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Posted on Fri Jul 15th, 2022 @ 7:51pm by Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Crewman Stef & Lieutenant Jasmine (Pratchett) Rutherford

Mission: A Day In The Life
Location: Childcare area
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It was time to drop the children off at the daycare as Jasmine had some counseling appointments. She looked at her two children and gave a fond smile.

"You get to see your friends Today, are you excited?" reaching out to touch her children's cheeks. Both of them nodded gleefully.

"I don't want to," Alecx whined as his father set him down onto his feet. The three year old was still technically not of a school age in Human terms, but as a Vulcan Stef felt it was better to start him as early as possible. And now, with having had months time to get used to Starship life (again, when it came to himself) it was time to set him up for school. Usually, Stef had just left Alecx in the arboretum to safely roam around or he'd taken him to the office the brief minutes he actually spent there if at all.

Stef sighed and glanced at the other parents. "Do not make such a fuss Alecx, see there are other children too. And it is not the first time you have spent time at the daycare facility either..."

"Alecx! you are here!" Priscilla bouncing up and down excitedly. "I am glad to see you!" giggling in delight. "Mama mama see its my friend!"

"Hey he's my friend too!" her brother protested. "Hey Alecx!"

Jasmine looked at Stef with a smile. "Good to see you." giving him a nod.

Stef smiled back as he nudged his son forward to go play with the twins. "Jasmine," he greeted in return.

At that point two girls came in, holding a younger boy by the hand between them. Behind them walked their father, watching the trio like a hawk. To an outsider, the man might be perceived as over protective, the way he hovered around his offspring. Lhaes gave a quick nod towards the captain's yeoman, then offered a smile towards the captain's wife. "Good morning," he greeted pleasantly.

"A pleasure to see you, Commander Sommers." Jasmine greeted him. "Looks like we've arrived around the same time." giving light laugh, "May I be introduced to your lovely family?"

"Lhaes," the Romulan corrected her, "I'm not yet on duty." He gestured at the girls in turn. At first sight they were identical but obviously Lhaes could tell them apart easily enough. "Liviana and Evaste," he said, then ruffled the boy's hair. "And this rascal is Galan." He nodded to the younger twins. "And yours?"

"Matthew and Priscilla" Jasmine giving a fond smile at her two children. She looked back at Lhaes and Stef, While the kids get settled, do you both have time for some tea or a snack or something of that nature?"

"I do," Lhaes answered as he watched the children run off together.

"Unfortunately, I do not," Stef answered apologetically, "there are sick animals to tend to, and the birds in the arboretum need checking up on. We do not want their population to go out of control."

Jasmine nodded, "Then thank you for stopping by to chat, and Lhaes and I will visit whilst we have something to eat." She didn't mind, and it would be good to get to know the CMO. Especially since they will be working together.

"That is acceptable," the young Vulcan answered, offering a slight nod before departing.

"The arboretum does make a lovely place to eat," Lhaes noted as he watched the younger man leave, "not so much for my pets to roam though. The poultry gets upset if they go there." He smiled ruefully at the woman. "What did you have in mind for food?"

"Well what are you in the mood for? I can go with something fried. On occasion I indulge in fried chicken. Some will say that it isn't good for you but an occasional indulgence is one to satisfy cravings. And one can get cravings for something even though they are not pregnant." giving a laugh.

"That does sound Nice, i don't think I've ever indulged. As long as it doesn't contain any dairy I should be safe," the Romulan smiled, "or any alcoholic beverages. As for pregnancy, I'll take your word for it, as I don't believe I will ever go through such a condition myself. As my first mate was Vulcan and my second mate Romulan, I don't recall them ever having had cravings."

'It depends on the species, now as for the fried chicken. There is some made without dairy some with. Either way, lets get some fried chicken along with something else to go with it." Jasmine replied, leading the way.

Once they were settled at a table that over looked the atrium, Jasmine looked at Lhaes. "How you faring with your kids? "

"Quite well, I'm used to balancing home life with duty, as I've really never done any other way," the Romulan answered. "When the twins were born, my mate up and left right after giving birth. I have spent time trying to find her but after a while I had no choice but conclude that she just didn't wish to be found and I felt I needed to respect that. When Galan was born, we actually felt that we'd do right by the children but suddenly my wife found herself recalled to Romulan space and she felt it safer to leave our son with me. Breaking all ties was safer for her, and for us since I can never go back to Romulan space. Though fractured as a people, I am a wanted man there." He paused as he looked out over the atrium, then back at Jasmine. "And right now I don't really want to discuss my last marriage, I really ever only wanted my children to be happy, and have a mother in their lives."

Jasmine nodded, "don't worry I won't ask you about your last marriage, that will be left for you to decide if or when you want to talk about it. And I can understand you having the desire to have a stable relationship and mother figure for your children. Have you thought of seeing a marriage broker or even find a nanny for the kids for now? This is due to you being in the medical field. Yes we do have a good day care facility but, that doesn't take the place of having someone there with the kids. For them to be in their own home where they are comfortable."

"I've been using a holonanny for a very long time, when it was necessary. I'm not sure what you mean with marriage broker..." Lhaes seemed confused at that suggestion. "If I ever marry again," he added slowly, "because I'm not sure if I will. I'm sure if my girls need a role model, there are plenty of females on this vessel they could choose from?"

