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Knights Of The Round Table

Posted on Sun Dec 1st, 2019 @ 8:06am by Captain Jane Saulitis & Commander Shev Th'aziavak & Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers & Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan & Lieutenant Sandra Adamson & Lieutenant T'Par & Lieutenant Natasha Stark & Cassandra Leblanc-Reed & Ho'sidia Excin'vodia

Mission: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Location: Majestic Grand Hall
Timeline: MD 13 09:00 Hours

Jane was the first one in the room. Though it had been set up the night before to act as a neutral place for negotiations she of course wanted to make sure everything was perfect. She turned on the lights and began pushing chairs around so that they were all evenly spaced around a giant round table.

"Good morning captain," Lieutenant Sullivan walked into the hall dressed in her normal duty uniform. As a pilot, her part in the day's proceedings would primarily be that of an observer, but it didn't keep her from coming down to lend a hand. She smoothed out a few wrinkles in the tablecloth as she approached the table. "Is there any last minute setup that I can help with? I can only do so many demonstration flights before I pawn them off onto someone else."

"No,I think we're all ready. I'm just doing some last minute fussing." Jane gave her a small smile. Sullivan was certainly eager, even after Jane had pawned off the sloth-like ambassador Emnath on her.

In a break from tradition, the High Matriarch of the Mai'Aiud made her entrance into the hall without the standard herald's call from her assistant announcing her arrival. Instead, the delegation made its way into the room neatly and orderly, noting the location and position of where the other delegates would be seated as they passed by. Reaching their assigned seating, both Ho'sidia and Dor'dalus took their seats at the main table while the others stood behind.

Lhaes too walked in wearing his standard duty uniform. It gave him more freedom of movement, just in case. As security chief, he was also armed with a phaser, as well as his usual concealed and visible weapons. "Captain," he greeted before moving to the side of the room. From there, he could better observe everyone.

Cassie entered a moment later, PADD in hand. She and Tadez, after having met all the delegates and spoken with them about their grievances and expectations, had worked relentlessly in coming up with orders of the day for this first and following meetings. She had even stayed up until the early hours to finalize last minute details and smooth out any kinks.

She greeted the officers present, surprised that there were so many attending. She had expected the captain and the security chief, certainly It was proper protocol, after all. She was about to yawn, yet again, but quickly stifled it when she saw the Matriarch already seated at the table, and dropped slightly into a curtsy. A moment later, she was at the replicator ordering her third cup of strong, black coffee since waking.

Natasha Stark entered, eyes glued to her own PADD as she made her way into the room and almost colliding with her fellow officers. She mumbled a quick apology and made her way over to the table, not tearing her eyes away from her studies until she found her way to her seat.

Sandy walked in and gave a nod to everyone present, even though couldn't see anyone, before she sat down and waited for this to start.

T'Par entered quietly. She had studied many of these beings in great depth and yet she did not expect to play a significant role here today. She had learned to fade into the background and that was her intention for the moment. She actually was wearing her dress uniform. She had never had any difficulty moving in it.

Jane stood up. It was the only time she told herself she was going to do so, not wanting to disrespect any of the delegates by being taller than anyone else. "Thank you all for coming. Welcome to our guests and crew. Some of you are merely observers to this negotiation so I'd like to ask you to remain as silent as possible unless the floor is opened up for questions and or comments. Our Diplomats have been working very hard over this and so I'm going to let them begin."

Cassie took a sip of her coffee, and rose from her seat at the end of the table. "Thank you, Captain. Welcome, one and all, to what is a momentous occasion for the Claddin Empire. It is rare that representatives of the three major powers in this system are gathered at the same table. Even more so, that an exterior power is allowed to participate in such talks. As such, this event has garnered much attention, both from within and without the Empire. Many hope that these proceedings will prove successful, and that solutions beneficial to all will be found.

"Before we begin, I'd like to introduce the delegates. First, the Crustillian delegation, who were so gracious to invite the Federation to participate: the venerable Woohsaaa and his mate and co-delegate, Hiisaaannnahhh. High Matriarch Ho'sidia Excin'vodia represents the Mai'Auid during these proceedings. Last but not least, to my left, is Minister Emnath, representing the the Lai'Adi. May you all be welcome."

Emnath bowed her head slowly, it looked rather like she'd fallen asleep before her head finally rose back up. She realized none of them were looking at her and resolved not to make any other movements and only speak when necessary.

"The Mai'Aiud, or Felev as we are known in your tongue, are eager to reach an agreeable solution for all parties." Dor'dalus, one of the High Matriarch's assistants, made the opening statement for his delegation. For her part, High Matriarch Excin'vodia seemed relaxed, casually looking around the table at the others while occasionally taking a moment to look around the grand hall. Eventually, her attention returned to the ship's civilian diplomat.

