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Posted on Thu Jun 29th, 2023 @ 12:42am by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Commander Dominic Aldrich

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Captain's Ready Room
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Elijah needed an update about the holo-sentient 'guests' tapping on his comm badge he sent out a message, "Commander Aldrich, would you come to my ready room, please."

Dominic was on his way to the Bridge as it was, so he doubled his pace and rang the chime at the door as he stifled a yawn from the crew on the Bridge.

"Enter!" Elijah called out, on his way to the replicator to get a cup of coffee. "Morning Commander, care for some tea or coffee?" he asked over his shoulder, while his coffee materialized.

"Coffee, Sir, please," the Commander said as he took a seat. "What can I do for you?"

Elijah got Dominic's coffee as well bringing it over to the man, before settling down on his own chair. "Well I would like to know of the progress where our hologram guests are concerned. And also, currently we have three crew members on an assignment, of great importance. I had been contacted by someone in Star Fleet Intelligence to put together a team in order to assist said person. That is where our Chief of Intelligence, our Chief of Security and our Chief Helmsman is on the mission. Just wanted to update you on that. "

Dominic raised an eyebrow. "I assume this assignment is for Captain's and above only? Must be some assignment to take three department heads from one ship," he said and then took a sip from his coffee.

Elijah gave a nod, and took his seat. "it was one of those sticky situations that needed to be taken care of. I wasn't too happy that I couldn't share it with you, until now." stirring the contents of his mug before drinking a small portion. "After this there will be full disclosure between you and I. Just to make certain we are more of a team than how it has started." motioning with his index finger between the two of them.

"I understand, Sir. There are things that are need to know, and I'm ok with that. Having studied science for so many years, I have discovered that there are some things I thought I needed to know, and now regret," Dominic said with a grin.

"Well, I have been in that sort of position as well, not a pleasant one I might add. When the away team gets back I do plan on us delivering our guests to their new home. I do believe the location has been found?" Elijah setting his mug down. " I am sure there are a few that would like that to happen, and set Adna station into history where it belongs."

"You can certainly count me among that group, Sir. I know I escaped relatively unscathed, but the mental scars some of us bear will take some time to heal for sure," Dominic remarked.

Elijah gave a nod. "My wife says there are a couple of people who won't speak much, if any, about what happened on Adna Station. One of them being Lieutenant Marlow. I am not going to bother Murph at the moment. Have you spoken to Lieutenant Marlow as of late?"

"Not much more than in passing, Sir. I think most of us are just keeping our heads down and working. I would assume the ship's counseling staff is pretty busy these days after that shop of horrors," Dominic stated as he looked at his cup with a long gaze.

"Well my wife, she said she's been kinda busy but also had noticed that there are those who seemed to be avoiding her. She feels though that in due time that it may come about for the crew to go talk to her at some point. The mutual feelings though, are that they will be very glad not to have the holo sentients on the ship. Been making them rather uncomfortable." Elijah sighed.

He looked out the window towards space, than commented, "We have arrivals or some returning ones from what I have found out. The former CMO is back, with her is a new chef, as well as the return of the bartender. We also have the coordinates of where the planet is, where the holo sentients would like to go. "I'd like to head out in the morning, and get that business taken care of."

He turned back to look at Dominic, "How about you and I call this meeting at an end, so you can go see your lady. Zeria? She is a lovely woman. Taking care of the plantlife." With that Elijah watched as his Executive Officer left the ready room then he turned to get back to work.


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