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Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2022 @ 10:10am by Lieutenant Siora Carberos & Lieutenant JG Camelia Zamfir

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Communications Array, Deck 4
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It was her first time on the USS Majestic, she had come from another ship to be here. She had been transferred, and hoped in this transfer she could also pick up some clues as to where her brother could be. She knew her other brother Stefan, was on SB50 hoping to find clues as to where their older brother was at. It seemed they were working different quadrants, and she felt drawn here in this quadrant. Gamma Quadrant. Perhaps he was somewhere out in this vicinity. For now that will have to be explored later, she needed to check in with the Chief of Operations. Lieutenant Carberos.

=^= Computer where is Lieutenant Carberos?=^=

=^= Lieutenant Carberos is on Deck 4, Communications Array =^=

The reason for the above was that there was a power drain that Siora had noticed on one of her bridge shifts and wanted to track it down. It was a squirrelly wee bugger.

Camelia grabbed some gear and headed to where Siora was at, and entered where her 'boss' was at. "Hi, I'm Lieutenant Zamfir, I've just come aboard, do you want some help?" the blonde giving a small smile.

"Nice to meet you." Siora turned to meet Lt. Zamfir. "Please, I am trying to find why there is a significant power drain within the communications array." she said welcoming the woman into the room.

"Wait, what?" Camelia opening up her gear bag and pulled out her tricorder. "Did we get a vole in the ship somehow?" a worried expression in her eyes. "I hate those suckers."

"They are nasty little animals when they want their food." Siora agreed. "But can't blame them for following their nature. Just wish they'd do it somewhere that didn't cause us engineers problems." she chuckled to herself. "I think this is more bipedal input though... every time I think I have the location, it jumps."

"Well I heard tell that there was this station that was operated by holograms, the AI was trying to get access to the ship. Wonder if that is the glitch we're picking up. I did some reading of the ship when I was assigned here. Got to know what I was getting myself into." Camelia remarked.

"I heard about that as well, doesn't bear thinking about that one." Siora said with a little shiver. "I am not detecting any signatures that bear the markings of a hologram, but to be honest I have not been looking for one. Feel free to take a more in depth look... although I think might end up being a pretty boring misaligned junction, or burnt out circuit." she sighed.

"I prefer something like that, than dealing with a vole or even a possibly evil AI program that is trying to take over the ship." Camelia remarked with a laugh. "What brought you here to the USS Majestic, if you don't mind my asking." her intelligence roots still showing.

"Yes, evil AI's are a menace." She said speaking from an experience she had when she was younger. "But what brought me here... I missed open space, the thrill of something different. My previous roles helping Starfleet were pretty static affairs and I wanted more variety in my life." she chuckled. "Nothing says variety than having your head under a food processor in the morning and your hands in a comms array in the afternoon. Honestly... where can you get that?" she joked.

"What about you?" Siora returned the question.

Camelia was reaching to check another spot in the array, twisting herself in almost a pretzel, "Besides looking for my other brother, Lucian, I wanted a chance to wander about space seeking new life forms, explore new worlds, that sort of thing." she looked back at Siora, she then caught a blip, "Looks like we've got a couple of loose connections here."

"Ah! See what having another pairs of hands does?" Siora asked rhetorically. "Speeds up the work." she said with a smile. "Isolate the section so you don't get zapped and reconnect them please. Then we'll see if they are the source of the power drain. If not, then we'll need to keep looking... it could be those are redundant connectors."

"I'll be careful." came her reply. "Tell me something, do you have family around? Any siblings? Do you get along with them?" Camelia stopped and laughed. "Sorry I am here barraging with all of these questions."

Siora chuckled softly to herself. "It's okay... I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I used to have 4 but sadly he has joined my father in the afterlife. I have cousins and other family, including my mother, on our home world and around the quadrant. To answer your question though, I do get on with them just fine I guess. We have quite a relaxed relationship, my family." Siora admitted. "What about you? I get the impression from you that you do, but when you mentioned family I sensed a touch of sadness to your question."

"Well..." she reached out once more and traced that infuriating mischievous reading "Hah I found it!" and there was a quiet click. "I do have an older brother who is missing. Been looking for him, he decided to leave on an assignment, well that is what I believe and he didn't say a word to any of us." her voice disgruntled.

"Great!" Siora exclaimed as the power levels began to peter off to a more consistent level. She watched the console with great delight and then turned to Camelia with a slightly depressed look. "I am sorry to hear that about your brother. Having lost family I know how important they are, how strong they can make us be. Having said that... older brothers do tend to think they can do what they like and damn the consequences." she spoke from experience.

"Sometimes I think that they can be sort of, mother hens." Camelia coming out from her position, "The guardian that is nice at times but then gets in the way of things." she huffed slightly, the rose from where she had been laying. "They got to be a bit picky on who I could date and what not. Chased away several possible men that could be fun." she gave a shrug. "Since when can they do that and if I say something about a woman they are dating, I can't say anything well they try to keep me from saying something. I still voice my objections." her nose crinkling up slightly, as she made a face.

"Girl, you are describing my life." Siora laughed. "My brothers still do that now and I'm over 2 centuries old. I guess it makes them feel important and needed, so I let them act that way and then still go and do what I want with who I want. I just need to watch for recognisable warp signatures." She giggled a bit.

"What, do they have a my sister is interested in someone sense?" Camelia laughed. "If I end up getting involved with someone I'll have to try to keep it on the hush hush at the first. Though will be easy enough since I am not in their current space... well actually strike that. Stefan, he is on SB50, he's closer. Sometime I am suspecting that this ship will eventually arrive there. And then it will be a bit of a family reunion. Hopefully with Lucian there as well. Though I am having an inkling that he maybe in a lot of trouble." a small frown furrowing her brow.

"I think they have an invisible probe that follows me around places. Our tech is great, but I don't think that's a good use of it." Siora laughed. "Oh is that Poseidon? I have a cousin on there called Aer, she's lovely. I hear she's engaged to a Human as well. Although I do know that SB50 is huge, and full of all sorts of people so you never know who'll turn up."

"Ohhhh now I want to go visit, and would be nice to see my brother again. Its been awhile since I've seen him. Wonder if the station would survive my arrival." she gave a smirk. "However I am normally the innocent bystander." giving a wink and her eyes laughing.

"It's an old Cardassian design, they build those things to last." Siora laughed. "But I do get the impression that you are anything but innocent." she grinned.

"Ohhh, well I can maybe say, it takes one to know one." Camelia giggling "Okay so... what can we do next? Will we be doing some polishing of areas in the jefferies tube? Recalibrating the communications?"

Siora grinned. "I am devilish by design love." she looked upwards smugly. "When you are tiny like me most people assume you are quiet and unassuming... I like to prove them wrong as often as I can."

"As for what we are doing next... no, no polishing. We need to leave the janitorial department something to do. Honestly, I feel like sometimes they are invisible on starships... no-one ever sees them." she nodded more to herself than for any other reason. "We'll do some light recalibrating, do a test of the system so we know its functioning properly before we leave it be." Siora decided as she looked back into the panel she had been working on.

"That sounds like a plan then." Camelia responded, "And sometime soon I want to go to Poseidon Station. Hopefully my older brother has been found." she looked back towards the panel "Light recalibrations sound great. Let's do this." having a grin on her face.

Siora smiled as the Camelia began her work. "After this we'll go the lounge, drinks are on me... even if they are technically free on here." she chuckled to herself as she began her own calibrations. Before long they'd be sipping on something nice and relaxing after being cooped up in the comms array.


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