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Food and Therapy

Posted on Sun Oct 10th, 2021 @ 10:30pm by Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar & Lieutenant Lily Marlow

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Mess hall
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Lily was hungry, really hungry and the scents of the food wafting its way to her nose when she stepped inside the mess hall made her mouth water. Patrick was definitely cooking up a storm and she loved his cooking. She got some fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy plus corn. with a salad on the side. She looked about the hall to see whom was there to chat with or she can just eat quietly as well. Her eyes stopped on a woman whom she'd not seen before. An orion, she had heard of a new pilot that had come to the ship but up until this moment, Lily hadn't gone to meet her. Well now's a good time as any to do so. With that in mind, Lily headed on over to where the woman sat, "Hello, I'm Lily, mind if I have a seat at your table?"

S'anra was lost in thought and picking at her chef salad and looking at her tray. She had a small fruit bowl for dessert and a strawberry milkshake for her beverage when an unfamiliar voice startled her briefly. She saw a woman standing there smiling as the last part of the ladies question sank in. " No, I don't mind. Please sit down, I am Lieutenant S'anra Shalakar. I am the new flight officer for the ship. And you are....? " As she extended her hand in greeting.

"Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Majestic. " placing her tray down and taking S'anra's hand. "I'm part of the medical staff on the ship. I was Chief Medical Officer here but, decided to take a step back. Have you met Commander Sommers? He is now CMO." Lily picking up her piece of fried chicken and taking a bite of it, closing her eyes for a moment enjoying the flavors of it. "Patrick sure cooks rather well." she said once more mouth was empty.

S'anra smiled. " Why yes I have meet him and just recently as well. I reported in for my physical and replacement for my pheromone suppression refill. In fact I just came from Sickbay to find something to eat, I was becoming a bit hungry. So what is it that you do here on the ship? "

"Well, I am the Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Plus I also do massage therapy." Lily stated, then took another bite of her chicken, then decided to work on eating that before continuing her conversation.

S'anra stopped and looked to Lily. " Massage, Really? I am trained in the art of Orion style massage therapy, perhaps we could compare notes and see where they are similar and where they differ. that way we could learn some new techniques from each other if that is alright with you. "

Lily placed the bones of her chicken down on the plate and looked at S'anra. "That would be feasible. I don't mind I also know of Orion massage therapy. However wouldn't hurt to get some updates on it." giving a smile. "I also know acupuncture and also acupressure. And it would be nice to have someone else who knows how to give massages on the ship."

" That sounds like a delightful way to spend some free time and get to know some of the crew that way. So where is this massage therapy room located? " S'anra inquired. " It is of course against Starfleet regulations for me to do a full effect Orion massage." She blushed slightly. " Unless that person was very special to me and consented to such. But I haven't meet anyone like that in my life as of yet. "

Lily nodded. "after we finish eating I can show you. I think you'll like it very much." she said. "Also I can understand the other massage saved for your significant other." giving a smile.

Finishing up the last bit of her fruit bowl. " Well I don't know if I will ever meet someone like that or not, But as long as I have a career in Starfleet and I'm piloting a starship screaming along at better then warp seven with me hair on fire, I guess I could be happy. " She said with a grin and walked over to drop off her tray into the recycler.

Lily finished up her food, and took her tray to the recycler. "Okay lets get going." giving a smile and motioning for S'anra to follow. "Before the former chief of operations left, she set up the room for me, to my specifications. It was lovely of her to do so. " Lily remarked, leading the way to the turbolift, then telling the lift what level. The lift doors opened to the level Medical was on, "This way." Lily said a bit excited to show her pride and joy.

When they stepped inside, Lily turned on the lights in the room which revealed a rather well equipped room.

Attached to the ceiling were two parallel bars, hanging above a massage table. On the left side of the room were some shelves which contained the oils and ointments needed. Also there were her acupuncture needles in sterile containers, and a small table nearby.

On the right side of the room was a large screen, which looked like a window overlooking a view of a forest with a stream nearby. The lovely babbling sound of the stream, with the intermittent sound of birds, could be heard. The sound of a breeze dancing amongst the tops of the pines rustling the needles. An aroma emitter with essential oils lightly scented the room, with the natural scent of the forest.

Not too far from there, was an area for some Tai-chi exercises. Even though there was a room for that purpose, Lily felt that a more quiet area for part of therapy would be better. In pots there were several plants, Basil, Rosemary and Peppermint. Towels and cloths, to clean the hands, as well as sheets to cover the patient, as well as the massage table. On another part of the room, was a massage chair used for not only massage but also acupuncture treatments. Also there were some chairs where one might just want to sit and relax.

