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Posted on Tue Feb 22nd, 2022 @ 9:52am by Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Sick Bay - Deck 8
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Cardassians were nothing if not thorough. Hadir had checked in with the Captain and now he wanted to get the other half of administrative work underway. So directly he made his way to Sick Bay. As he stepped in he ducked his head and looked around at the facility. Thankfully it was empty of patients. In the moment as he stood there he realized that he was not sure who to look for, or who to approach for a physical.

Though his looks were very deceiving, a very young looking Romulan approached the new arrival. They had long since sized him up, ever since he set foot in the medical facility, which was an old habit he couldn't shake. "Lieutenant Prenar I presume?" he asked as he stepped up to the grey clad Cardassian. "I am Doctor Sommers." A Human sounding name, to someone who clearly was not Human and who was not offering his hand in greeting. "Please, this way..." He gestured to one of the vacant diagnostic beds.

Hadir took a seat on the bed indicated. "Thank you Doctor. I am indeed Lieutenant Prenar reporting for my physical. I figure I should hurry up and get it over with. So you don't have to hunt me down." He chuckled at the joke.

"My hunting days are over," Lhaes reassured him with a smile, "at least I should hope so. I've been in intelligence for most of my career, but I find being a doctor far more satisfying..." He chuckled, "and safer, for myself and my family. Did you bring a family with you?"

Hadir had a smile on his face, thus far the conversation was light hearted and he rather enjoyed the fact that the ship's doctor came from intelligence. However, all of that changed when the idea of family was mentioned. The smile immediately left his face, and his pale skin went paler if that was possible. Just as quickly as that change had happened Hadir swallowed the feeling down and reverted back to his normal self. "No Doctor, I sadly have no family. However, I am sure the right lady is out there."

Lhaes sensed the change in mood and wondered what sparked that. "That's what I used to think too," he admitted, "but after having been left thrice, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm not sure I can put my children through having another prospect mother only for them to be abandoned yet again. Do you think it's your work in intelligence that keeps you from forming relationships?" He paused, treading carefully. "Or that you are Cardassian? I suspect you've encountered just as much prejudice over who you are, as I have?"

Hadir thought for a moment at the response he would give. He knew that the only reason he had not met anyone as of yet was that he was afraid of what would happen to that person. Hadir's father was still out there searching for a way to get even, to get revenge. "No I jus think I have had not met anyone that interests me as of yet. You may not know this about Cardassians but we need a mate who can compete verbally with us. I have yet to meet a woman who was up to the challenge." Hadir's smile broadened.

"Who knows," the Romulan smiled in return. "I hope you'll have better luck than I had so far. And I wouldn't mind learning more about Cardassians either, especially from a medical point of view. Is there anything I should take into account? Anything your species is sensitive to, or really should be given instead of the standard well....medications?"

"Cardassians are cold blooded and typically like things exceptionally warm and dim. I have taught myself to tolerate the temperature and lighting that is standard on a starship. However, I keep things much different in my quarters. When severely injured my people have been known to enter a hibernation like state which allows the body to heal. As for medications I can take the standard as anyone else. No known allergies and such." Hadir replied. He was not surprised by the Doctor's question. Hadir knew that due to Cardassian secrecy very little was known medically about his people.

"Warm, dim and hibernation..." Lhaes nodded in understanding. "see, those are useful things to know for a physician. Your hibernation, is that comparable to the Vulcan tow-kath? The healing fever?" He considered the Cardassian's words. "How do you cope in colder environments, such as possible away missions? Do you need anything in preparation for such an event? Anything medical can provide for you when that occurs?"

"No nothing from medical, if I were assigned to an away mission to a harsh cold environ I would simply make sure that I dressed accordingly. As for how we fair in colder environs pretty much like any other humanoid. Cardassians have perfected a type of weaving in cloth that actually reacts to your body temperature, keeping you warm when needed and the such. This weaving is incorporated in the specially crafted uniforms that I wear..." Hadir replied he was happy that someone had taken an interest in his people that went beyond the occupation. Even if it were professional curiosity. "As for the hibernation, yes you can say it is similar to the tow-kath. The only difference being that the Carassian hibernation is not a trance, it is more like a coma than a trance like state."

"Special fabric?" Lhaes seemed surprised."is that something that other species can use as well?" He glanced over the other's uniform and reached out to touch it. "May I?"

"Sure... it is simply made with an extra layer of insulation. Allows me to keep warm when needed. Most of the time I do not need it as you seen one Class M world you have seen them all..." Hadir laughed before he continued. "It is the rare time that I do not have to go to a Class M world that gets me. The other part that is specially crafted is the collar. Lets just say that the uniform was not designed with a Cardassian neck in mind."

The Romulan chuckled. "Or any other alien with deviating body measurements," he agreed, nodding towards the other alien. "I suppose you always need a spare uniform no matter what. There's no borrowing someone else's jacket." He tilted his head a fraction. "Is there anything else you'd wish to share, or that I need to know? Any questions you have for me?"

"Nah, Doc I think I am ok. That is if you give me the clean bill of health." Hadir responded. He wondered how someone made the leap from Intelligence to Medicine. However, he knew that Intel took its people from all walks of life so it would not be far fetched. For now his curiosity would have to wait, as there is a time an place for everything.

"You seem as fit as the proverbial fiddle," Lhaes smiled, closing his tricorder. "You're free to go, lieutenant."

"Thanks Doc and with all due respect I hope I do not have to see your office any time soon." Hadir said with a smile and hopped off the bio bed. As he headed for the door he thought that since his arrival on the Majestic he met a fair number of interesting people. Perhaps he really had found a home.

"At least not here in sickbay, with you as patient," the Romulan agreed with a smile, then waved him off. "Go on, have fun. Explore the ship," he teased. "I'm sure we meet again, sometime."

Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Hadir Prenar
Chief Intelligence Officer


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