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Lily meeting Megan

Posted on Thu Apr 7th, 2022 @ 4:15am by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant JG Megan DuBois

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Mess hall
Timeline: Current
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Once more Lily was checking over the crew rosters to get schedules redone for sickbay. There was one person whom she'd seen off and on in sickbay, yet Lily hadn't been able to just sit down and have a talk with her. And that was Megan DuBois. Lily sort of hunted Megan down and remarked. "You know we've been working with each other off and on with each other, and I would like to rectify that. What do you say?"

Megan wasn't really paying attention to her surrounding as a voice was suddenly talking out of nowhere. Megan jumped a little as she took in a small breath after a slight squeal. "Lady," Megan tried to regain her composure as she made her way over to a nearby chair. "You just can't go all sneaking around here and then walk up behind," she took a second to catch her breath, ".. behind the pregnant lady." Megan looked down, "I think I might have peed a little there. Hard to tell if it was you, or the little one playing jump rope with my bladder. Could be either?" She shrugged.

After a second or two had passed, and Megan had found a way to settle the child growing in her stomach she turned to her co-worker, "Now what did you need Doctor Marlow?"

"I didn't mean to startle you, and do you need to go do a quick change?" Lily responded, with a wide-eyed look. "I wanted to do a little bit of a getting to know you chat but that can wait until you take care of something first." from what her mother had told her, women who were pregnant definitely needed to wear something to keep from having embarrassing accidents.

Megan looked at her puzzled at first then waved her comment off with a flick of her wrist, "oh honey that," she laughed, "I am seven months pregnant, just be grateful I can still make it to the bathroom in relative ease." She maneuvered herself to a standing position, "seven months pregnant I swear feels month like seven years," she rested a hand on a belly as she began to softly rub her fingers over her stomach as if to soothe the child. "And if Daddy wants any more of you he can find a way to get pregnant himself. Cause Mommy's never doing this again..."

She looked up at Marlow, "Sorry...get to know you chat? Right?" She paused, "have you had lunch, cause I am suddenly hungry?"

"I could do with some lunch." Lily responded, with another smile. Just something about Megan no one can possibly stay in a dour mood. Well at least Lily can't. "Let's call a break then and go get something to eat." Lily assigned someone to keep watch over medical while they were away. "Mess hall or a comfortable place to eat. Which would you prefer? I can cook us some lunch and it won't take long."

"Mess Hall," Megan smiled, not that she didn't trust Lilly but she wasn't comfortable going to her quarters to eat. Not yet, at least; she looked at the nearest Doctor as she handed over her current cases and patient load. "After you Doc," she turned to head to the nearest door.

Lily nodded, and the two of them left medical. Arriving at the mess hall, Lily was glad there was a short line today. Lily was hungry, and her stomach grumbled as if it had been neglected. She ordered a soup and sandwich with some green tea with honey and lemon, her dessert was sliced red apples and cheese. "Just am in the mood for these items," Lily remarked.

Meg followed as she ordered a simple meal. She was hungry but knew better than to eat anything strange; as she had an aversion to revisiting food later. "Iced tea, no sugar with lemon," she smiled at the replicator, "a cucumber sandwich, and sweet potato fries."

When they received their food, Lily led the way to a table where she and Megan can talk, in relatively privacy. Lily had a few questions she wanted to ask Megan but determined to wait until the two of them had eaten some. When their appetites were somewhat sated Lily spoke up, "How are you liking it here on the ship? I know you've not been on it for too long but, are you finding your quarters to your satisfaction?"

"Moving is a part of the job when you wear this uniform," Megan smiled, "They teach you that from the moment you get to the Academy. But, I will say that each time is just as hard no matter how good the ship is, or how nice the crew is. It's still a different place and I whole new environment. That said, Andy and I both are settling in just," she winced as the baby kicked. "I swear this kid," she instinctively started to rub her belly, "I am certain of one thing if Andy wants another baby he's having the next one."

