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Sleeping Beauty

Posted on Sat Aug 7th, 2021 @ 8:33pm by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant JG Sekat

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Medical
Timeline: Before reaching the starbase
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The ancient medical stasis chamber had been beamed directly into sickbay. Inside it reposed the woman with golden hair, her ears ending in a delicate point. Lily looked at the woman, worriedly looking at her and then towards Sekat.

"I am hoping we can get her out of there without any trouble. Right now we can't even ask that Gwen, about what she may know where this is concerned. Either way, its time to wake up Sleeping Beauty." she looked at Sekat "Ready?"

"Sleeping Beauty?" Sekat queried as he readied himself, tricorder and stimulants on hand just in case. "Yes doctor I am ready." He studied the sleeping woman's face, tilting his head a fraction. "She does look almost elfin," he added curiously.

Lily scanned her, "She is half human and half Vulcan" then she walked over and began the process to open up the stasis chamber. The lid retracted with some sort of mist rising from it. And then the monitors begin to beep erratically.

The woman sat up for a moment gasping for air, her eyes flashed open they were green in coloration. Then they rolled back to where only the whites showed and she fell backwards going into cardiac arrest.

"Son of a.." Lily was immediately at her side, it looked like they may be in a fight to save Splice. That was the only name Lily knew her by from Adna Station.

Sekat was on her other side and together they worked tirelessly to save the woman's life. When she was stable enough, Sekat had her transferred to one of the biobeds for more efficient monitoring. "I believe she will pull through, she should wake soon," he finally said, offering a small cloth to Lily so she could wipe her brow. "Well done doctor..." He gave her a small smile, the kind he offered only to those he considered to be his friends.

Lily accepted the offer of the cloth dabbing the sweat from her brow, feeling weary. The work wasn't done though as they still needed to be there for when she awoke. "Thank you, Sekat, glad you are here for this." motioning towards the woman upon the bio bed.

A half an hour passes by, then indicators showed that she was getting ready to wake up. There is movement beneath the eyelids then her eyes slowly open, as they adjust to the light in sick bay, and her head slowly turns to scan her surroundings. them focusing on Sekat, to Lily, then back to Sekat. She tries to speak, but no words come. Her eyes show concern, her hand weakly going up to her throat.

Lily runs her tricorder over the woman, then looks at Sekat. "At the moment due to the length of time she's been in stasis it might be a little while before Splice can speak. After all she was communicating with us when she was in there." nodding towards the device Splice was in. "but that wasn't with her vocal cords."

"Telepathy?" Sekat gestured for a nurse to go get some water then turned back to Splice. "I am Sekat, this is Lily," he said, gesturing first at himself, then at Lily. "Do not try to speak yet with your voice." His expression was mild and friendly as he spoke to her. "If you are telepathic, we can converse in that manner. Like you, I am Vulcan. You may touch, to speak to me." It wasn't something he was overly comfortable with, but really they didn't have much choice.

Splice gave a nod, then accepted the water the nurse had brought over drinking it. When the nurse left, she held out her left hand towards him, then gestured with her right arching an eyebrow as if to ask if Sekat were certain he wished to take her hand.

Sekat nodded slowly. "Please monitor closely," he requested, giving Lily a quick sideways look before taking Splice's hand within his own. "You are safe here," he promised her, "you are aboard the USS Majestic."

Lily nodded as she had her tricorder out, to keep watch and stay close by. She knew that contact with another person was difficult for Sekat, and it was important to keep tabs on both patient and Sekat.

Splice's eyes widened at the first initial physical contact, locking gaze with Sekat. ~H-hello. I'm- my name is T'Seng my real name. You-fixed my heart?~ for that was what caused her to go into cardiac arrest. There had been an abnormality that was there.

~You- your people safe?~

"They are all safe T'Seng, thanks to you." He gave her an encouraging nod. "Yes, we fixed your heart, you gave us a challenge but you will make a full recovery. Do you have a family we should notify of your recovery?" He looked up at Lily for a moment before looking back at the patient. "Do you know why you were called Splice?"

~It was a nickname given to me by a person I met long ago. He found me and found that I could join with Adna via that.~ waving towards where she had been for quite awhile. ~Only on a limited scale. He made me some company we played games using some of the holographic people, they become imbued with sentience. He left ten years later and I went to sleep. Then, a ship came, not yours. I think 5 years ago. Adna became, hostile, I woke up and we , the small band of sentient holograms went to battle against Adna. Unfortunately we, may have lost. For my next memory was waking up once more with your ship arriving and a minor amount of my merry band still around, barely.~

"It is a fitting nickname," the Vulcan healer acknowledged with a slight nod. "Twenty years have passed since you were put in stasis... I do believe your merry band was saved as well, but the captain may be able to tell you more. I am more concerned for your welfare, and you did not answer my question. Do you have family, on Vulcan or elsewhere, that we should inform of your recovery?"

