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A tune up and a reset

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2024 @ 3:24pm by Lieutenant S'anra Shalakar & Ensign Xavon Starkweather

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: TBD
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S'anra went from the debriefing directly to the Sickbay, Still dressed in the formfitting dress that she wore on the away mission. It didn't seem all that busy, so she approached the first person she saw. " Excuse me Ensign. " Said the Orion woman. " Could you help me please? " She asked. " I just returned to the ship and I need my pheromone suppressor reactivated as per Starfleet regulations before I may return to duty. " She said giving him a warm smile and extending her hand. " I'm Lieutenant Shalakar, the Chief Flight Officer here on the Majestic. And you are? "

Xavon had been cataloging some recent test results and some routine physicals When he heard someone enter the sick bay. He ran his hand through his hair as he turned to face the person the voice belonged to, His hair flopped to one side "Of Course" he said striding over, looking at the Orion in front of him "Lieutenant Please take a seat on the biobed" he said smiling "Ahh you were on the mission I'll be sure to add you to my list of post-mission physicals" he said with another smile "The Names Ensign Xavon Starkweather Head Nurse" He said holding out his hand.

He grabbed a few Hyposprays of the necessary hormonal inhibitors "Well I haven't met an Orion since my academy days" he said with a brief smile "One of my good friends was an Orion" he said lining up all of his tools, grabbing his tricorder running it over her brbody to find the exact location of her suppressor.

S'anra smiled and held out her left arm. " It's in the mid section of my left forearm. " She said, her voice tone pleasant and friendly. " But I would suggest we due such rather soon, least every male in the room start feeling euphoric and aroused. " she giggled a moment. " And some females too... Depending on how they swing. Most females will start feeling moody and jealous, and may even act aggressive. And I would prefer not to have to deal with that personally. "

After the tricorder found it he laughed "Well thank you for telling me" he said gulping as he nervously laughed again "I make sure to get this reactivated as soon as possible lieutenant" THe young half romulan, could not help steal a few glances at the orion, he had to admit when he was in the academy he did have a slight thing for an orion female, But he was Xavon Starkweather there was absolutely know way anyone would look twice at him "Good news gunna take me two seconds to turn it back on" He sad grabbing a hypospray "This is just to keep those pheremones at bay whilst I'm working" he said with a slight wink.

" That would be be a good idea. I am told that my pheromones have sweet and heady scent to it. " S'anra said. " Of course I would also suggest venting some of the air to minimize the effects, Since pheromones do tend to linger for a bit. " She looked at Xavon at tilted her head to one side. " Is this the first time that you've reactivated a pheromone suppressor? " She asked

Xavon smiled "I did it alot in the academy but its been a while since ive turned one on in an actual pateint so youll have to bare with me whilst i tinker" He said Placing the hypospray to the orions arm "Just gunna put this in and then you should be good to go" he said as he looked around "You wernt lying about those pheremones were you jeez there like a fright train a heady,world spinning aroma that spins your head in all the right ways" he said trying to stop himelf for saying that last par but it was out of his mouth now and he would have to try and laugh through it like all good medical officers did.

" I was on a away mission that required the suppressor to be deactivated for the duration, now that I'm back I must have it reactivated least I distract the entire male crew population. " She leaned forward towards Xavon and whispered to him. " Might I suggest a hypo of fifteen to twenty five mills of Kayolane? It is known to neutralize the effects of the pheromones or get rid of the head spinning euphoric giddiness at the very least, depending on the dose received. "
She looked at the chronometer on the wall. " Hmm... It's about time for lunch, Have you eaten yet? That and a walk would also be good to clear up your head. " S'anra added.

Xavon smiled as he reactived the pheromone inhibitor "That is you all set up Liutennant" he said with a very wide smile "Well I will get some Kaolane now" He said walking over to his hypo sprays and finding one with 15 mcg of kayolne written on it, injecting into hi upper arm and walking back over to the lieutenant "Thats me off meds upped" he said with a brief smile "Thank god those spinning feelings have subsided I can concentrate now" he said with an even wider smile "I would love to join you for lunch my shift is actually over now so once I hang up my lab coat we can get ready to head to the mess hall" he said taking a seat next to S'anara.

S'anra got her tray from the replicator. For lunch she chose 150 grams of boneless skinless chicken breast, 75 grams of cubed cheddar cheese, a Ceasar salad and two ripe figs. and for a beverage, she had a medium sized coffee. She sat at the table. " So is your head feeling better now? " She asked with a slight tone of concern in her voice.

Xavon ordered a burger from the replicator with sweet potato fries, Xavon chose a Sprite as his drink. Thankfully he was starting to feel better after the kaolane had taken effect. The Mess hall was quite full, but it had been a welcomed break from his shift in the sick bay "Thankfully I am yes don't worry your self about It its been a little while since I've been around Orion women so I'll take it as a medical experiment" he said winking as he sat down at an empty table.

S'anra gave a slight smile. " Being around Orion women in the federation isn't a problem due to pheromone inhibitors. It's when you run into them when they aren't part of the federation or have been off station on personal leave. As you well know, one has to deactivate the inhibitors every now and then to maintain a healthy level of pheromones as is natural for my species and not upset the natural system of my biology. But I'm sure I don't have to tell you such basic medical knowledge that you most likely learned in your first year at the academy. " Said S'anra.

Xavon had only ever been around orions within the federation "I concur" he said tipping his head with a slight smile and a laugh "I learned a vast many things in my first year at the academy that is for sure" He said with a slight playful wink "I honestly forgot that my species unlike our vulcan cousins aren't immune to orion pheremons" he said taking a bite from his burger "Well in my first year I shared a dorm room with a bajoron who was sweet on an a orion girl in our class often times she would come over to our dorm without her pheromone inhibitor on" he said laughing a little and smiling remembering the find memory.

