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Posted on Wed Jun 15th, 2022 @ 12:43am by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Ensign Leyana

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: USS Crystal Star
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On the Crystal Star, both Leyana and Jereet had been informed that the journey to SB 308 would take a couple of days. On the first day of that journey, Jereet would come to Leyana's quarters and ring the chime. When the door opened there was a concerned expression on his face. "Leyana I need to check on something with you. I am sensing something that seems off about you."

Confusion spread across the Tulian woman's face as she stepped aside to let her mentor in. "Off?" she queried, "I don't understand ambassador, what should be off? I'm not ill, a little nervous but otherwise I am fine."

Jereet stepped inside, and then when the door closed, he motioned to one of the chairs there, "May I?" walking over to the seat and sat down. "I have been sensing something about you that seems illogical. What do you remember about your early years?"

Confusion turned into worry as the young woman nodded for him to sit down. Though unasked, she got them both some tea then sat down across from him. "I don't understand. I was raised in the Tulian court, always surrounded by servants to do my bidding. I don't remember anything other than being taught I was to tell others what to do, and that i could order them to do my bidding. I'm not sure what you mean with early years.... for as long as I remember, I was surrounded by servants, separated from the others because I was to marry produce heirs."

"You were what age? The furthest you can recall. "Jereet was watching Leyana to gauge her body language. He definitely was feeling troubled about this. Something must have been done to her.

"I don't know? I was very young, five maybe six years old? I was out riding what Humans might call a horse. I think? I wasn't alone though, I recall someone being with me but I can't remember who." While her mentor might feel troubled, the young woman was starting to get concerned. "Why are you asking me all of this? What is wrong?"

"I am detecting something that doesn't resonate correctly with how you look and your history. It is almost intangible, like something untangling within your mind. Have you had any headaches that you have been taking medication for?" Jereet asked.

Leyana's eyes widened. "How did you know this?" she asked carefully, perhaps somewhat suspiciously even though she had no reason at all to be suspicious of him. "I've been having headaches for months...pretty much since I was banished."

"I had wondered, and had looked into the medication you had been given. You ran out of your headache medication and the doctors said they were unable to get anymore from your people." Jereet responded.

"I don't know they were different, but regular medication isn't helping much.." she cast fearful eyes to him. "Are you trying to tell me you know what's wrong with me?"

"I have a hypothesis on what is taking place, and I do not want to explore it until we can be in medical. I would rather we wait until we get to the USS Majestic, and speak to someone who is in medical there. I do wish to do a link with your mind to make certain my theory is correct. I just do not wish to alarm you." Jereet remarked.

"I already am alarmed," Leyana murmured before giving a slight nod. "Please, if that eases your worries.... I am sure that I'm fine though, I've had headaches for as long as I can remember, I just need to find a new means to treat them."

Jereet nodded and since she gave her permission, he placed his hand on the points of her face preparing to enact a mind meld. "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts." his breathing controlled and rhythmic. "close your eyes as well." he murmured.

Leyana would feel a slight pressure in her mind, then would feel the sensation of not being alone in her mind, then it will be as if a window was opened and different memories would come to the surface. Jereet would gasp then release the mind meld.

"Leyana, we need to wait until we get to the Majestic and continue or do you wish to continue when we arrive at SB308?"

"I don't know.." The young woman felt faint and was visibly shaken. "What was that... who was that? What would you do?"

"It seems that your true memories have been altered, and you are not who you think you are." Jereet remarked quietly. "It is something that is concerning."

All colour drained from the young woman's face now. "What?" she managed to squeak out. "I'm not me? But if not, then who am I? And why don't I know this? Who did this? And why?"

"We will need to find out and there is an investigation going on. This is why we need to get medical involved in this but, it will have to be with someone that can be trusted, who has the ability to keep quiet. I know this is a bit of intrigue but for your safety and those involved we need to keep quiet as to this matter." Jereet replied.

Slowly, Leyana nodded. "I am former Princess Leyana of Tulia, now Ensign Leyana of Starfleet," she said, though her voice quivered. "And I trust you, and only you."

He then made a connection once more with Leyana, taking in a deep breath. Doing something like that was rather personal, but, something had been done to her and she was close to the age of his grand-daughter. He delved deep into her mind; carefully, gently until he found something that didn't seem right. He frowned slightly when he found the barrier. In her mind Leyana could hear him say, "I have found something." beads of perspiration trickled down his cheeks. Then.... the barrier 'snapped' and the memories that were hidden flooded through. Jereet reeled back at that onslaught...

The young woman's eyes widened, her mouth open in a silent scream as she pushed him away. "No!" she finally cried out. "No, no, that's not me. That's not me! Those memories are false... I'm Princess Leyana of Tulia... I grew up in the palace, surrounded by servants. I'm not this.....this child!"

Jereet had sat down heavily upon the floor near Leyana's bed, trying to catch his breath and bring the roaring emotions that were colliding inside. He had to regain his focus, and master the turbulance. "We... will... talk a bit more just let me ponder. However you must go into a meditative state, breathe in through your nose and then out from your mouth, do this slowly. This will help you calm down. he finally stated before going a bit quiet, he was going to go in a meditative stated to quell the storm within.

"I don't know how to meditate." Leyana watched him go quiet and at first just continued to watch. Meditation was something she'd never had the patience for, but she had other means to 'cool off'. "I'm going to take a bath," she announced, not sure if Jereet would hear her in this condition.

Jereet gave a nod. "I shall leave you while you take your bath." The Vulcan male rising from the floor. "Contact me when you wish to speak of this." he added, then headed towards the door.

Ensign Leyana
Diplomatic aide
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