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Medical check up

Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2023 @ 2:45am by Lieutenant Laural Hawke

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Deck 8, Sickbay
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Making her way down deck 8 towards sickbay, Laural wanted to get her check up done and dusted so she could jump straight into work. She found these thing quite tedious, but they had to be done for the pencil pushers back on Earth. Fortunately the ship hadn’t change that much since she left so it wasn’t difficult for her to find her way to sickbay. Stepping through the doors, Laural looked around for someone who looked like they were in charge.

One of the few things that had changed, however, was the appearance of the chief medical officer. There was the familiar tap-step as the newly minted chief approached the woman. "Can I help you?" the Vulcan asked her as he approached the newcomer. Unlike his predecessor who might have done so, he didn't recognize her.

Turning to the Officer, Laural gave a nod, “yes I believe you can. I’m here for my transfer medical. I have just returned from a special assignment” she said, giving the man a quick look over. From what she’d read on the crew that had transferred in during her absence, this man should be the new Chief of Medicine. At least he matched the image she saw on the crew manifest, “I’m Lieutenant Hawke, encryption specialist”

"Sekat," the Vulcan answered, omitting both rank and title, "newly promoted chief medical officer." He gestured towards one of the beds. "Have you been in contact with any pathogens during your assignment? Any allergic responses since your prior medical that I should be made aware of?"

Giving the question some thought, Laural shook her head, “I don’t think so. Feel free to check just to be sure, but I don’t think the colonies I visited had anything that we’re not exposed to on a regular basis”

"That does not mean allergies cannot develop," Sekat pointed out, "it often takes repeat exposure for an allergy to come to expression. Have you endured any illness since your prior tenure?"

Laural shook her head, "none that I've noticed. The only medical things that I've had since my last check-up have been a few bruises and a few broken bones" she said as she unzipped her jacket, took it off and lifted up her shirt to show a light purple patch on her left side, "two broken ribs, which were treated by a field medic and a fractured right forearm which was treated around the same time. It pays to make sure those climbing pistons are actually in place before putting any weight on them"

Involuntarily, Sekat hissed as he saw the bruises. "How long ago was this?" he asked as he reached for a dermal regenerator to treat the fading bruise. "And what is the status of your arm now, do you have full range of motion? No lingering ill effects or residual pain?"

Laural gave a shrug, “I think it happened almost a month ago? As for my arm, I’ve still got mostly full movement. I can roll my wrist and everything with only a little bit of pain every so often. Maybe once or twice a shift”

"Then I will take care of that," the Vulcan answered brusquely, shaking his head in what could be interpreted as dismay. "Why was this not properly treated on your prior assignment?" he asked as he set to work to relieve her of any residual pain and restore full range of motion.

“I’m afraid that’s classified above your pay grade. let’s just say that I needed a quick fix rather than am in depth treatment” Laural said, wincing a little as the regenerator did its work. “And we didn’t have a professional doctor on hand, only a field medic”

"I doubt any medical concerns are above my pay grade as you call it," Sekat answered dryly, "I probably have far more access to your own medical records, than you do. You should have gone to a medical professional the moment you returned from your assignment, it would have spared you a great amount of discomfort now." He continued to treat the injuries he had seen, seeing the wince as he did. "There... are you still experiencing any kind of discomfort?" he asked as he turned the medical device he'd been using off.

Giving her wrist a roll, Laural took in a deep breath and held it for a moment before slowly releasing it, “no, I don’t feel any more pain from those injuries. Thank you doctor”

"Good. Next time, go see a doctor as soon as you can. It can prevent serious nerve damage in the future." Even if, from personal experience, he knew not all damage could either be prevented or healed. He was a living example of that. "Is there anything else you wish to discuss or want me to take a closer look at?"

Thinking over the question, Laural shook her head, “no, I think that’s everything” she said with a smile, Although she could have had the doctor take a look at the dozens of scars she had, both dermal and sub-dermal, Laural figured she was better off right now not diving into her childhood with this person just yet. That was a conversation better had with a counsellor.

Sekat took a small step back to provide her some room to get off the bed. "As you wish," he answered quietly, "if you change your mind let me know." It was his duty to provide care, but he couldn't force it, so he had to plant the seed and see where it would lead. He understood that being new to the CMO position - again - would mean he had to earn people's trust. And that required patience.

After a moment, an idea occurred to Laural, “actually Doctor, there might be something. You’re a Vulcan correct?”

"I would assume that is obvious," Sekat deadpanned, "why?"

Taking a deep breath in, Laural chose to just say it straight, "Well as i'm sure you can tell, I am a Romulan-Betazoid hybrid and as a result of that merging I have some impressive psychic potential. However, I was never trained in how to properly use them and the two times in my life that I have, once deliberately and once unintentionally, I almost killed someone. So I've done my best to keep a lid on my abilities, but that lid isn't reliable when i'm in a stressful situation. Do you know of any holodeck programs or techniques i could learn that would help me properly develop my abilites so I don't end up frying someone's brain while in the middle of a firefight?"

"There are programs available, I believe my predecessor had a few as he too was an untrained telepath. However you may be more or better assisted with hands on training. Other telepaths may be better suited than a program. I recommend, however that you start with meditation and find that spot that instantly calms you, should you need to."

Laural cocked an eyebrow at Sekat’s advice, “Mediation? Do you really think that’ll work? Also do you have any recommendations for any telepaths onboard I could talk to?”

"Myself," Sekat offered, "or perhaps Lieutenant T'Par if she is able or willing? My bondmate, T'Seng, she may be willing to assist too. Crewman Stef is Vulcan too but he is struggling himself. Perhaps you two can help each other?"

Pursing her lips a little, Laural noticed a common theme with these suggestions, “is there someone who isn’t a Vulcan? I haven’t exactly gone through all of your emotional training”

"You do not need training in emotional control in order to learn mental control," Sekat pointed out, "but a Vulcan is likely more able to assist in you learning control." Adding to that, he wasn't aware of any Betazoids on board. Or telepathic Romulans, since the departure of Commander Sommers.

Taking a breath in, Laural nodded, “alright thanks doc. So May I assume I’m good to go? I’m all ready for work?”

"Yes, you are good to go," Sekat told her, waving her off.

Taking the cue, Laural turned around and headed out of sickbay. While that wasn’t the smoothest check up she’d ever had, it was one of the fastest.


Lieutenant Laural Hawke
Encryptions specialist
USS Majestic

Lieutenant Sekat
Chief Medical Officer


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