S'anra closed her eyes and breathed in the forest scent. Her ears were delighted by the sounds of the distant forest birds and the babbling brook as it gently made it's way down stream. S'anra opened her eyes and smiled. " The design of the room is beautiful and delightful to the senses, it would be very relaxing to the patient and those that work here as well. "S'anra thought for a moment. " Do you have set hours or is it by appointment only? "

She wandered about the room looking at the different areas and stopping to take in the fragrance of the plants, which brought back warm memories of her youth and made her smile again. "If the offer is still open I would like to work with you if you'll have me. And I'd like to learn how to do the acupuncture as well, I've had some treatments of it when I was in the academy back on earth if you'd be willing to teach me that is. "

"Oh I am very willing to teach you, and I don't have set hours. The treatments are by appointment only. Also if you want to work with me, I will give you the security code to come in. Also, you will be able to check to see if the room is being occupied. A few people are needing the security of having the door locked for privacy matters." Lily stated.

" I would be delighted to work with you Lily. And I can understand the need for privacy and door security, especially the females. " She paused briefly. " Maybe the command staff and some males, but mostly the females. " She gave a small sigh and shook her head slightly. " Even after all these centuries, women of all races have some minor issues with they're bodies and don't want to be embarrassed. I know I had issues when I was younger. "

Lily nodded, "Not only females have that embarrassment, I have found that men do as well." she looked around at the room once again. " I am glad that I was able to have this worked on, also glad that Captain Rutherford isn't going to take this away from me either. He and I served together on his previous ship. His wife and family are on the ship as well now."

S'anra smiled. " I've had the pleasure of meeting Captain Rutherford already. I was his pilot when I brought him aboard, and had the chance to chat with him for a bit and get to know him somewhat. He is a very decent man and I feel I would have no qualms serving under his command. "

S'anra paused and smiled. " The way he talked about his wife, I can tell that he loves her very much. That made me feel happy for them. I got to meet the CMO as well. Another wonderful person, In fact I don't there is a person on the ship that I've met so far that I haven't liked so far. " She shrugged her shoulders. " I can get along with anyone until they give me a reason not to. "

Lily smiled, "Well, there are one or two or several people that can be termed, having their own unique personalities. Sometime soon you'll be needing to meet Murphy, he's the chief engineer of the Majestic. And very protective of her. He's got a significant other. Patrick O'Malley, he's the head chef and do not go into the main kitchen of the ship. It is his domain. He's a lovely fellow and he's the one that makes the delicious food that we eat. Besides the replicators. And I do believe that he has also designed the tastes of the replicator food that we do eat. As they are certainly good tasting."

" Never a good idea to get on the bad side of the man that prepares your food. " S'anra stated. "my aunt was like that in the kitchen, You'd get a spoon across your hand if she caught you trying to snitch some food before it was ready. This will be a good way for me to get to know others in the crew as well, I'm looking forward to it. "

"Being a massage therapist on the side? Also there are other ways to meet the others too. I could introduce you to them as well. Might help out?" giving a bit of a smile. "When I first came on board I went and explored, bearing fruit in a bag. It was a good icebreaker and well basically got me some odd looks too." Lily giving grin.

" I haven't been on the ship that long and I really don't know that many people as of yet. " S'anra stated. " So a few introductions could help out some. that would be nice, Thank you." She gave lily a curious look. " Why would people give you odd looks for giving them fruit? Non replicated is always the best. Like a juicy apple or peach, or perhaps a succulent Marmosa fruit. They're a bit sticky but very tasty and makes a wonderful smoothie. "

"Well its not usual for a CMO to arrive at different areas of the ship, bearing gifts. " Lily replied with a smile, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "And that fruit sounds very delicious. How about coming to my quarters and I can get you some fruit from my Aunt's orchard, I have it in stasis to preserve its freshness."

" That sounds delightful, Is there anything you'd like me to bring? I have a bottle of Kolbera wine that would pair well with a fruit like a apple or pear. Kolbera is similar to a Chablis from earth. " S'anra stated.

"You know, that sounds great, I can make some snacks and we can chat a bit more." Lily stated with a smile.

After a brief stop at S'anra's quarters, she got a bucket of ice from the replicator to chill the wine and two boxes of double chocolate pocky sticks. Something her roommate from the academy got her hooked on. " Ok, I'm ready. Lead on Lily. " She said with a grin.

Lily chuckled, "Sounds good." and the two ladies headed to Liy's quarters. When they arrived, the dark haired doctor opened the door and stepped in.

"Welcome to my humble abode." spreading her arms around. Her quarters looked comfortable, with a homespun touch. A colorful quilt draped over the sofa, a rug upon the floor which was over the normal carpeting that came standard for Starfleet. There was a table which looked like it was made of wood in a small spot with four chairs, and a cooking island to sort of separate the living area and the kitchenette. There were two burners upon the cooking island, and beneath it was an oven unit. Against the wall was a small sink area as well as a refrigeration unit. With some counter space and some cabinets she can store things in.

