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Posted on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 @ 4:13am by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Ensign Xavon Starkweather

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: USS Majestic
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Captain Elijah Rutherford had just gotten back from participaiting in a sports event. It went well enough but he had taken a little bit of damage when trying to prevent his little boy from getting hit by a wayward ball. Elijah sent his family ahead and then made his way towards the ship.

"Son of a gun, that still hurts." Elijah shaking his hand, and looking at his jammed finger. He almost walked into someone, still looking at his sore finger.

Xavon had just dropped by his quarters to drop of all of his stuff, he then soon made his way to the medical bay with his padd with his transfer papers and orders all stacked accordingly. He was due to meet the captain in a little while, the half romulan had not been paying attention, he almost slammed into someone "I am so sorry sir" he said as he slipped his eyes focused "Captain Rutherford are you ok?" he had seen pictures but had never seen him up close.

"Oh hello, erm, yes I am Captain Rutherford. I got my finger jammed was just on my way to get it looked at. And oh I'm not familiar with you." Elijah being slightly off kilter and glad it wasn't Lily he had run into.

He smiled as he looked at him "Ensign Starkweather Head Nurse Just joined captain" He said eying the finger "Do you want me to take a look captain I'm heading towards sick bay?" he said looking at it "nice to met you captain hope that doesn't smart as much as it looks" he said with a wide smile as he stowed his padds under armpit.

"Yes it does, I hate when a finger gets jammed. Also need to make certain its not injured besides just a simple jammed finger." Elijah winced. "Most times I'd have doctor Marlow do the looking after but, since you are here. Let's see what you can do."

He walked int the direction of sick bay "I'll make sure your looked after captain" he said with a wide smile. Walking into sick bay he grabbed his lab coat, and various hypo sprays and his tricorder "come on in captain I'm almost all set up"

Elijah stepped inside, "This is funny I've not been down here yet perhaps I can be classified as a naughty Captain?" giving a chuckle then winced when he moved his fingers wrong. "Oof okay it definitely needs attention. Lets see what you can do with this. " giving a pained smile.

Xavon laughed "Well don't worry I wont tell if you wont captain" He said winking a little as he grabbed his tricorder and its scanning probe, Running it over the captains finger a few times "Well bad news captain its fractured in two places" he said grabbing a hypospray "Codine for the pain captain" He said smiling as placed the hypo-spray against he captains skin "You ready for medication captain? Then I can work on resetting the finger so that it can heal in line is that ok?" he wanted consent before he continued with the medical.

"Go right ahead, you have my consent." Elijah giving a nod. Such luck about getting his finger fractured. Well, it was better than the ball hitting someone and being injured more than the finger. "I am definitely grateful for having advances in medicines, just think of how long this would take to heal up." Elijah giving a slight sigh.

Xavon placed the hypospray to the captains forearm and released it the codine into his bloodstream "That should take care of the majority of the pain 15mg of codeine should deliver a healthy amount of pain relief" he grabbed the silver adhesive tape, unfurling it he wound it round the captain's finger "That should do in a pinch captain you'll need to take these hyposprays of paracetamol and a 5mg hypospray of midazolam should the pain continue only use the midazolam if you have to and the pain cant be treated with the paracetamol" he said smiling as he placed the tricorder down on the sterile metal plate.

"Thank you." Elijah replied. "This is definitely one way to be introduced to one of the newer staff members of medical. Make certain you meet up with Lieutenant Lily Marlow, currently she is the acting CMO until another one can be found."

Xavon smiled "It was my pleasure captain" He said handing off the hyposprays "As soon as were done here ill find Lieutenant Marlow" he said patting the captain on the shoulder "You Are free to leave now captain if you so wish" He said as he went to clean off all of his instruments in the medical agitator that would clean them off.

"Thank you." Elijah was about to leave then he paused, and turned back around. "Once you're done with cleaning your tools, would you care to converse with me? I'd like to know a few things about you." Elijah was interested in getting to know as many of the crew as he could.

Xavon smiled as he cleaned off the rest of his instruments "Can I interest you in a hot drink captain?" he said pulling up his chair ad moving it over to the replicator "Computer Pumpkin Spice Latte Hot Please" he spoke as the replicator whooshed his drink "Go on captain ask away" he said sitting with his legs either side of the chair.

"Well since I haven't looked at your record, what could be some of your likes, and also what made you join StarFleet? " Elijah ordering a green tea, before sitting down.

"Well captain i like long walks i really enjoy earth books and the occasional fight much like any man" he said with a wink "Im well versed in both earth hand to hand combat ive studied Jiu-Jitsu and karate, but ive also studied the martial arts of my homeworld" He said smiling "Also coffee is a massive part of my life i live on caffine" he said with a massive smile "I enlisted in starfleet to help...To help cultures ad people who dident have the best start in life to help heal and comfort and be there for people and to support the federation with its peace keeping and healing mandates"

"That is a noble cause. So tell me what do you know about, sentient holo graphic people? I've got a small group of them in one of my holo-suites. Part of the crew had gone through a rather disturbing experience before I was transferred to the ship." Elijah wondering what Xavon would say.

Xavon smiled at the captain "I mean I understand a lot but I'm no engineer but from a a biological stand point I'd like to study them see what I can discern!" he said as he drank his coffee "That sounds very interesting" he said smiling

Elijah nodded, "Then we'll have to see about you meeting them then." taking a drink of his green tea, pondering over things for a moment. He lowered the cup, "Do you have some questions you would like to ask of me?"

Xavon smiled as he took a sip from his own drink "Well when ever you have the time captain" He spoke as he tried to ponder his own question "What did you major in at starfleet academy?" he said as he made him self a little more comfortable.

"I had duo majors, one in Security and the other was in Helm. " Elijah stated, getting a somewhat distant look in his eyes, which was a misty eyed look as well.

Xavon smiled as he took in the view of his captain "My father did those exact majors at the academy" he said as he watched the misty look come over the captain "Are you ok Captain?" He asked as he studied the man in front of him.

"Yes I was caught up in a memory as to why I took those majors. It was in honor of my cousins they died in the war. One was a pilot the other was in security. I loved them like brothers." Elijah responded, getting up and walking over to get some tea.

Xavon briefly filled his eyes, it was a very sad look that came over his eyes, one of understanding and compassion "Captain may I make suggestion?" he asked as he stood "if it suits you Romulan Verstal Tea Is great for emotional strength I have taken it for many years, whilst I dont understand your situation and id rather now pry into what is not my business but I believe talking healthy about such things can lessen the load and captain if I may my door will always be be open for you should you need a listening ear and calming cup of tea"

"I thank you, and it sounds lovely. Besides would probably be best to talk to someone else besided my wife. She's a counselor but we live with each other. Best to have a different perception as things could get cloudy there." Elijah stated.

Xavon smiled as he drank some of his own drink "That must be hard living with a councilor captain?" he asked a qenuine heartfelt question.

"It is and it isn't, it is different. With her being my wife she can't really be my counselor. Due to family connection." Elijah stated.

Xavon smiled as he drank some more of his coffee "Well if you ever want non-commital advice and good cup of coffee captain my door is forever open to you"

Elijah gave a laugh and a nod. "Indeed I will probably take you up on it. Well then I think I shall get going. Thank you for taking care of my finger as well as the drink. Time to face the music with my wife." flashing a smile.

"It was my Pleasure captain please if you should ever need me you know where to find me" He said placing his lab coat back on.

Giving a nod of farewell, Elijah departed sick bay to meet up with his wife and kids.



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