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A garden of Eden

Posted on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 @ 8:25am by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Crewman Recruit Zeria

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Aquaponics Area
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Elijah had just finished talking with the returning CMO and her friend Tarria. He had another goal in his mind and that was to go take a look at the Aquaponics part of the ship. He hadn't been able to do so yet, but now was his chance. His eyes widened at seeing the luxuriant greenery that lay before his eyes. "This is definite much larger than on my former ship." he said aloud. "Hello beautiful." he walking up to some of the vegetables that were growing. "You look like you are almost ripe enough to eat." him looking at a sugar snap pea.

"Excuse me?"Zeria said, startled by the words because she thought they might have been directed at her before she saw what he was looking at.

Elijah swiftly turned around his eyes widened in surprise. "Oh hello, I'm Captain Rutherford. And you are?"

"Crewman Zeria, I run the arboretum Captain." She wondered if that would be enough or if she would have to explain that she was one of the Margarian's that Captain Saulitis had brought back from Marga III, unable to return them to their exact timeline as five minutes on the ship equaled five years on the planet.

"Ah well that explains why it looks well cared for. Jane had told me that I would find out about the crew here and that it was best to find out personally. So, I am doing just that." Rutherford answered with a smile. "And seeing what all the ship has. Glad to have you aboard as one of the crew." he looked around, "What are the highlights of this area, your favorite spot?"

"Oh well . . . I suppose the tree grove is my favorite. It allows just enough of the light and warmth in without overwhelming anyone and I find that the Banyan trees above me make me feel protected. Not that one needs such a thing on a starship," she gave a small shrug. "I guess it depends on whether you like trees, flowers or shrubs?"

"Oh I like all of the above, and I understand the feelings about the trees. It is comforting having the branches of the trees with their leaves above, and it does take away the sterile aspect of a ship, I like that." Elijah giving a nod.

"But if it's simple blossoms you are looking for then I would recommend the rose garden. We have English roses, Alaskan roses and even Aldarian roses which are supposed to put out the most lovely scent though due to my anatomy I can't actually smell them." Zeria gestured toward the garden, offering to walk him there if he wanted.

"Lead on, I would love to see more. And I will also have my wife come to see it as well." the Captain replied, following after Zeria. He took a deep breath and letting it out slowly, he could feel the tension drift away. Such is the importance of having a place with greenery, in order to help out the mental health.

"Excuse me for noticing," Zeria said. She couldn't come up with the right word she wanted to use but that seemed to work. "But you seem very tense Captain? Is anything wrong? I'm no counselor but Dom tells me I'm a very good listener."

"Dom? Oh Dominic Aldrich. Well I can see that you could be a very good counselor. Yes I suppose I am a little bit stressed, I have been noticing some stress in some of the crew members on the ship. Mostly due to our guests, the holo sentients. We are working to get information in order to get them to their new home. I do not know if you have come in contact with them. I am just getting things pieced together as to what happened myself." Elijah responded.

"Ah yes, they are a bit unnerving to say the very least." Zeria tried very hard not to think about it. "But we do have counselors on board. I've never understood why Starfleeters don't like to talk to counselors. If I had the opportunity while I was growing up I would have spoken to them often. At least someone would have been listening!"

Elijah chuckled, "I am married to a counselor, so, can't always talk to her. Its a bit of an interesting situation there." he remarked. "I do appreciate the fact of your offer and I won't brush it aside either. " giving a smile. "As for Star Fleeters, or even those who are not involved in Star Fleet from what my wife had said. people do not like to be vulnerable so they avoid counselors like a plague."

Zeria certainly understood the vulnerable part, she felt as if she had been vulnerable her entire life before moving to this ship where everyone treated her as if she were a normal person and not some spawn of the devil. "I understand. But still, they need to move on." She made a mental slap to herself to do the same thing. "Or we don't grow."

"Well I am hoping that once we get the holo people to their new home, the rest of the crew will be able to put that behind and will move on towards healing. How does that sound to you?" Elijah commented with a wishful look in his eyes.

"Good," Zeria said with a slight blush to her cheeks. She realized she sounded a bit like a counselor just then. "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound preachy Captain."

Elijah smiled broadly. "It is okay Zeria, I didn't think you sounded preachy at all. I thank you for the insight you have given me and also listening to me. It is greatly appreciated. " he looked around once more at this Garden of Eden. "If you ever need something let me know. And I will do what I can, alright?"

"Sure," She smiled sensing that their time together that afternoon was coming to an end. "You're welcome to stop by anytime also."

"Thank you, I most certainly will do so." With that and a wave of farewell Elijah left the Aquaponics Area.


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