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A New Set of Pointy Ears

Posted on Wed Nov 8th, 2023 @ 2:38am by Lieutenant S'vor

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Deep Space 9 / USS Majestic
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/// ON ///

S'vor made his way to the Promenade, the bustling heart of Deep Space 9. He was immediately struck by the station's diversity, with species from all over the galaxy mingling and interacting. Despite the overwhelming sensory input, S'vor maintained his Vulcan composure, his senses carefully calibrated to filter out the extraneous.

As he walked, vulcan observed the security personnel on duty, their keen eyes scanning the crowd for any signs of trouble. He mentally nodded in approval, impressed by their vigilance and professionalism. He knew that he would need to earn the respect of his new crew, and he was determined to prove himself a logical choice and a worthy leader.

S'vor's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden commotion near the entrance to Quark's bar. A group of Ferengi were arguing loudly, their voices echoing through the Promenade. S'vor approached the scene, his expression calm and unreadable.

"Is there a problem here?" he asked, his voice firm and authoritative.

The Ferengi turned to face him, their eyes wide with surprise. They had not expected a Starfleet officer to intervene in their dispute, and they were momentarily speechless.

"No problem," one of the Ferengi finally stammered. "We were just having a friendly discussion."

S'vor raised an eyebrow skeptically. "Your 'friendly discussion' sounds more like an argument to me," he said. "If you cannot resolve this matter on your own, I will be happy to escort you to the station security office."

The Ferengi exchanged uneasy glances. They knew that they could not afford to antagonize a Starfleet officer, especially one with such a commanding presence.

"We apologize for the disturbance," the lead Ferengi said. "We will take our business elsewhere."

The Ferengi turned and hurried away, leaving S'vor standing alone. He watched them go, a satisfied smile would have crossed his lips if he were any other species. He had handled the situation deftly and efficiently, but he noticed the eyes of the station’s security now on him, which could have gone either way. So he simply nodded at one of them, before moving on.

S'vor continued his tour of the Promenade, his senses taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the station. He was intrigued by what he saw, and he knew that if he had the chance, he could have learned a lot of the dealings of the station's ability to operate in such a way with such a wide variety of species and trades that went on.

It took time, but soon S'vor made his way to the USS Majestic, his true destination after arriving from the starfleet’s personal transport ship. He had been impressed by Deep Space 9, but he knew that his arrival to his new assignment came first. He needed to meet his new crew and begin to integrate himself into the ship's security team.

As he entered the Majestic, he was greeted by nods and smiles from the crew. S'vor nodded in kind to their greetings, feeling no difference one way or the other how others felt as he took in his new surroundings.Vulcan’s weren’t all really known for their likeability, but here he was.

Making his way to the security office, he found his new office, it was smaller than his last assignment. But he was back in Starfleet now and so he had to get with the flow with how starfleet starships were designed. It was clean, neat and made it feel neutral. Though most vulcan’s would relish in this neutral layout, he had already had planned on adding a couple personal belongings, to make the space his own.

He took a moment to think of what to say once he met his security staff, but S'vor needed to head to the bridge, to hopefully meet the captain or the other command staff.. The Vulcan had been informed that the Majestic had been assigned to a new mission in the Gamma Quadrant. So as he left the office, he made his way to the turbolift. There was more than enough time to plan out his possible briefing, he needed to report in.

His thoughts were broken as the monitor on the desk chirped, causing the lieutenant to raise an eyebrow, in curiosity, before walking around to investigate the reasoning behind it. “Fascinating,” he said out loud before sitting his bag off to the side and took a seat before accepting the video call coming through. The human before him on the monitor smirked at him. “What a site for sore eyes, Captain Hawkins.”

“Indeed, my old wing man,” the human spoke as he nodded with gladness. It was obvious that he was truly happy to see the vulcan. “I see you made it to the Majestic in decent time. I take it you haven’t met your new captain, as of yet?”

“No I have not. But I do not believe it wise to delay reporting into the captain to much longer,” S’vor replied emotionless. “But it is, indeed, great to see you once again. I did not expect to see or hear from you for a while. What can I do for you?”

“Straight to the point, as always,” David Hawkins nodded as he understood what he was expected to do. “You know, in the good ol’ days, I got you to ease up a little bit. Hell, I even got you to drink a couple from time to time.”

The vulcan nodded as he recalled the times they served together years ago. “I do believe the phrase would be, ‘I drank you under the table’.”

“I do believe you cheated.”

“I did not,” S’vor replied quickly.

“Seems like you can’t admit it,” David replied simply.

“If there was something to admit, I would be ‘happy’ to do such a thing. But as there is nothing to admit, I can not comply,” S’vor answered before blinking at Hawkins.

“Sounds like you are still struggling there, old friend.”

There was a slight pause before the Vulcan blinked and took a deep breath before continuing. “"Perhaps I am, David. But I am working on it," S'vor replied, his voice slightly softer than before.

"I'm glad to hear it," David said, a hint of concern in his voice. "It's not easy to let go of the past, but it's important to remember that we can't change what's already happened. All we can do is learn from it and move forward."

S'vor nodded, his expression emotionless, yet thoughtful. "I know," he said. "I do catch myself looking back, always trying to make up for what we had done."

"That's understandable," David said, knowing that if he had been there, he would have placed a hand on S'vor's shoulder. "But you don't have to do it alone. There are people who care about you and want to help you."

S'vor looked at David, his eyes filled with gratitude. "Thank you, Captain," he said. "I value your friendship."

David smiled. "You're welcome," he said. "I'm always here for you."

The two friends sat there, staring at one another in silence for a moment, a comfortable camaraderie filling the space between them. Then, S'vor cleared his throat and spoke.

"So," he said, "why have you called?"

David chuckled. "You know me, S'vor," he said. "I can't resist a good mystery. I've been hearing some strange things about in the Gamma quadrant and the Gladiator has been given a chance to go look into it. We are heading your way. We should be arriving at Deep Space 9 in a day.."

S'vor raised an eyebrow. "Strange things?" he asked. "What kind of strange things?"

"Well," David said, leaning in conspiratorially, "Reports are coming in of rumors of disappearances, and some people are saying that there's even our ships going silent... not quite right about how it's all being reported, or not being reported.."

S'vor listened intently as David recounted the stories he had heard. When David finished, S'vor said, "I will keep my pointy ears out for anything and send anything we get your way, Captain.”

“I know you will, but if you all haven’t left, before we arrive. First round is on me,” the captain remarked as he smirked. “Can’t always stay so serious, now do we?”

“Indeed not,” S’vor replied with a nod. “I will reach out to you once I have settled in and reported to Captain Rutherford.”

“Try not to be a dick, Lieutenant.”

“I will try not to,” the Vulcan remarked as he stood up. “S’vor out.”

“Wait, Is that how…” Hawkins quickly spoke up before the Vulcan tapped the screen, cutting him off. The Vulcan stood and looked at the monitor, mentally smirking in only a way a Vulcan could do so.

/// OFF ///


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