~I truly don't know, its been 20 years and I've not been in contact with them, especially since my heart condition. And being in there.~ frowning slightly. ~last I remember I may have some relatives on Vulcan. If they are still there.~

"Why would they not be? If you provide us with their names we can contact them, unless you prefer we do not?" He arched a single eyebrow at her, absently rubbing her hand as he held it. He wasn't even aware he was doing it. "However if you need anything, all you need to do is signal for us and one of us can get you what you need. I am certain the captain will provide you with guest quarters for the time being, once you are able to leave sickbay."

~Okay I will do so, they may think me dead though. I am not certain. It will be lovely to be in contact and hopefully they will welcome me back.~ she nodded at what Sekat told her, ~I will be certain to do so. And thank you, it is so nice to hear voices that are not just in my mind. And feel the contact too.~

He squeezed her hand now. "Give it a few more minutes and you should be able to talk, slowly," he encouraged her, "I will enquire with security to have your family tracked down and they will inform you when they have found something." He realized that Lily must feel a little left out of the conversation, but to him, the telepathic contact was also a welcoming feeling. It had simply been too long since he had any.

Lily was just going about her business, leaving Sekat to tend to Sleeping Beauty, she felt that Sekat was the perfect person to tend to their patient. She would look over her shoulder and smile.

After a few minutes more, then Sekat hears a soft whisper, "Hello, Sekat." T'Seng smiling and squeezing the hand that held hers.

Sekat just offered the slightest of smiles in return at the sound of her voice. "Rest," he instructed her, "we will speak more later." He released her hand and made sure she was comfortable before walking away. "Her name is T'Seng," he told Lily, giving her a quick summary of what he'd been told. He seemed elated, at having enjoyed the opportunity of telepathic contact, but he was trying to control the feeling. After all, he too was Vulcan. Mostly Vulcan anyway, as his grandmother had been half Human.

"T'Seng, hmmnn okay. I am glad you are here to speak with her, since I do not have that capacity to communicate telepathically. "Giving a smile. "All right, now I need to figure out where to have this put" indicating the stasis chamber that T'Seng had been in. "Maybe in science lab for further study?"

Absently, Sekat nodded. "Science can have it," he said, "we have no need for it. And you do have the capacity, you just cannot initiate it. Anyone telepath can communicate with you, but a Vulcan would require to touch you. A mind meld would be an efficient, but dangerous means."

Lily replied, "I see, I've not really experienced a mind meld with a Vulcan, before. Its something I've not asked anyone to do as it would be so impolite to ask for that to happen."

T'Seng watches as Sekat speaks to Lily, her expression of one that is curious.

"It is not impolite to ask, however it is quite an intimate procedure. Not something I would engage in with just anyone, unless absolutely necessary. If you were injured and it were my only means to reach you, I would not hesitate to do it," Sekat explained, turning his head to watch T'Seng observe them. "It may also be experienced as intrusive," he added.

Lily nodded, "I can see how someone would consider that intrusive, if done without consent." A thoughtful expression appearing. "I need to talk to Commander Sommers about something." her thoughtful expression, turning to that of a pensive look, her brow furrowing. "However, if for some reason I am unconscious and there is no other way to communicate with me, you have my permission to do that." Lily shook her head as if to clear it of a thought. The dark cloud that seemed to pass over her features disappearing.

A bright smile appeared, "Other than that. I'm glad we were able to bring T'Seng out of her slumber." Walking over towards the woman. "Thank you for helping us, you saved all of our lives."

"No I should thank you, for saving my life" T'Seng's voice sounding a bit more stronger than before. "Are you and Sekat a couple, or on the beginning road of being a couple? You seem so close." there was no rancor or jealousy. Just mere curiosity.

Sekat almost laughed. "No ma'am, we are not a couple we just work very well together. And I consider Lily a good friend." Though if he had to be honest, he did hold hope at some point as he did harbour feelings for her that he didn't share. Simply because he knew she wasn't returning those feelings, and he valued their friendship more and wasn't going to risk that in favour for a romance that would never be.

Another look at Lily and at Sekat, then T'Seng smiled, "Ah... like Muldoon and I, the one who created the holograms and spoke to me, creating wonderful adventures. We were friends and not a couple. With me being in there, it wouldn't have worked. And I don't think he had romantic feelings for me. Not that I knew of though."

"It is illogical to dwell on what could have been. Especially after such a long time, it is preferable to focus on the presence. When you are well enough to leave sickbay, is there anything you would like to do? What did you do, before you entered the stasis tube?"

