Three Parts Make A Whole (Part 2)

Posted on Wed Jul 27th, 2022 @ 1:00pm by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich & Lieutenant T'Par & Lieutenant JG Siora Carberos & Lieutenant JG Orin Sempton

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Cargo Bay
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The Guardian was in semi slumber mode, a strange metallic being which looked like a small dragon. When he heard the cargo bay door open and some voices coming in to where he was at, he raised his head small billows of steam rising from his mouth and nostrils. "I have visitors?" moving his head towards the group who had arrived.

"Hello Guardian, we've come to see you." Lily remarked.

Just then there is the shimmering effect of the stasis chamber as it arrived via transporter. This caught Guardian's attention. "is everything alright? Where is... Orin? And who are those with you, Lily?" Guardian asked. Then he paused, "I recognize T'par."

"And the others are, Dominic, and Siora. " Lily deciding to just say their first names.

Guardian gave a nod towards those Lily introduced.

"I hope you are well, Guardian," T'Par said.

Siora smiled at the Guardian, "It is nice to meet you." She said simply and gave a little bow of respect .

Guardian nodded, "Tell me this, what brings all of you to see me? Is there something I can help you with?" his gaze looked over towards Orin, "Have you brought the history information that you have promised?" a puff of steam, then he looked over to the others. "it has been peaceful yet, I feel I am lonely, at a crossroads of a sort. No... direction." he lowered his head down to the deck.

"I actually have brought them, as promised." Orin told him, while juggling a set of PaDDs. "I asked on your behalf, and received permission from the Captain to share with you all of my historical data. I couldn't figure out where to start, so I went to the beginning of hominids and Australopithecine and went from there." He set the stacks down next to Guardian. "The general history of humanity spanning Millions of years. Though, I apologize, as I never asked the easiest way to disseminate the information to you."

He looked over to the others, and looked back at Guardian, giving an embarrassed cough. "A-Also, yes, we have some more questions for you, if you're up to it?"

Guardian lifted his head and looked towards Orin, " I have a... port where a connection can be made. It is behind my left shoulder. You have my permission to make the connection." then he also added, "Ask your questions and if I know the answer I will answer." he also looking at the rest that were there.

Dominic looked on as Orin stepped forward. There was still so much they didn't know about this being and internally he was wrestling with the competing desires for scientific discovery and threat assessment. While he had real reason at the moment to be concerned for the latter, he'd seen enough in his career to be cautious; perhaps overly so.

Lily looked over to Siora, " Do you want to go have a look at Guardian? He is friendly, he's not attacked us and he is protective of others."

Guardian looked over towards Lily, then to Siora. "You do have my permission to examine me. If you so desire."

Siora approached the individual and poked him. "You are softer than I imagined, for a giant talking metal lizard." she said as she continued to caress the feeling of the beings 'skin'.

The scales ruffled just a small amount and it almost sounded like Guardian was purring.

Lily chuckled softly. "I take it you are enjoying that caress?"

Guardian replied. "Obviously I do like it. I've not experienced that before. Most people seem to want to avoid the contact. Possibly thinking I am a monster."

"It's a Primal Fear response." Chimed Orin, connecting the PaDDs in sequence, and plugging them into Guardian's datajack. "All creatures have a fear of the Dark Forest, a fear programmed into us on a subconscious level going back to when we were..." he stopped and mumbled for a minute, scratching his chin, while his eyes cycled side to side as if reading. "Primitive isn't nicest word. Autochthonous? No, improper usage. Antediluvian is right out..." He looked up. "Less advanced then we are now. A fear of the unknown and things that would cause us harm." His face tightened in a grimace. "Not to say you would harm us, of course."

"Not for me." Siora admitted. "I like diving right in... obviously not on top of you Mr Guardian Lizard sir." She kept stroking his scales out of awkward habit now before removing her hand. "I don't know what this Dark Forest is, but would you not just bring light with you?" She asked shaking her head a little at her own question. "Cyborgs, assimilation... now those are things I fear." She admitted.

Orin nodded. "And with good reason. But the Dark Forest isn't a real place, it's an abstract thought. Not a lightless place, but an unknown one." Orin's voice took the almost monotone cadence of a lecturer. "Terran ancestors, The Australopithecines and aboriginal Homo sapiens, were pack creatures as there was safety in numbers. We were the hunted as much as the hunter. So we built bands and tribes to find safety from the dangers of the forest, where death was in and around every tree and unknown step. And with each technological advance, came a new dark place to fear; From the forest, to the oceans, under the ground, the sky and now space. But we still harbor that fear, that little voice in the subconscious that screams for us to run. To survive." He finished and turned to the others, realizing quickly what he'd done and blushing a bright crimson in embarrassment. "S-s-sorry. I didn't mean to l-lecture."

Siora chuckled softly. "It's okay, I do like a history lesson from time to time and what you say makes sense about the Terran people." she nodded. Turning to the Guardian, "Can you tell me where you are from? Who created you?" she asked.

Lily was listening to what Orin had said, giving a small smile, then walked over to make contact with Guardian. "His scales are rather soft."

Guardian answered Siora. "I am not certain where I am from nor who created me. You, Orin, T'par Lily and Dominic are here to figure that one out-" he abruptly stopped as the information that Orin had provided started to filter through his data jack. "I am based off of a dragon?" his voice sounding surprised. "A mythical creature? But wait they are not necessarily mythical are they?"

"I don't know what a dragon is..." Siora shrugged, "But your likeness must have been based from something. Imagination can only take someone so far, and it helps to have a base to draw inspiration from. I remember the Yber species being quite scaly like yourself, however they were not as soft to touch."