"A marriage broker is like a matchmaker, someone who helps another person find someone they could be with. And yes your girls can find someone to be their role model, to be a surrogate mother that sort of thing." Jasmine replied. "It was just a query."

Lhaes nodded in understanding. "I think... I'm not doing too badly on my own, and after having my heart broken three times, I believe it's time to think of my family first for a while, instead of my own desires." He smiled a little, though it didn't reach his light eyes. "If I'm meant to spend my life with someone, I'm sure it'll happen, when life is ready. The funny thing is...people had advised me against this particular marriage, and I refused to listen."

"Were you, desperate at the time when you married your most recent lady? How long did you know her before you two were married?" Jasmine was interested in his answer.

"I don't know if I was desperate..." He thought about it for a moment. "I was under the influence of some kind of device at the time, which did influence my feelings. However what I felt was genuine, perhaps my decision was too hasty. We did part in good terms, and there are no hard feelings. And it was, in retrospect, very awkward to have a stepdaughter who was several years my senior...and who was also my captain." He paused again, taking a moment to sip his drink. "I hadn't known her for that long at all... Days, maybe?"

Jasmine's eyes widened slightly, "That certainly does sound like an awkward situation you were in. Well , if there is another chance someday you find someone who strikes your interest, hopefully it will happen in a more natural way. I will say this though you are wise in wanting to take things slow in life and enjoy your family."

"Perhaps some day," he agreed. "I am still considered to be young, I am in no hurry. And my family does come first. Time goes too fast as it is, I still recall the time my girls were still infants, and I an extremely inexperienced single parent. All I want, is to do right by them."

"That's about all you really work towards, do right by your kids and do the best you can. In one blink it seems that they are no longer the little ones who you want to hold and cuddle to them wanting to explore and see the wonder of where they are at. The innocence, the desire to play and have fun." Jasmine chuckled.

"That's pretty much where the girls are now... though they still come to cuddle, they also want to explore. I just need someone to help them with the uhm....girl things?" Lhaes shrugged, almost helplessly. "I'm still a man, there will be things I won't be able to help them with, and being the best at doing braids won't help with that."

"If you need some help in the feminine department, you can ask me for help. And being the best hair braider is actually a big plus." Jasmine smiling. "The other things though as I said, I'm willing to help out here."

"I really appreciate that." He cast her a most grateful smile. "The girls would likely love that too." He grinned. "Yes that actually does seem to be a the girls did brag about it and I've had other fathers ask for help on that once in a while. I'm hardly the only single father out here, and often, I do wonder how single mothers do all this by themselves."

"From what I have been told and have observed, its a challenge, much like the single fathers. The single mothers have their hands full if they have boys to raise." Jasmine replied with a smile.

"And I have both," the Romulan chuckled, "I suppose I should be grateful they show no telepathic talent just yet, though the girls are half Vulcan..." He paused. "I probably should find them a Vulcan tutor soon to help them with their control. Not that I want them to exhibitil emotional control but they should at least learn how to develop their telepathy if any, right?"

Jasmine nodded, " That sounds like a rather wise decision." she thought over it, "We can look around in the crew to see who can help out with this." She mused.

"There's bound to be telepaths willing to help right? Especially Vulcans? A Vulcan would be best, probably..." He sighed. "I just wish I learned things at this young an age, but my telepathy wasn't discovered until my early twenties. Perk of being raised by Betazoids and the general assumption Romulans aren't telepathic, right?"

"I do question your comment about general assumption about Romulans not being telepathic. It is something I feel is a given. Romulans have that capability much like Vulcans do. And one telepathic race will know of another race having that ability. " Jasmine commented.

"It is a correct assumption," Lhaes countered, "after the Romulan people diverged from the Vulcan people, telepathy was less used. The Remans did remain telepathic, but the Romulans didn't. To be telepathic is a rarity I've learned, and almost a sure bet to be recruited if not drafted by the Tal Shiar." He paused. "I don't know why my telepathic ability wasn't discovered sooner, as I grew up with Betazoids, I still assume that they just didn't realize it. Either that, or it manifested late, I honestly don't know."

Jasmine nodded, "Now I recall that, there was a purge of those with telepathic abilities. Is that practice still being done?" her history of other races was starting to come back to her.

"Insofar I know, those with telepathic ability are recruited by the Tal Shiar. I consider it likely that those who refuse, are indeed purged, along with their parents. I'm fortunate my birth parents were diplomats, though they were murdered when I was six years old. I was adopted by a Betazoid couple but when I was in my early twenties, I was taken by a Romulan team, and forced to train as one of their agents. I am lucky I did escape with my life and it's not something I have pleasant memories of." He shook his head, trying to force the edge of anxiety and anger from his voice. "Anyway....I'm here now, and I am loyal to Starfleet, always have been, always will be. I just want what's best for my girls, and my son though I'm not sure if he'll have any telepathic talent. But the girls are half Vulcan, they will have."

"That will be interesting to see the developments with your children." Jasmine replied. "And I can help you out if you so desire it." She added. A beep came from her communication device, "Well it looks like I am needed to get to my office. Have someone who has an appointment. Care to get together for coffee once more so to speak?"

"Certainly. I should head back to sickbay myself....just in case." He gave her a too innocent smile. "Coffee.... unofficial or official get together?"

Jasmine laughed. "We can leave our professional hats when we get together for coffee. Unless you absolutely need my 'professional' help." giving a wink. "This was certainly lovely. You have a good day, Lhaes." rising up from her seat to make her exit.


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