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Retrieving a secondary pilot

Posted on Thu Nov 4th, 2021 @ 3:18am by Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar & Captain Elijah Rutherford

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Star Base 308
Timeline: TBD
2512 words - 5 OF Standard Post Measure

Elijah went over the roster of new arrivals, and those who were going to be signing on to the Majestic. One stood out to him. It was a pilot who was supposed to be arriving soon. His name was Ensign Huojin Yáng. He got word that the man had just arrived on the station but hadn't come aboard yet.

He tapped his combadge, "Lieutenant Shalakar, would you come to the ready room for a moment?"

A few moments passed and S'anra chimed the door and then entered when she heard the command to enter. " Yes Captain? My shift just ended, What is it that you need Sir? " She stood looking at him expectantly awaiting an answer.

"Well we're to be getting a secondary pilot and he's not arrived on the ship officially. I am thinking he maybe on the station not certain. Would you be willing to go find him? I would definitely like him to be brought aboard and us finishing up with personnel transfers before we set out." Rutherford stated with a serious expression in his eyes.

S'anra smiled. " So I'm on collection detail am I? Not a problem then Sir. I needed some items from the station before we left the dock. " She gave a mischievous grin. " You know, things like soaps and bath crystals. You really should get your wife some of those, women do like to be pampered by those they love. Oh and I must not forget the material I need for the dress I'm sewing. " She whispered towards him. " Don't worry Sir it's only for off duty hours. " With that said she turned and headed out the doors to the transporter room.

She shortly arrived at transporter room three which was near the bridge. " One to transport to the station to collect a crewman per Captain's orders. " She stepped onto the platform. " Energize. " S'anra felt the tingle and was soon aboard the station. She asked the computer. " Location of Ensign Huojin Yang. "

Yang was said to be at a place called the Eagle's Nest, and that was where he was at. The aisian male was in the middle of a game of darts, with several companions laying wagers on him. Beside him was another male who was counting up where he was hitting.

"Another bullseye!" one called out.

S'anra looked at her PADD and glanced about the room and spotted her prey, he was with friends. Getting him out of here was going to be a piece of cake. She waited until after he completed his next throw and then sauntered up to him and gently stroke a finger lightly across his chin. " Hi Houjin. Remember me? I hope you do. " she said with a seductive smile. " Perhaps you could talk with me after your game? I'll be at that table right there. " As she pointed to a nearby table. She ordered a glass of wine and leaned back and crossed her legs and watched him play the rest of his game and smiled at him.

All eyes were drawn towards the voluptuous gorgeous woman who came up to Houjin. The pilot, dropped the set of darts he had in his hands being taken aback by this.

"Er hi?" Houjin stammered out, just gaping at the lovely vision who had just come to him.

"Woah Houjin, who is that? Where did she come from? Introduce her to us." some of his friends were asking. "There is no way she's with you." another stated. "She came to see me.. not you."

Houjin at that point got a little bit irritated. "now why wouldn't she come see me? You don't have claim to all the women here, Flint." his jaw jutting out. 'Okay I'm cashing in and I'm going to go see my girlfriend. I was just surprised to see her come here. I didn't want her to be pawed at by you." looking straight at Flint. He then grabbed his winnings and walked over to S'anra and whispered, "Look I don't know who you are but, would you do a favor for me and be my pretend girlfriend? Flint over there thinks he's heaven's gift to women. And thinks he's just so... you know all that."

Flint who was a athletically inclined man, broad of shoulder well toned muscles, he was giving S'anra the eye, and a come hither look.

S'anra ignored Flint and stood up and smiled waremly at Houjin and slipped her arm through the crook of his arm.and gave him a peck on the cheek. " How about we go some place a little more quiet and maybe get a bite to eat. " She ran her fingers through his hair and grinned. " We'll figure out something to do afterwards, It's been awhile tiger. "

Houjin nodded, casting a glance back at Flint who had his mouth open like a fish. He smiled and went with S'anra out of the establishment . Once they were away far enough, he stated to S'anra, "You certainly made me look good. Thank you." he stated. Looking a bit shy now. "Why were you looking for me anyway?"

