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Information Gathering

Posted on Sat Apr 9th, 2022 @ 7:29pm by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant JG S'anra Shalakar

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Captain's ready room
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Elijah took a look at a report he had just gotten and frowned slightly. He had been requested by Star Fleet to collect some information, from a source that Star Fleet valued. He sent a message to both S'anra and also Hadir.

"Lieutenants, Prenar and Shalakar please report to my ready room." then he waited for them to arrive. He had a mission for the two of them.

Hadir had been putting the finishing touches on getting the SCIF set up. The Majestic had not had an Intelligence Officer or Department before. So he started from scratch. He was about to bring the security protocols online when the call came in from the Captain. Hadir grunted and thought something about his work never stopped or was it started. About five minutes and a journey through the corridors later he found himself outside the Ready Room.

A few seconds after the call was put out S'anra walk through the doors. " I was about to leave the bridge Captain, my shift has just ended. " She sat down in a chair. " With what may I assist you with today Sir? " She asked.

When Hadir was given permission to enter he flashed his trademark smile and ducked through the doorway. "You wanted to see me, Captain."

When both Hadir and S'anra arrived Elijah turned from the window he was looking out from, just gazing at the stars. "Since we are still docked at SB 308, I am wanting to have the two of you go on an assignment. "I have received notification of a contact who has information for the location of some pirates that have been plaguing the area. I have a vested interest in them, as they nearly destroyed my former ship." having a grim look. "Would you be willing to go make contact with them, but it will have to be an undercover mission. This is due to where you will be meeting them. Akaza Station, a shadow port not run by Star Fleet." he paused realizing he needed one other person for this endeavor, "However I have one other person that needs to be here." Tapping on his comm badge "Lieutenant Callaghan would you please come to my ready room."

Andrew had been meeting with the new Security Ensigns when the call from the Captain came in, tapping his comm badge, "on my way Captain." He turned to the newest arrivals, "Thorson and Thass I want a review of all the weapon's lockers on the ship; a complete inventory and testing off all weapons," he knew that this was a boring assignment. He then turned to the door, "before the end of your shifts," he added to a collective sigh as he left the room.

The trip to the ready room had been rather uneventful save and soon he found himself in the ready room. He knew the Captain but the other two he didn't know. "Lieutenants," he nodded to both the Orion and the Cardassian. "You wanted to see me, Captain?"

"Yes, I've got a mission that I want the three of you to go on, I had just informed Lieutenant Shalakar, our chief helmsman and our newly arrived Intelligence officer, Lieutenant Prenar, but I do want you to be a part of this. I had just gotten word, a contact has some information to be given, that of some pirate activity that had nearly destroyed my former ship. I need you three to go meet with the contact and get that information."

Hadir set his eidetic memory to work as he asked the questions. "Do we have a name, and or a description of this contact? Is this a disavow mission?" Hadir acknowledged the arrival of the Security Chief with a smile and a nod.

" I have a question myself, what are we going to do about a ship? We certainly can't go in a federation shuttle of runabout. We would be under suspicion the moment we set foot on the station if not outright killed for bringing something that could be traced to their location. No pirate or smuggler is going to want the federation showing up on they're front doorstep tracking down a stolen shuttle. " she thought a moment. " That and when do we leave? "

"This will be a disavow mission" Elijah first answering Hadir's question, then he addressed the rest. "I will give you a padd that will give you the information as to what the contact will look like. And how you will be getting there, I have another contact that you will be making on the station. He is 'looking' for some replacement crew at the moment. His name is Rashad Elgin. The ship he has, does not scream out Federation at all. Far from it, he maintains that he is an independent merchant. Just out and about to make ends meet and sell goods that people need. He owes me several favors though, and I intend on cashing in on a couple. One of them is providing transportation for you to there and back. And I also expect him to get you out in case there is trouble. Rashad likes to frequent a small hole in the wall sort of bar, called Aft Burners. " He placed upon the view screen an image of Rashad, a wiry built man, with dark blonde hair, dressed in simple enough clothing. Black homespun trousers, dark brown vest with a cream-colored linen shirt which laced up the front.

