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Posted on Thu Feb 24th, 2022 @ 10:53am by Lieutenant Hadir Prenar & Captain Elijah Rutherford

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Ready Room USS Majestic
Timeline: One Hour After "Greetings"
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For a long time Hadir was unsure if he would return to Starfleet. The loss in rank hit hard, as it showed that Starfleet still did not trust him. The USS Fearless was lost in combat, but it was somehow pinned on Hadir and that led to where he was now. About to ring the door chime of the Ready Room of his new Captain, for his new assignment. An assignment that he was not fully sure he wanted. He could not make up his mind and so he had to go through the motions at least. He sighed heavily and pressed the chime.

"Enter!" Elijah called out putting down the Padd's upon the top of the desk. He looked at the Cardassian who stepped inside, and rose from his chair. The Cardassian lieutenant was a good eight inches taller than he. He had been given word that he would be receiving an intelligence officer, he wasn't expecting it to be this soon.

"Greetings Lieutenant." Elijah remarked to him.

Hadir ducked his head as he came through the door, his height made him have to duck through most doors. "Good morning sir. Lieutenant Hadir Prenar reporting as ordered. Starfleet Intelligence sent me." Hadir stood rigid straight as he reported in. You can take the Cardassian out of Central Command...

"You have arrived sooner than what I anticipated. Then again, it was probably easier due to us not having left the station yet. Still working on informational gathering for our current mission. I trust that your journey has been uneventful?"

"Yes sir! Uneventful thankfully. I actually arrived almost a week ago. Since the ship was delayed on mission I had the chance to explore a little. May I ask what the current mission is? Information gathering is my job after all." Hadir smiled broadly as he spoke.

"Right now we've got a bit of a puzzle that is being pieced together. We've got some holo-sentients that are wanting to find their creator and be reunited with him. This small group of holo sentients, ended up helping the crew of the Majestic get out of a rather bad predicament." Elijah stated. "And their representative had requested for our help as well."

"I see... So what do we need to know? Are we sure that the motives of these holos are not malicious?" Hadir had read a lot of missions that dealt with holograms becoming malicious and evolving past their programming. However, he had never dealt with something like it directly.

"Currently the science team and the Chief of Operations are working to find out information where the creator of the holo-sentients could be living. Those that are on the ship, granted it did cross my mind that they could have a malicious program in their make up but, if you talk to T'seng they had been her companions for quite sometime. She was on that station in a rather odd stasis chamber. That is currently being studied as well. Maybe talk to her? She might have some nuggets of information that she may not realize that she has. She is our newly assigned diplomatic officer."

"Yessir. Seems like she is the best place to start here. I do like to have a complete background of information so that I know where to look for further. Digging the dirt as it were is what I do best." Hadir said with one of his trademark Cardassian smiles.

Elijah gave a nod, "Indeed, most definitely and welcome aboard Lieutenant Prenar. You most assuredly will be a welcome addition to the crew."

When he was dismissed Hadir walked from the Ready Room and back out on the Bridge. As the crew busied about their duties he could not help but feel their eyes upon him. These looks were either because of his race or his position. Either way he would be sure to earn their respect, and earn a place in his new home.


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