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New Security

Posted on Wed May 4th, 2022 @ 2:43am by Ensign Wyome Thorson & Ensign Koziki Thass & Lieutenant Andrew Callaghan

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Security
Timeline: Current
1140 words - 2.3 OF Standard Post Measure

Both Wyome and Koziki had arrived on the ship at the same time, this included them sharing the same shuttlecraft. They had gotten to know each other slightly on the ride here but now, they needed to report in to the Chief of Security. Wyome reached the chime before Koziki could.

Wyome was a woman of Native American heritage, her jet black hair was done in a single braid that ended at her waist. Her eyes were dark brown. She was tall but not as tall as the Klingon who stood next to her. She stood in her stocking feet, 5'11" with her boots she stood around 6'

Koziki was a few inches taller, 6'3", and a good weight of 200 pounds. He was solidly built with his hair in a braid as well. His hair was jet black as well as his eyes.

"I wonder if he is in." Koziki spoke to Wyome.

"He should be unless he was called to take care of a bit of chaos," Wyome responded.

"He should be here," Andrew stated as he entered the room after a review of the weapon's lockers. "And for the record, there is no chaos at the moment, and there won't be," he stopped standing directly in front of the two Ensigns. He turned to face the Klingon and in perfect Klingon asked the Ensign for their transfer orders.

Koziki sized up the man who had come inside where he and Wyome were. He caught the scent of the man as well. There was no indication of the man having any fear. With an impassive expression, he handed over his transfer orders, then looked over to Wyome.

"And here you are sir." Wyome replied handing over her transfer orders as well. "No chaos sir, of course, there wouldn't be any. You sound like you run a tight ship." she added. Her features also a bit stony-faced. However despite her facial feature not giving any expression. There would be a warm genuine kind look.

"Why are you two lurking in the Security Office?" He looked at them both, "there are others Officers you could have reported too?" He looked over to Wyome, and winked, "yes, I like to run a tight Department, Ensign. These people here are under our care, and their safety is our top priority."

Koziki took a good hard look at Andrew, "Lurking, we were to report directly to you, nothing more than that." his voice having a slight growl in it.

Wyome stifled a laugh. "Sir, we were unable to find anyone else, and so we waited."

Andrew nodded, "just like a good newly commissioned Ensign," he smiled, "what are your specialties and areas of interest," he looked to Thorson first? He hadn't really formed a working department had, but things were coming along slowly. He still needed to get a working duty roster, and an Assistant. However, those would come in time.

"I do like weaponry, and going into battle." Koziki replied, "I have also been trained in dealing with hostage situations. Plus I do know how to deal with explosives, setting, and also disarming bombs."

Wyome looked towards Koziki and nodded, then she turned her gaze to Andrew. "I am most interested in the investigative parts of security plus keeping us safe from harm."

"Probably about as generic of an answer as I could expect from two Security Officers," he sighed, "for the record, I truly hope we don't need any skill set involving explosives. This isn't Starbase 50 after all. Second, keeping us safe from harm. The Majestic isn't a recruitment brochure for the Federation's Security Force," he looked at both Officers.

"It is our job to analyze a situation, determine if any threats are possible, and then work on preventing those threats," he looked at Koziki, "while keeping everyone safe from warn," he almost winked but didn't. "Some missions will be fast-paced, keep you on your toes. While others are slow and boring. Either way, our job doesn't change. Ensign Thass, your duty rotation will be third shift. Sorry kid, but someone has to do it."

"Ensign Thorson, second shift," he added.

He truly wasn't ready or prepped to welcome two new Officers to the ship. He personally thought that was a terrible speech but it was all he had to give them at this point. "For today, get settled in. Quarters, access codes, and ship tour." He smiled, "tomorrow the real fun begins."

"Aye sir." Ensign Thorson replied, with a smile. "I am looking forward to it. " actually giving Andrew a salute.

Thass nod. "By your command, Sir." he responded, "It will give me time to go over notes as to the workings of the ship sir." Even if it were the last shift, this meant Thass didn't have to deal with many people and he would be on the bridge, that was still worthy.

Andrew returned the salute, "welcome to the Majestic Ensigns, and seriously get settled in. The first few days on a new ship can be overwhelming, it's best to get off on the proper foot. I want both of you to complete your medical checkup and psych evaluations required for all new officers. Any questions?"

"No sir, we have reported in and gotten our assignments," Thorson replied.

Thass grunted, "I do have a question, do you drink blood wine, Sir." it was something the Klingon wanted to know.

"Never developed a taste for it," Andrew was honest, "but perhaps I have never had the good stuff either," he chuckled. "I have it once or twice, but considering where the wine came from," he shrugged, "I would question the quality."

"Perhaps you will sometime partake in a glass of Bloodwine that is of good quality. If you so choose as a welcome celebration of my arrival to my new assignment." Thass replied, with what seemed a small amount of pride.

"That could be arranged, I suppose," Andrew replied. He truly didn't care for bloodwine, but didn't want to offend the newest arrival. Bloodwine may have been special to the Klingon people, but it required the drinker to have a certain taste for it. It wasn't for everyone. "If there are no further issues, Ensigns," he looked to both Officers, "dismissed."

"Thank you sir!" Wyome responded, then she nudged Thass on the shoulder. "Let's go." Thass nodded and the two left. On the way out Wyome commented to Thass. "He's going to be a good chief to serve under." Thass just grunted an answer and the door closed behind them.

Andrew just watched as the two left the room, this was the part of the job he didn't care for; babysitting the new crew. He just shook his head as he made his way over to the replicator, "coffee hot," he order as he shudder thinking of drinking bloodwine again.


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