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Would you be my XO

Posted on Fri Oct 22nd, 2021 @ 8:39pm by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldrich

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Captain's Ready Room
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Elijah sat at his desk, realizing that he needed an XO. He had asked Lieutenant Commander Angus Murphy and the Chief Engineer declined with a great amount of zeal. He preferred to stay the 2nd officer which would make it to where he could continue on about his duty. He saw the reports of what happened on Adna station and also of what everyone had done where Adna Station was concerned. Lieutenant Commander Dominic Aldritch seemed to be the best fit out of the original Crew. Now Elijah could only hope that the man would be willing to be his XO. Drumming his fingers on the top of his desk, Elijah finally decided to do this in a more official form.

=^= Lieutenant Commander Aldtrich, would you please report to the Ready Room. =^= and then he waited.

Dominic's head perked up from his reading. Setting his book down he replied, "On my way, Captain." He stood and made his way to the Ready Room within a few minutes. Entering the room, he stood in front of the desk and said, "Reporting as ordered, Sir."

"Please, have a seat, Commander Aldrich." Elijah requested. "I've been going over the reports as to what happened on Adna station. You did a rather singular good job in helping to bring that station to a halt. All of your crewmates did." he paused to let Dominic have a seat before he continued.

"However the reason why I asked you to come meet with me, is that, I need an XO. And I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to be my XO. And before you ask, I have asked Murphy if he'd accept that role, and he was rather... firm against being such. And the same for Sommers, who is now my new Chief of Medical. I would rather ask those whom are more familiar with the ship, before I ask for someone outside of the ship. Its been my habit and preference to do so." then he realized something. "Er would you like something to drink, while you contemplate on what I am asking of you. What would you like to drink. Something strong or something non alcoholic?"

"Coffee....would be fine, Sir." It was all Dominic could say in the moment. He was not expecting such a question. He was not prepared for all that this could mean as he was about to enter a new chapter in his own life with Zeria. As the Captain returned with the beverage, Dominic began to express his muddled thoughts. "I am quite honored at the request, but I'm not sure I am right for the job either. I am a scientist, through and through, Captain. I am not sure I can simply give up that role."

"And why would I ask you to give that up?" Rutherford asked, taking a seat behind his desk, with a cup of ginger tea with lemon. "I don't think I need to ask you to give up your role of being Chief of Science." taking a sip of his tea then setting it down. "I seem to recall historically speaking, a certain Captain Kirk had a first officer who was also Chief of Science. Spock seemed to be able to fulfill those two duties quite well. I think you have that capability to do so as well. Not that I am comparing myself to Captain Kirk but, I think we can find our own flow here. And also, will you be getting in my way of going on away missions? I am an avid fan of a Captain not being afraid of getting dirty with the rest of the crew and not just sitting on his lofty chair of command. I do know that Commodore Jane Saulitis wasn't like that either. She worked alongside her crew, and is a good hard worker. Probably why she and I became friends. We both didn't shirk hard work."

Dominic thought for a moment. The Captain made an interesting case. "Captain, while I am no Spock for sure, I can't push back on your historical precedence, even if Starfleet was very different than it is today. On the other matter," he said with a grin, "as a matter of protocol, I will be forced to remind you of Starfleet regulations regarding Captains and away missions. However, I do not plan to stop you once you tell me you will be denying those regulations." He then nodded, "I am probably going to regret this at some point, but, Captain, I will accept your offer."

Elijah grinned, and rose from behind his desk, walking to where Dominic was, and holding out his hand for Dominic to shake. "Well then seems we are headed towards some interesting times. Thank you for accepting my offer. "


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