S'anra glanced over her shoulder and laughed as Flint tried to discreetly follow them. " Hold up a second, your friend is following us, time to make this look good. " She whispered to him. She stepped in front of him and put her arms around his neck and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, and then motioned him to walk through the gardens.

After losing Flint in the gardens S'anra gave Houjin a sideward glance. " Now to answer your question. " You are Ensign Houjin assigned to the USS Majestic. I am Lieutenant S'anra Shalakar the Chief Flight Officer of the USS Majestic and have been sent by Captain Rutherford to collect you. The ship will be leaving soon, I hope your gear is already aboard? "

Houjin was shocked at what just happened. He got kissed by a beautiful woman and then finds out she is his superior officer. "Um.. yeah, uh. I do have my things stowed on the ship, probably just waiting for me to get it unpacked. And okay then. And thanks looks like Flint isn't too happy about you kissing me." Houjin stammered out.

S'anra laughed lightly. " His kind is a credit a dozen, and the ones who think they're the galaxies gift to women are the ones who annoy me. Besides it was fun to shine him on. " She said with a mischievous grin. " Just don't expect that to become a habit. Understood? "

Hounjin nodded, "Oh I do understand most definitely. And once again thank you for coming to get me." the pilot responded, there being a bit of a pink coloration in his cheeks and his ears.

S'anra gave a laugh. " How cute! A little shy and humble. I like that in a man, it tells me your not the kind to play with a woman's emotions. I respect that. " She gave him a sly sideward glance. " So if you have any questions about women in general or advice on romance, just ask. Think of me as a big sister. " She stated with a sweet smile.

"Um.. no I won't be thinking of you as a big sister, I do not kiss sisters and sisters should not kiss brothers. How about we just call us, friends and leave it at that. I don't even want to even call it kissing cousins. Nope, nope, nope" Houjin firmly shaking his head.

" Aww... You mean I don't get to give you romantic advice where women are concerned? " Teased S'anra. She appeared confused for a moment before asking her question. " why is it wrong to kiss one's brother or sister? It is done on Orion all the time, and that wasn't even close to the kiss I would give my lover. " she said with a wicked smile. " Besides, that little peck was just to impress your friends and to get you out of the bar quicker. " She stated nonchalantly. She leaned in close and whispered into his ear. " If I were to kiss you like my lover, it would curl your toes and you would feint dead away into next week. " She purred having a little fun teasing him. " Shall we get back to the ship now? " she asked with an innocent smile.

Hounjin's eyes went rather wide, "I know other countries and races have their own way of showing affection, but not where I am from. Which I said nope on a sister kissing on the lips. And that may have been a peck but it was still a kiss in my book." giving a shy look. "And um would feel wrong to be your lover as you outrank me." his face turning a beet red. "Sure lets get to the ship and we can get on our way."

S'anra's expression softened and her voice took on a more serious tone. " I'm sorry if you were taking this serious. I was just teasing you and trying to break the ice, Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. Yes we really did show affection towards our siblings like that and it was always non sexual. "

S'anra sighed and brushed her hair away from her face. " And no I don't have a lover since I haven't met that special someone as of yet. And if you really do need advice on women, just ask ok? And I can handle us being just friends. I hope I didn't ruin things for us to be friends. " As a single tear escaped her eye.

Houjin's eyes widened, "Oh please don't cry, I can't handle it when a woman cries. You've not ruined things for us to be friends." he gulped, "Just please don't cry." him digging out a clean kerchief and handing it to S'anra. "here dry your eyes please."

