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Going Full Circle

Posted on Tue Jan 18th, 2022 @ 3:06pm by Lieutenant Hadir Prenar

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Various
Timeline: One week before the Majestic's arrival at Starbase 308
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It had been quite the journey for Hadir as he travelled from Empok Nor aboard the runabout Hudson. The Cardassian was quite saddened to be taken from his beloved homeworld he was also unsure of his future in Starfleet. However, Starfleet thought it was time and he was no longer needed to mend the path between Starfleet and Cardassia. Thusly duty called… He was to take up the post of Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Majestic. This was a position that Hadir was all too familiar with. Although he did not like that there were less pips on his collar. Most recently being the station Empok Nor. He rubbed his bleary eyes as he felt that he had been cooped up in this tin can for long enough. "Can’t this thing go any faster…" Hadir meant that to be internal but he said it aloud.

"What’s that?" Cordeck the Edosian pilot said as he turned to face Hadir. "Sorry nothing. How long until we reach Starbase 308?" Hadir asked as he sipped a glass of kanar. "We are dropping out of warp now sir... And there she is." Cordeck replied as he used his three hands to manipulate the console. In a flash of blue the runabout dropped from warp and the Starbase loomed in all her glory.

When Hadir hailed the station he had been informed that the Majestic was detained on mission and would be there in a few days. He was invited to come stay on the station and wait for his ship. Hadir was not sure how well he would be received among the people of the colony. He was ever worried about how people felt toward Cardassians and did not want to cause a problem. He decided that it would be best to stay in guest quarters and not venture too far. He said good bye to the Edosian and beamed away with his belongings.

Hadir woke up in his quarters at the station. He had not even bothered unpacking as to him efficiency was the name of the game. When he arrived a week ago, he knew that he would be boarding a ship which had a mission to patrol and maintain peace with his homeland and his people as well as continue the tradition of exploration. He wondered and hoped that his father had given up the chase. This was not just any ship but the USS Majestic, a ship whose reputation preceded her. He was to serve as the Chief Intelligence Officer. This ship and its commander and its crew were now his for the defending, and if there was anything a Cardassian was good at it was defending what he thought to be his.

The delay aboard the Station was because he had to wait for his official orders and the ship to catch up with him. However, this time waiting had given him the chance to research his new ship and her Commander. Hadir had never met Captain Rutherford but he was hoping that he would be more forgiving than his last commanding officer was. The last Captain that Hadir served under hated him as apparently the Cardassians killed his son during the Dominion War. All of this as well as the anticipation of what was to come ran through Hadir's head while he donned his uniform for duty. Just as he finished getting dressed, the computer reported that his orders were in. Hadir read aloud "By order Starfleet Command: Lieutenant Hadir Prenar is hereby ordered to report to Captain Elijah Rutherford for duty aboard the USS Majestic as the Ship's Chief Intelligence Officer. As of Stardate 64411.9." A smirk crawled across Hadir's face: "Finally, no more waiting..." he said aloud.

Lieutenant Prenar made his way from his guest Quarters to the USS Majestic’s airlock. As he walked down the corridor, approaching the airlock the Cardassian stopped and looked at the Majestic Class vessel through the window. It was sleek which meant it was highly maneuverable... for lack of a better word Hadir could only think that this ship was one beautiful woman. "Chek tasbreyet'U; haz kriyet'U. Hintik USS Majestic (What does not kill, strengthens. To your health USS Majestic,)" he said aloud. After these thoughts and filled with anticipation for this new journey. Hadir boards proceeds through the airlock to the USS Majestic.

On the other side of the airlock was his new home, perhaps his only home and Hadir knew it. He made his way to his quarters on Deck 3. Unpacked and settled in he took the time to familiarize himself with the crew of his new assignment in particular his Captain. As he looked over the crew list he noticed the diversity. This was a good sign that perhaps the old prejudices against his people would not be present. If they were Hadir knew that he would overcome them as he had on all of his assignments.

After he placed, the last piece of his personal belongings right where he wanted it, and finished his crew review he figured now was as good as a time as any to report to his new commanding officer. He addressed the computer: "Computer locate Captain Rutherford." "Captain Rutherfird is on the bridge." The monotone yet soft voice responded."

He looked in the mirror to make sure that his uniform was just right, and then began to walk to the Turbolift. As he stepped in he could not help but feel nervous about meeting his new Captain. Hadir Prenar did not know what the future held. However, he did know that he was about to begin a new chapter in his life. He also knew that an old chapter was overdue to end.

Lieutenant Hadir Prenar
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Majestic


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