S'anra stepped in and grinned. " Your quarters are welcoming and comfy. It suites you quite well. A woman's home can tell you a lot about her personality, and this fits you to a tee. " As she set the snacks and wine bucket upon the table.

" The only thing we're missing is a cozy fireplace for atmosphere. But I'm pretty sure that would upset the Captain, having an unauthorized fire on his ship." S'anra chuckled.

"Oh that is what you can do with a viewscreen." Lily replied with a grin. "But yes this is what I call home." going to kick off her shoes and walking back barefooted to the carpeted area.

S'anra followed suit and removed her shoes. " I prefer being barefoot while I'm in my quarters as well. " S'anra removed a cork fork from her pocket and opened the wine bottle. She walked over to the replicator. " Two chilled wine glasses please. " The machine hummed as the glasses appeared. she walked back to the table and poured the wine. She then placed a box of pocky sticks by each glass. " So what else can you tell me about the massage therapy work? And you mentioned something about introducing me to some other people here on the ship? "

"Yes, I intend on introducing you to several, unless you want to do that on your own. There is the Chief Counselor, he is actually very good. He's already helped me a lot." Lily stated.

" Hmm... Counselors are good to know regardless what ship your on." S'anra said. " But I'd also like to meet our chief engineer as well. Always like seeing the person who keeps this ship up and running, I view that person as a teammate. They keep it running and I keep it moving. " She stated with a grin.

she thought a moment. " Perhaps I should check in with our Chief of Security as well.Some of them go out of their way to meet new officers just to get a feel for them. " She let out a breath of air and brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear. " Sadly even now days, there are some people that seem to think that Orion's are nothing more then gypsys, tramps and thieves. Thankfully I haven't meet anyone like that aboard this ship. "

"Well, that is a biased opinion people have, just judging people on their skin color or race. Also that would be a good idea to meet the chief of security. So far he seems to be a really good man." Lily stated. "I've met him, and he's helping me on a project that I am needing help on."

S'anra gave Lily a curious look. " What project would require the help from the chief of security? " And quickly added. " If that's not a personal question that is. "

Lily shook her head, "I don't think it would be considered too personal. I found that someone had tampered with my memories, that a close friend whom I had thought had died, isn't dead. She as far as I know maybe alive. I am just asking him for some help to find her or see if she is even alive. Its just so... weird and strange and unsettling to have something like that happening or to have had happened."

S'anra shuddered visibly. " just the idea of someone playing with your mind like that. I know there are some races out there that would think nothing of violating another persons mind. " She placed her hand gently on Lilly's forearm. " I may not be a counselor, But i am told I listen well. I'm also known for quickly sharing a bottle of wine or a hot chocolate sundae with a troubled friend. " She said with an understanding smile.

"Believe me, I will definitely talk to you about things that bother me. Don't worry about that." Lily giving a smile. "Now, its just working through different details and finding the clues to find out whodunit." picking up piece of food to eat.

" Well I'm glad that's settled. " Stated S'anra. Nothing better then sharing a problem with a female companion who can understand what your going through. " As she picked up a piece of fruit and nibbled at it. " Clues? Whodunit? As in a Mystery? " She smiled. " Are you referring in general or a good holodeck mystery? Do tell. "

"In general as I am sort of involved in a mystery about my memories, therefore it is a whodunit. Hopefully that can be answered, sometime in the near future." Lily responded, then taking a drink of her wine.

S'anra looked confused briefly. "Is there another counselor aboard or someone qualified in regressive hypnotherpy? Surely that might help. " As she took a sip of wine. " Has that been tried as of yet? "

"That has been taken care of, which still in essence, brings up even more questions." Lily gave a bit of a sigh. "Well, enough talk about that conundrum. There are other things we can talk about later on." finishing up her drink. "I think we need to do this again, and the hour is growing late." catching sight of the timepiece on the wall.

" I agree, we do need to do this again. " Said S'anra. She followed Lily's gaze towards the clock. " Is it that late already? I really should be going myself. I still need to water my plants, and brush out my hair before getting ready for bed. " She looked at the bottle of wine. " There's not a lot left is there? why don't you enjoy the rest of it, I have more. " She got up and started heading towards the door. " I had a lovely time thank you, I'll see you again soon. "

"I look forward to doing so. Take care S'anra." Lily walking her to the door, then giving her an embrace before her new friend left.

S'anra returned the hug. I look forward to it my friend. " With that she turned off the lights and prepared for her daily meditation.




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