"We are settling in just fine," she realized she hadn't answered the question.

"Glad you are doing so. I do have to ask, just to be nosy." Lily giving a laugh. "honestly though it's best to make sure the home life is a good one as well. How did you and your husband meet?"

"We met on our previous assignment," she smiled as she drifted back to that days, "Andy was nervous and couldn't form a sentence if he tried. He was rather cute. I made the first move and it's been downhill ever since." She rubbed her belly, "and now I think there will be no getting rid of him," she winced, "she kicked," her eyes looked down. "I don't think she liked that," she winced again. "Ok, ok Daddy can stay..."

Lily gave a bit of a chuckle, "I have heard that the baby's like to communicate in one form or other. " there is a wistful expression in her eyes, "Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to have one or two of my own." Lily giving a bit of a shrug, "Or not. I just haven't had the opportunity as of yet. Or maybe just not found someone I've taken a fancy to." she looked down at her mostly empty bowl, then back up to look at Megan. "Looks like I'm almost done with my lunch, and the same for you. Oh, and I will be doing your checkups, as your pregnancy progresses." Lily added.

Megan nodded, "oh like hell you are," she smiled, "I am more than qualified to check up on my baby and make sure she's," Megan wink, "developing nicely. When it's time I will," she could see the disapproving look on Lily's face. "You know what they say, Doctors make the worse patients. Ok, Doctor Marlow, you win."

Lily was surprised, then laughed, "Um that was unexpected, I thought you were going to argue with me. It would have been fun? Thank you though for accepting me to be your doctor. Somewhat, I promise not to be an um.. naggy one." giving a grin.

Megan nodded, "I will hold you to that, Doctor Marlow," she finished the last bit of food on her plate. "I expect nothing less," she laughed a bit.

"If you need a back massage let me know, I am versed in therapeutic massage which will help with the pains you are probably experiencing." Lily offered. "And we can discuss that more at a later time if you want to call this meal at an end."

Megan nodded, "I will remember that, Andy tries to rub my back but the man has no talent whatsoever. He's a sweetheart, and he tries." Megan stood up, as the two walked their trays over to the nearest replicator. Megan suddenly dropped her tray, "ohhh.." she hissed. "I don't think Junior liked that sandwich."

"Deciding to kick up a fuss. A friend of mine who was pregnant had groused about someone teaching her baby the can can. Said baby seemed to just want to dance around." Lily crouched down to pick up the tray and then took it to the recycler. "Just how far along are you?" Lily asked, once the two trays were put away.

"Almost 32 weeks," Megan smiled, "8 more to go," she stated a bit more stern as she rubbed her belly. "And then Daddy can have the next one," she laughed. "I promised Andy one kid," she winced as the baby kicked even harder, "he's on his own after this onnnnn.." she winced a bit harder. "Ok, that one hurt," she added.

"Well guess the baby wants you to go take it easy and get a foot massage. Or for that matter, just put your feet up and rest yourself. From what has been told to me and my own observations rest is required and putting your feet up to stop any swelling that can occur."

Megan nodded, "some time off," she winked, "Doctor's orders?" She was partly joking, after all, this was a new assignment she couldn't afford time off. "Feet swelling, strange cravings, indigestion, and insomnia," Megan laughed, "pregnancy is not fun, and whoever said it was needs to be committed."

"Actually yes, doctor's orders you will be placed on light duty, I'm not going to be making you be stuck in your quarters going crazy. There are things you can do without putting too much stress on yourself. But you will be needing to be attentive to your health." Lily responded her tone a bit firm on this matter.

"You know who they say are the worse patients right," she sighed, "Doctors."

Lily laughed, " Oh believe me, don't I know it. I'm not a good patient either." she looked at the time, "Looks like its almost time for shift change, and my shift comes into play. Shall we?"

"After you, Doctor," Megan nodded, "and thank you for lunch."


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