some perspective on a matter, I am looking for a woman whom I thought was dead, but now it has come up that she might be still alive. Do you think there is a way for me to track her down? "

"There is always a way to track someone down," Andrew admitted, "even those who don't want to be found, can in time be found. But, it takes work, patience, and a lot of time. Who is the woman, is this my first question? And secondly, was dead but isn't dead and you wanna find her?" He folded his arms, "seems a bit strange and definitely leads to a few more questions."

Lily nodded, "Hence the reason why I came to talk to you. The woman's name is Annabelle Trevor, well that was her name when I knew her. She was my best friend from grade school into college. We were room-mates, in college. Sisters from different mothers and fathers so to speak. Anyway, 10 years ago I witnessed what I thought was her death. Her cabin in the woods blew up, unfortunately I had been caught in the outer blast area. Next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital to the knowledge my best friend was dead. And I saw it happen." she sat back in her chair. "And here is where things get weird, I had gone into see the counselor feeling like I was losing my mind. Getting headaches and strange dreams and being angry at my dead friend, Annabelle. During the counseling, it was came to light there were memories that had been blocked in my mind and they ended up surfacing. Its a tangled mess that is for certain."

"I'm not a counselor, can't help with the memories and dreams," Andrew implied, "but finding out information shouldn't be too hard. After my shift, I can see what I can do. I will need anything you can remember about her. Assignments, family anything that we might be able to use to track her down. In the meantime, I will see what is listed in the Federation database and dig into this cabin explosion. As they say on Earth, shake the tree a bit and see what falls out."

"And see how many nuts fall out of it?" Lily remarked, with a slow grin. "I do appreciate you doing this. And also hate the fact of I feel like I am giving you a bit of extra work. It's just disconcerting though, to find out that something was amiss, and I didn't know until now." Lily stated. "I will get the information together for you and thankfully with us still at the station it will be easier to compile all of that."

"Sounds like a plan," Andrew replied, "and don't worry about the extra works, it's all a part of the job. Get together what you can and I will see what nuts," he chuckled, "I can find."

"Okay, I will do that and get that information back to you. And thank you once again, also for not thinking me to be crazy as to my request." Lily stated with a light laugh. "I might have thought myself to be slightly crazy in this." giving a slight shrug.

"No problem Lieutenant," Andrew smiled, "I tend to think everyone's crazy, it's easier that way." He smiled, "if there is nothing else you need, sadly I have a meeting in about twenty minutes. When you get time, send me anything you can think of and I will try to figure out this mystery."

"Okay thank you and I will definitely get the information to you as well." Lily rising up from her chair. "You have a wonderful day." with that she proceeded out of the office.



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