"As for when you will be leaving, whenever you are ready to do so," Elijah stated. He did decide to put up the image for the ones they will be contacting at Akaza Station.

"This is Dasha Noir" the exotic beauty, an orion mix woman had black hair and light green skin, with pointed ears. "And this is Eldon Alarive." the man had black hair which reached below his shoulder blades, wearing a crimson tunic, black trousers."These two you will be meeting up with on Akaza Station."

"Right so this is what we in Intel would call the old learn and burn. Get in, learn what we can, and get out. It saddens me that I have to ask this, but the mission could be at stake if I do not. This place where we are going... What is their feeling about my people? I mean a Human walking in with an Orion on his arm attracts zero suspicion. However, add a Cardassian to that mix and suddenly they look like they are up to something." Hadir did not mean any disrespect to his fellow officers, and especially his Captain. However, this was a legitimate concern for the mission to succeed.

"Out here in what can be termed the wild wild west of space, there is going to be different species just trying to make ends meet in anyway that they can. Cardassians, Ferengi, Orions, humans and other species that are just native to this part of space. So you going there, may not warrant a third glance or well maybe a fourth glance. Its a shadowport where you will find all sorts of species there looking to cut a deal, make a profit whether it be legitimate or not." Elijah replied.

Andrew really didn't respond to any of the questions, or comments as the others around him spoke. He was just mentally processing everything that was taking place. He had only just arrived and now he was being told that he was going off on some mission. Megan was going to kill him, or at least kill him when he got back. He wasn't comfortable with the term disavow mission, but that came with the uniform. "Not exactly what I expected to hear when I got summoned here," he paused, "but, if it can help then I'm ready."

"I would just need a couple of hours to make ready before we leave. If that is alright." Hadir thought it a little odd that the Captain used Starfleet resources and personnel to settle a personal score. But, he also knew that it was not his place to question.

" A few hours for you to get ready? " S'anra asked. " That will be perfect! I have a few things I take care of quickly before we leave. What berth will your ship be at? " She asked. " I certainly can't go into the wilds of space in naught but a star fleet uniform, I'll be back shortly after I recover a few items that I'm going to need for this adventure. "

Elijah nodded, " You will find the owner of that ship at the bar I had mentioned. And yes please take the time to get yourselves prepared. It will be easy enough to gather whatever clothing you will need. Are there any other questions you may have before things begin?"

" I don't. " Stated S'anra. " Now if you gentlemen will excuse me, I have some packing to do. " A quick trip to the medical center before returning to her quarters and about a half an hour to pack what she needed and was ready to go. She emerged from her quarters wearing a sheer black skirt which was cut at an angle exposing most of her left leg. to which a klingon disruptor was strapped to. Her belt was adorned with silver coins and bells that jingled as she walked and a brace of orion dancer blades rested comfortably upon her hips. Her mid drift was exposed and the crop top was adorned with matching silver coins. S'anra had a shoulder bag and small case in hand for her travels and headed directly to the after burner bar to meet up with the others.

Hadir nodded grimly to the Captain as he spoke. "No sir I understand." He turned and headed for his quarters. Once there he sat for a solid ten minutes as he contemplated the mission. This was the business he chose, but it was not necessarily one that he enjoyed. For this mission Hadir decided to play what he felt most would expect of him, a Cardassian bully. To his end he donned Cardassian civilian clothing that had a tactical flavor to them. A dark green colored tunic style shirt and black tactical pants. Solemnly from a case at the bottom of his closet he removed his old Cardassian disruptor from his time in the order. A quick flick of a switch told him that the weapon had power and was still in working order even after all these years. The weapon was holstered and he ducked out of his quarters to head for the After Burner bar.


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