Cassie paused for a moment, taking a deep breath. First days were always a bit nerve-wracking. "Without further ado, I'll present the order of the day," she finally said, pinching the screen on her PADD and bringing up an image of her very detailed outline of the meeting. "First, we'll briefly discuss the current trade agreement, during which the delegates will be invited to share comments and concerns. The second, but most important, point of the day: renegotiating trade routes. Many are currently in contention between two or more powers, and we'll make an attempt at clearing the air and finding profitable solutions for everyone."

She glanced about the room. "Does anyone have questions?"

Jane glanced around but no one seemed to be speaking up so she gave a nod to Cassie. "Please continue." The Captain said.

"I . . ." Emnath began.

"Oh, I'm sorry minister. Please speak." Jane tugged down her dress uniform which always seemed to creep up toward her neck. She hated the feel of it and was constantly adjusting it.

" I was . . . wondering . . . if I could . . . get a glass of . . . water."

Jane had to keep herself from smiling. "Yes of course umm," She looked to see who was closes to the cooler. "Commander, would you mind?" She asked, addressing Shev.

"Of course, Captain. " Shev replied. He went over to the cooler and got a glass. "Minister, here you are sir." He said, delivering it

Cassie took a sip of her coffee. "Let's consider this the official start of this first meeting, then. There currently exists a common trade agreement between the three main powers of the Empire; the Mai'auid propulsion technology, as well as minerals, foodstuffs, and other resources, goods, and tech from all three powers are freely shared between them. The value of these exchanges, especially with the Crustillians, is determined by a classic barter system, which may or may or not be standardized at this time. Also, to note, there is no form of currency common to the whole Empire.

"With that in mind, I'd invite all delegates to raise any comments or concerns regarding their current trade agreement. Venerable Woohsaaa, as you've requested our aid, I'd like to hear what you have to say first. You have the floor."

Lhaes suddenly pushed away from the wall, having observed what to him looked like nervous behaviour in one of their visitors. Only seconds earlier a security officer had walked up to him and handed him a PADD, before making a hasty retreat. "I need to put a pause to current proceedings," he announced. "Minister Emnath, I must place you under arrest on the suspicion of planting false information and altering records."

The only sign of surprise T'Par showed was the sharp, curious lift of a single eyebrow, although her gaze scanned the other delegates, taking in their apparent reactions. She clasped her hands firmly behind her back.

Cassie observed the mass confusion and sudden awkwardness developing in the room, dug her nails in the palm of her hand, and forced a smile. She was just as confused as most of the people in the room, but managed to maintain her composure. "I'm so sorry for this interruption. Let's call a short recess while I have a word with our Chief of Security and Commanding Officer," she announced, looking intently at both Commander Lhaes and Captain Saulitis. A moment later, she was walking the length of the table and entering the Grand Hall's antechamber. "Now, if you please," she said as she passed them, in tone that, while extremely polite, brokered no opposition. She had most certainly not anticipated this.

"Commander Sommers," Jane said trying to keep the anxiety out of her voice. "Would you care to explain?"

"Of course," the Romulan answered simply, while waiting for the diplomatic officer to close the door.

"What is this?" Cassie promptly asked when the doors closed behind them.

"That's what we were just getting to the bottom of." Jane replied, "Continue," she said to Lhaes.

"My team has detected unusual activity from the minister, she has called up a high number of documents and investigation shows discrepancies between original documents which have been retrieved, and the ones that are currently available. I have studied her for a while and she seems anxious about something. Based on what my officers have reported to me, I have reason to believe she is here under false pretenses."

Jane looked at Emnath. While she might ask how Lhaes had discovered these documents, the fact that they had been altered was too interesting to let go. "Well that is very odd and probably something we should investigate, but not right this moment in the middle of the negotiations. Take Minister Emnath to her quarters and," she turned to Cassie. "See if we can get someone else to represent her race in a timely manner. Since we happen to be hovering over Claddin V, hopefully it won't be that big of a problem."

"These . . . accusations . . . are .. . completely . . false." Emnath said as she was being steered away.

"I'd like another word when you've finished with that Commander Sommers." Jane replied looking back toward the doors of the grand hall.

"Yes ma'am," the Romulan answered thinly, then gestured for the alien minister to follow him. "Please come with me."

Cassie remained silent until the Chief of Security and Minister Emnath had left the antechamber, and counted an extra ten seconds, in part to calm herself and ensure that they had left the hall. "Back to work, then," she said, returning the the main hall. She spotted Jennifer, whispered a few words to her, and headed back to the head of the table as her assistant hurried out of the room.

She smiled at the remaining representative. "I am humbly apologize for the sudden interruption. It was an unexpected, but minor, setback. Now, Venerable Woohsaaa, I believe you had the floor?"

Captain Jane Saulitis
Commanding Officer

Commander Shev th'aziavak
Executive officer

Lieutenant Lilith Sullivan
Chief Flight Control Officer

Ho'sidia Excin'vodia
High Matriarch of the Felev/Mai'Aiud

Lieutenant Commander Lhaes Sommers
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant JG Natasha Stark
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Cassandra Leblanc-Reed
Diplomatic Officer

Lieutenant Sandra Adamson
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant T'Par
Chief Intelligence Officer


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