S'anra accepted the handkerchief and dabbed her eyes. She leaned in and gave him a quick gentle hug and pulled back as she returned the kerchief. " Thank you for being so kind and understanding. " She said softly. " I think I may need to sit down for a moment. " S'anra said motioning to a nearby bench.

Houjin responded, looking rather concerned at this point. "sure, lets have a seat. I wasn't meaning to upset you S'anra." he quietly said. "Want me to get you some water or some tea?"

S'anra sat down next to Houjin and rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She spoke barely above a whisper, just enough for him to hear her. " Put your arm around my shoulder and pull me closer. " She said. " Your idiot friend from the bar is trying to be stealthy. About thirty degrees to the port, you can't miss him! Gods I can almost smell his jealousy!." She took a few deep breaths and spoke again. " So stroke my hair a little, give the idiot a grin and a wave, and when he's gone we'll get something to eat before returning to the ship. "

Houjin's eyebrows raised but complied with her direction. He did catch the sight of Flint, who looked pretty angry at the cuddling he was doing with S'anra. Flint finally couldn't stand it anymore and stalked over to where Houjin and S'anra were at.

"Lady, what do you see in him? He is just a scrawny, pilot. You could do better with me, a handsome strong man." Flint said, flexing his muscles. He was really in quite the fixated mode.

"Flint why don't you go peddle your wares somewhere else." Houjin remarked. "Quit embarrassing yourself." the pilot taking S'anra's hand and giving it a kiss on the back of it. "She is with me."

S'anra looked up at flint with annoyance displayed upon her face. " What I see or don't see in him is none of your concern. As for doing better, If I were to date say a Pakled that would be a step or two up from YOU!! " She stood up and placed her hands on her hips. " Now hear this Ensign! I am a Lieutenant, Not some trollop in a bar. Do you see these pips? Did I just see a flicker in your eye, Is it sinking in how much trouble your in? Your actions are boarding on gross insubordination. So tell me ENSIGN, Do you prefer the rank of Ensign or PRISONER!!? Now get out of my sight or I'll make sure that you'll only be a crewman by the time your a grandpa. " She said with venom dripping from her words.

Flint's eyes widened and his face went pale. "Oh well, um... Goodbye!" and turned around and literally ran from S'anra and Houjin.

Houjin was just in shock for a moment then he started laughing. "Oh that was good, that is really good indeed." he gave her hand one more kiss and then gently let it loose. "I don't know about you but I am hungry now. Let's go get something to eat."

S'anra calmed after a bit and then pointed the direction that Flint ran. " Tell me please how THAT made it through the academy?! She shook her head in disbelief. " Let me guess, Some scientist on Earth uncovered a neanderthal frozen in the ice and made a bet if they cleaned it up they could sent it to the academy and bet if it would pass or not. Was that it ?"She sighed. " Let's get out of here. I'm starting to feel a little peckish myself.

Hounjin could only shrug. "I have not a clue, maybe they saw something in him that thought he was good. Anyway, yes lets get something to eat and then head to the ship. I am glad he's not signed onto the Majestic." he shuddered, "That guy is just bad news."

" If Flint has more then two brain cells that work, He should avoid us for the remainder of the time we're here. " She stopped for a moment and started moving again. " There's a diner over there and it's close to our departure point, It's been awaile since I've been in there but they have really good food there. Shall we ? "

"Sounds good to me." Hounjin replied. "And I will take your recommendation. I hope he does avoid us. I am sure he will." giving a bit of a sigh. "I will say this is the more interesting way of meeting my superior officer I've ever had. It will definitely be remembered. So eat and get out of here and go out into the stars. I am so looking forward to getting out there."

S'anra gave Houjin a dark look. " He had better not cross my path again today or he'll regret it, That no good Shalin..." She stopped mid word. " Forgive me I almost said something rather unlady like there. Subject change, I am working on a design for a new helm control that would give the ship better and finer maneuverability. As we know, no true pilot is happy unless they're doing warp nine with their hair on fire. " She said with a grin.


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