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Colliding of medical & Engineering

Posted on Mon Sep 16th, 2019 @ 11:39am by Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Lieutenant JG Sekat & Lieutenant Commander Angus Murphy & Lieutenant Sandra Adamson & Tarria Sh’ezhinnir
Edited on on Mon Sep 16th, 2019 @ 12:49pm

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Engineering (Sickbay maybe?)
Timeline: MD 5 1000

Sandy hit her combadge and then called =/\= "Commander Murphy, can you come to engineering immediately?"=/\=

=/\= On my way. =/\= Murphy's reply was succinct. Being called to engineering with the word immediately implied a certain urgency and he made immediate haste.

In the meantime Sandy was setting up instruments on a trolley. She checked on her tricorder a moment. "I wonder if we should do a check up of all the crew, to be certain." She looked in front of her in thoughts.

Lieutenant Commander Murphy stepped off of the turbolift and into the heart of the engineering deck half expecting to find a catastrophe already in progress. "Report," he barked as he made his way to the hockey table.

Lhaes looked over at the CMO. "It has been discovered that several crewmembers are implanted with some kind of device commander, we need your assistance in removing them safely."

Tarria looked around engineering. "I am uncertain why we had to come down to Engineering. Commander Irish drink over here doesn't even want me here."

Sandy looked to her tricorder still as she was standing next to her medical trolley she had brought down to engineering. "Because, Tarria, sickbay is not equipped with such a device that can send EM fields to disable those devices. Also I think the commander might feel more comfortable working in his own environment."

"I'm an engineer, not a doctor. What sort of devices?" Murphy squinted between the three people in his department that didn't belong there, but it was an especially hard glare at Tarria.

The perceptive Romulan present didn't miss the glare but wisely didn't bring it up. Whether someone was welcome here, wasn't the issue right now. "Perhaps you should look for yourself," he suggested, "and while we're here, I recommend Doctor Adamson scanning you for the presence of such a device. Have you had any unexplainable events occurring? Any memory loss that you can't explain?"

"Unexplainable events?" Murphy frowned. "No, just some insomnia."

Meanwhile Sandy had called up the imaging of the brain scans of Sekat, Lhaes and Tarria. She had zoomed in on the devices that had latched on to their cerebral cortex's. "So far what I could tell the devices seem slightly different in each of the patients. And also its effect seem different as well. It made Sekat see the spirit of his dead wife. And it most likely controlled the actions of Commander Sommers and Miss Sh'ezhinnir, as they don't remember what happened last night. The devices emit some kind of electrical field. I think we can disable them with a small EM field. But I need your technical opinion on this. And if it is at all possible to safely remove them."

"What's the origin?" Murph asked, taking a look at the scan. He still maintained that he was no expert on biological physiology, but maybe something would jump out at him. "Why are we not running a shipwide scan on every crewman? Have you presented this to the Captain?"

Lhaes looked over to the CMO, before looking back at Murph. "Doctor Anderson only just discovered them. We want your input first on having ours removed, before devising a way to scan ship wide for them. Once word gets out, we might have a panic on our hands and I don't think we're well equipped to handle shipwide panic do you?"

"I think you're under estimating the crew," Murphy said irritably. The lack of sleep was already taking a toll, but now this crisis. "How am I supposed to know if shutting one down will kill someone if we don't know what it's doing? Is it just a passenger? Is is actively controlling? Are you volunteering to be irradiated with an electromagnetic pulse so we can find out, Commander?"

"If that's what it takes." The Romulan shrugged. "Even if they're just disabled and not removed...though from what I know of implants, they have to be able to be removed somehow. And since I'm privy to very sensitive information, both as former intelligence chief and now security chief, I'm volunteering. I want it gone." He glanced at Sandy again. "I have every faith in the medical staff."

Sandy looked back at the scans. "It will be a tricky operation, I feel better if the device would be disabled. We don't know it's function, and it seem pretty much latched on. I think if we disable it we could safely remove it and maybe you can examine it before I continue on my other patients. Do you all agree to this position?" She looked around.

Lhaes simply nodded, eyes now on the chief engineer.

Murphy retrieved an engineering tricorder from a changing station and returned to scan Lhaes, beginning at the head. "Again, we don't know if interrupting any kind of signal this thing is emitting will trigger any kind of kill switch," he warned, though he already knew his warnings were falling on deaf ears. "Fine. We'll put you inside of a containment field, generate a small EMP inside of the field... and see if we can kill you." He looked to Lhaes and then to Sandy for confirmation. "Sound good?"

"I'm all for it," Lhaes answered without hesitation.

"I am not," Sekat replied thoughtfully, "I agree with Commander Murphy, this needs more study."

"I agree." said Sandy, "I know you want that thing out of your head, Commander, but we still don't know what these devices do. If we knock the power out it is possible a back up will kick in and could kill you instantly." She turned to Murphy. "Is it possible you could scan the device and maybe figure out what it is and how it works? I know the thing is tiny, but still."

"It's tiny. It's foreign. It doesn't look like anything we've encountered bef--" Murphy started to say but was cut off by Lhaes.

"Want it disabled, even if we can't remove it," Lhaes countered, "or its access blocked to my body. These things pose a severe security risk."

Tarria was just watching at the sideline as the starfleet officers were bickering about how to disable or remove the devices. She sighed and then exclaimed, "what kind of sick bastards would implants devices in to our heads that do this to us." She looked disgusted and she saw everyone look at her. "I mean, Commander Sommers is not that bad looking for a warm blooded pointy ears. But they are playing with people's lives and feelings. And what about Doctor Sekat. Showing him his dead's wife's ghost. Again playing with peoples feelings. And what else these devices may have done to other crew members. And for what? What scientific reasons would an alien species have to play on our emotions? And why us? Why this ship?"

Sandy looked to Tarria a bit understanding how she is feeling and nodded. She then added, "And where are they now? They must be monitoring our behavior right now. When scanning the brains with a tricorders I picked up electrical fields. Are the devices controlled from a distance. What kind of distance?"

"I don't know." Lhaes sighed. "Much as I'd like to be able to pretend to be, I'm not an engineer. Electrical fields is not in my area of expertise." He sighed a second time. "I still consider this a major security risk, and I have no idea what to do about it."



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