"Yber..." the dragon tilted his head slightly, as if to access his thoughts. "That sounds... familiar. Can't quite mesh with that though." he looked over to regard Dominic. "Any thoughts, you might have?" he then turned to the others, "What about you Orin, do you have thoughts about Dragons?"

Lily was quiet once more as she regarded and assessed the conversation with Guardian, then she spoke, " said there was an amulet that someone has?"

Guardian nodded, "yes... I can feel it..." he replied. "I think he has it.." nodding towards Dominic. "I can feel something coming from it..." he closes his eyes as he seemed to try to gain information through the air. "I can't access it, not yet."

Dominic raised an eyebrow, "I don't know much in the way of dragons outside of lore and myth, Guardian. I'm sorry I can't give you much in terms of that, but," Dominic said as he pulled out the item in question, "what do you mean you can 'feel' something from this?"

"A memory, just niggling at the back of my mind. There seems to be a... energy that is reaching out? Did Oz have that item previously?" he looked towards those in attendance with him. "When on Adna, Oz had been utilizing it almost as if..." he paused as the history details that were being downloaded into his mind, were beginning to take hold. "as if it were like a piece of magic."

He commented to Siora, "Your people, they have... natural phenomena. Or was that elves."

Lily's eyebrows rose with surprise, It seemed like Guardian's mind was starting to awaken.

Orin pushed up his glasses and rubbed at his eyes. "Dragons, elves, magic... I almost feel like we never left Adna." He dropped the glasses back on his nose. "But just about every Terran culture had a story about 'Great Lizards' better known colloquially as dragons, magic could just be technology we've yet to understand and elves..." He trailed off. "Well, Pointed ears, long lifespans and incredibly stoic personalities sound very Vulcan, or possibly Arretan."

"We do have a connection to the Earth, the universe as a whole Guardian, yes. We have a difference perception of the universe, time and all that flows around us." Siora admitted albeit a bit hesitantly. "Originally my people could perform great feats akin to what people might perceive as magic... then there are those imps, the Q." she rolled her eyes. "We too have long lifespans. We are not as stoic in some cases and by all accounts I have nice cute ears with no sharp edges but there are a lot of similarities I have seen in Terran literature on elven people that are very close to my own peoples."

Lily gave a shudder when Adna was mentioned, that was still an experience she wasn't going to ever forget. "Yes, Adna, horrible experience." She looked over to where Siora was. "El Aurians, makes you wonder if that was what the Elves were based off of. I think you stated that was a possibility, then there are the Vulcan's. So much that has been brought up in legends and myths."

Guardian huffed slightly. "I do not want to ever go back to Adna station. I want freedom." he looked once more towards Dominic. "The medallion please, I want to go home, find my home. Find where I can be." he looked back at Orin. "My friend you have helped me especially. And the others as well."

"My limited understanding of Earth mythology is that both pointed ears and stoic demeanors were later editions to the portrayal of elfs," T'Par noted. "However, there are real animals known to our science on Berengaria VII which bear a striking resemblance to the European dragon of Earth legend."

"Berengaria VII, I will keep that in mind." then his attention went back to Dominic. "Shall we find out what that amulet will do? Perhaps it will help to heal my memory and we find where myself and the holo companions will be going to be free." Guardian remarked.

Dominic thumbed the amulet and nodded, "Very well." He held it out for Guardian to take. "Let's see what we can find out."

Guardian accepted the amulet, gingerly taking it from Dominic's hand and placed it against his chest, a small portion of the scales upon his chest opened and a spot where the amulet could be placed appeared. His eyes glowed gold, as well as the gems in the amulet. Then Guardian's eyes changed colors to that of a bluish hue and above his head a holographic image appeared, showing a configuration of stars, and coordinates. "Home that is where home is. Not on any star charts recorded." Guardian intoned. "Hidden from view of those who may wish to destroy." he turned his gaze back to the others as the bluish light faded away to his more normal eyes.

Orin began rubbing his left hand, remembering the pain. "H-h-h-h-idd-d-den?" He manged to choke out through the shaking and sweating. A fear response to an old memory. He could hear the screaming and smell smoke and sulfur. See that planet dying as if it was happening again. Breathe. he told himself, closing his eyes In, hold, out, hold. After a few seconds, the shaking stopped and he was again calm. "How was the planet hidden Guardian?"

Lily noted the reaction from Orin was near him rather quickly, "Orin?"

"The planet is hidden by two different ways, a cloaking device as well as a holgraphic image. When those who come near the planet, all they get is a reading of a lifeless planet. It is more of a magician's trick smoke and mirrors sort of thing." Guardian replied. "The creator of the holo sentients is rather protective of them."

"Well then, now that we have the coordinates and the way to get there, we can reunite those who we have rescued, as well as get a chance to see some wonderous sights. What do you think?" Lily looking at those that were near.

Orin was pale as death. He quickly found a seat and nearly collapsed into it, holding his head in his hands and breathing raggedly, his glasses pushed to the top of his head, where large globules of liquid could be seen dotting the lenses. Between breaths, he whispered two words over and over again. "Not again. Not again. Not again. Not again."

Lily was worried, and forgetting to use the proper rank, she said. "Dominic, I'll take care Orin." making a quick decision she said, "Computer transport us to therapeutic room" giving the coordinates.

Before she left Guardian said to Lily, "Help him, I will be safe here."

Lily gave the coordinates and then she and Orin disappeared.

T'Par watched them disappear, but she didn't ask the obvious question. She looked around the holodeck. "Well.."




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