"Indeed it is illogical so I didn't dwell on it. I was a diplomat, before my heart condition had developed. I am hoping that I can be one once more. If I am allowed to do so." T'Seng replied.

"Once you are well enough, and rested enough I will see to it that the captain comes down to see you," Sekat promised, "for now, I suggest you get some rest."

"Thank you." T'Seng replied, "Though part of me is loathe to sleep, as I have been asleep for far too long."

Lily looked at the woman, "But this sleep will be different for you will actually wake up from your slumber, and are free."

"Plus I never said you should sleep," Sekat added gently. "Rest is different for each person. What I consider to be restful, may not be such for you." And given his own recent nightmares, he could understand why she didn't want to sleep.

"This is true, I think I just assumed for the moment that she meant sleep." T'Seng replied. "However, I will rest, and then perhaps go for a walk to get some exercise?"

"That is entirely up to you. We have a gym, and the holodeck is available too if you desire. Just ask the computer for directions. I will make certain quarters are assigned to you on a shot notice." Sekat looked sideways at Lily. "Unless that has already been arranged?"

Lily looked at Sekat, "I hadn't done that as of yet. There are some empty quarters, not to far from where I am staying, and from where you are staying, Sekat."

T'Seng looked at Lily and Sekat, "I would like to be close... just in case something should happen. And also, since I know you two as well. And I would feel more comfortable."

"Then we will have one of those quarters assigned to you," Sekat decided as he moved to help his patient to her feet if she desired. "While I recommend resting here in sickbay, it may also be considered restful to be in one's own private chambers. Perhaps you could...decorate? Some find that to be a restful experience."

T'Seng wasn't against Sekat helping her to stand, she being a bit unsteady on her feet. She'd grip his hand firmly almost as if it were a lifeline. "Decorate, that sounds... restful. I would like that."

Lily remarked, "If you don't mind Sekat, I'll stay behind and finish catching up on the paperwork and you can show T'Seng where she will be staying."

"Of course." Sekat offered his arm to his patient and waited until she had gotten to her feet. "I will let the captain know which quarters she will occupy so he can formally assign them." He nodded to T'Seng. "When you are ready," he said as he grabbed his cane with his free hand to support his bad leg.

"I am ready." T'Seng replied, then noticed that Seklar had a cane. "oh my, have you been injured?"

"Quite some time ago," Sekat answered as he led her out of sickbay. "I was attacked by a juvenile feline who was about my size. He clawed me and the injury never healed properly. I was injured so severely that saving my life was a priority over properly healing my leg. Doctor Marlow is overseeing further treatment now. I doubt I will ever be able to walk normally again though and definitely not run. I am content to be able to ride my horse, however."

"You ride horses?That is wonderful, I've not gotten to experience that." T'Seng replied. "Mother and Father felt that I shouldn't do so, felt it too dangerous." Her steps becoming more steady as they walked out of sickbay.

"It can be," Sekat acknowledged, "but you have to trust your horse to know what it is doing, and it has to trust you. Such a bond is not created that easily. It takes work. Here, I use the holodeck as obviously we have no real horses. But back home I did have my own horse. Prior to my enlistment with Starfleet." He gave her a small smile of encouragement. "When you feel better, perhaps I could take you. T'Lay used to go with me, we could ride for hours."

"I would like that very much. Who is T'Lay? She sounds like she is someone who is important to you." T'Seng asked, looking at Sekat.

"She was," Sekat answered, "and to a degree still is. She is my late wife. We used to work together too, but she was killed at a viral outbreak in the lab she worked. The outbreak was contained, but all in the room were exposed and died within hours of infection. I am grateful I was able to say goodbye, even if I could not be near her when she passed."

"Oh I am terribly sorry to hear that happened, that is tragic indeed. " T'Seng went silent for a moment as they continued on towards her quarters, as if contemplating over things. She also seemed to be regaining her balance and soon let go of Sekat's arm.

Sekat hovered close, keeping his arm out to catch her should that be necessary. "It is not far now," he promised, nodding to a door just up ahead. "Yes it was tragic, but I was able to give it a place even though with recent events for some reason I saw her ghost. Which of course is illogical as ghosts do not exist, but something was plaguing the crew and we all suffered nightmares. In which case, I saw T'Lay. I was actually seeing someone at the time, and she walked out on me when I told her due to these events I was not able to commit as much as she desired. I needed to deal with the nightmares first."

He sighed and shook his head. "Instead of being supportive towards me, she walked out on me." He looked up at her. "Did you have a mate?" he asked curiously.

T'Seng shook her head. "I do not have a mate, I was to be married and that did not come about." her voice rather placid. "He was deemed unworthy to my parents, therefore it didn't happen. For some reason, my mother was more into status and what she felt was a better match for me. Love was illogical and I was to be a dutiful daughter."

"I was never bonded as a child and I was free to choose, as my parents were. My grandfather was bonded as a child but his marriage did not last and his mate, while dutiful to him, chose another. Grandfather accepted it, even though it hurt him to see his mate yearn for another. It is a long story, you would have to speak to my grandfather for that as obviously I lack a great many details. My biggest regret is that T'Lay and I were never able to conceive. All I have is my memory of her, as there are no children. We were married for twenty years."

T'Seng gave a nod, "I am sorry to hear there was no children. And twenty years seems to be a good amount of years to be with someone, especially when there is affection. The only affection I know of is what I have experience vicariously in the friendship that was developed between myself and the holo sentient beings, as well as their creator. Forgive me if I am awkward on things." She stated, "I am also sorry for the other person walking out on you. It seems that she may not have been the one for you?"

"She clearly was not or she would have understood my request for time." He gave her a slight smile now. "There is no need to be sorry, you have been out for quite some time. I would be happy to help you with anything you need."

T'Seng nodded once more, "Thank you, and perhaps you can help by recommending what I need to catch up on. I feel there is much that I need to study." When they reached the door to her quarters. "This is me, and I will need to contact family and such to reunite with some of them."

"That depends on what you wish to know," Sekat returned, taking a small step back to grant her some space, "the computer will tell you what you seek to learn, and it will be able to reunite you with remaining family. If you have need of me, I shall be in sickbay."

T'Seng smiled. "I thank you for your help, Sekat." she stepped forward her hand reaching out to touch his. "And we must schedule a time for some horse riding lessons." It almost seemed that she was making certain that he wasn't an apparition, or figment of her imagination or a construct. "Okay you are truly real. " then pinched herself. "Ow. okay pain receptors working fine."

He gave a stifled gasp at the unexpected touch, arching an eyebrow at her next words. "Of course I am real," he answered, "you would not be able to sense me, had I not been." He gave a gentle smile as she pinched herself as if to convince her senses. "I am very real," he assured her, leaning forward to kiss her. "An apparition would not do that," he added, taking another step back.

Her cheeks colored when he kissed one of them, T'Seng had not anticipated this, and also she gasped as well. Her hand caressing her own cheek. "So that is what a true kiss on the cheek feels like." T'Seng said softly, "I've not felt that before. Not even from my parents."

"That is usually not the way with Vulcan parents," Sekat mused, "mine were never that affectionate towards me, though my father is not full Vulcan. His mother was half Human though his birth mother is full Vulcan." He paused. "I realize how confusing that sounds, but his birth mother is not his genetic mother. It is a long and complicated story."

He smiled as he shook his head. "I apologize, my family history is obviously of no interest to you. We should find yours instead. Did you have siblings that perhaps served in Starfleet? Did your parents?"

"On the contrary, I am interested in your family history. As for my own family, Father is Vulcan, Mother is Human. As to siblings, I do have two if they are alive still, a brother and a sister. They didn't kiss me on the cheek but, they did show signs of affection." her brow wrinkled as she thought back to when she was a baby, "Mother had someone tend to me from infancy. Now I am wondering why." she mused quietly for a moment then shook her head. "I will have to think about that later. I am keeping you from your rest, and as for my parents, my father was in Starfleet, my mother wasn't."

"I have one sister, Isaath. She is twenty-one years my junior. My mother is full Vulcan and is very traditional. My father, obviously, not so much." He gave her a brief nod. "You are not keeping me from anything, I choose to remain. however I will leave you to it. if there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to call upon me. However, please do remember that I am slow paced. I cannot run."

" I do not mind the gentle regal walk that you have." T'Seng replied. "but yes, I had better go inside and start my education and look for my relatives. Again thank you, Sekat, you have been most helpful indeed." she reached forward to touch his hand again but then stopped, "I must remember, no touching without permission." giving a slight smile.

"You can touch me," Sekat smiled back, "I would welcome you to. You do not need to ask me again." He offered a slight now. "My quarters are down the corridor. Call me if you need anything, any time at all."

Her hand finished its travel and gently touched Sekat's hand giving a gentle squeeze then released. "Thank you and I will remember that as well." she turned to enter her quarters. "I am glad that you were the first person I saw when I woke up, not that Lily wouldn't be bad to wake up from a deep sleep but... I'm just glad that it was you."

"Lily is an excellent doctor, I would trust her with my life," Sekat answered. "Good night ma'am." He gave a slight bow before starting to walk away, slowly as he had indicated he would be.

T'Seng nodded, noting the loyalty that Sekat had for the other doctor. It made her smile, for someone to be so trusted by another person, and she could see why he would trust Doctor Marlow. She watched as Sekat regally made his way towards his quarters then stepped inside her own, to begin the search for her own family and make connections.

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Sleeping Beauty


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