" Well growing up on the Orion home world wasn't all fun and games. There is a dark underside that off worlders don't see. You can find anything and everything for sale in the open markets and even more in the black markets. Growing up in a merchant clan house meant never going out without an armed escort due to business rivals. One might be kidnapped and ransomed or be held to sway a deal or contract a certain way. Or worse yet, daughters may be kidnapped and sold into slavery by a rival house or crime family for revenge or not paying on time. Greens hold a certain value and can be sold for a good amount, that is why I'm in Starfleet. It is good honest work and much safer for a female of my species. " She paused for a moment and then looked directly into Xavon's eyes. " Do you know the reason why Starfleet has any race with pheromones use an inhibitor? Especially Orions? " She inquired. " Simply put, back in the day Orion Greens would allow themselves to be sold to a starship captain and tailor they're pheromones for that person and enslave them and bring their ship back and add it to the clan holdings. After awhile the crew would be eliminated and the ship claimed as salvage. Starfleet doesn't want that happening again, to themselves or anyone else."

Xavon listen intently to S'anra's words, He often diden think of things outside of the realms of earth, often times in situations exactly like this one challenged his belief system and his view of the known world. Sure he'd been around orions a whole bunch in the academy, but it was worlds away from visiting orion its self and experiencing it first hand "Well I didn't know any of this coming into this convocation so I thank you for educating me" he said with a wide smile "I had red a report from the fist years of starfleet where an orion ship was encountered and the crew of the NX-01 enterprise were almost all taken" he said with gulp, he took in everything she said "That is an awfully frightening concept even for a half romulan" he said "I would love to one day go to orion and see what its like for my self"

" Well now days I can walk the streets freely as long as I'm wearing my Starfleet uniform. " Stated S'anra. " No Orion household would want to become embroiled with Starfleet breathing down their necks for the kidnapping of one of their people. There aren't as many households that are still involved with the black market or open slavery sales like there used to be. After a couple dozen ship crews wound up in federation penal colonies, such operations began dropping off rather quickly. But there are still kidnappings and assassinations of rival houses family members and personal. It's not perfect, but it is home. " She said.

Xavon smiled lightly "I only ever saw brief moments of romulus when was a child" he said as he ate some more of burger "Has it always been that way on orion the constant warring factions and families?" he really wanted to understand, Orion was one place he had never spent anytime and meeting people from that realm had always fascinated him "So most of the black market slave trade has ended?" he spoke as he drank from his drink.

S'anra cocked her head to the side and glanced towards the ceiling briefly. " I don't think Warring is the right word to use. " She thought a moment. " More like conducting daily business routine. An example would be If you walk away from this contract that I want, you get you family member back or your trusted advisor returned. Another example could be, You took the business I wanted so I'm going to kidnap someone or something important to you and ransom it back to you for the value that I would have made on the deal. "

S'anra continued. " As for the subject of the Black market and Slavery, Sadly it still exist to this day. Amongst the Orion, if there is a profit to be made, there is a market for it. and the more the risk, the more it can be sold for. Illegal items fetch a good and hefty price for said goods or services. " She said. Things like the slave dens and black market Just went deeper under ground and move around a lot more, and making it hard to be tracked down by law enforcement. Nowhere is perfect I guess. "

Xavon took all of it in, of course the half romulan barely had any frame of reference to go off "Wow that seems such a far cry from human society" which I nreality it was and he really only had that reference to go off being half romulan he had only visited his mothers homeworld a handful of times "I suppose its much like anything if you cant see it its not there which is an awful mind set to have with such things" It happened on romulus way to often people went missing and people died, the tal-shiar were often behind such things and it was kept hush hush.

S'anra shuddered. " I have heard some stories about the tender mercies of the Tal Shiar from older and wiser officers who have been around longer then I. " She paused. " I really hope that those days are behind the Romulan people now and that they can have a more peaceful life in the future. "

Xavon smiled a little "Well the Tal'Shiar what bunch of xenophobic, non conformist, elitist ,bureaucratic ass hats" he said, that was one thing about his people he hated the tal-shiar were a people he refused to ever akgknowledge "we can only live in hope that the Tal-Shiars strangle hold on the romulan star empire i can pnly live in hope my people learn from there mistakes"

S'anra nodded her agreement. " If people don't learn from they're mistakes, then they are doomed to repeat them in the future. History has shown that to us many times across the galaxy and from planet to planet. " She brushed back a strand of hair away from her face. " I hope that one day that all space faring species can learn to exist together in peace. Men go off to war to protect those they love and defend the freedom of their homes and empires, while women watch their husbands and sons go off to war and grieve when they do not return home again. " A tear trickled from her eye. " Like when my uncle Tovar never returned after he promised to teach me to pilot a ship, I still miss him. "

Xavon smiled his smile meeting his eyes, there was somthing about this woman that made that smile just creep an inch higher to his eyes "I am in whole hearted agreement S'anara it is somthing i hope for after all humanitys greatest tool is hope and belief" He said as ate a little more of his food. The talk took a little tumble "War is a horrendous time and i couldent agree more i hope for peace and retribution and kindness" without even thinking Xavons hand found S'anaras "im sorry you had to go through that" He sqeezed her hand "I may never understand how that felt but know when the time arises and you want to talk about it sick bay will always be open" He said sqeezing her hand tightly as he tried to reassure her he was there.

She glanced up into his eyes and gave a weak smile. " Thank you. " she stated softly. " It's always comforting to know that there are people who are willing to be there to help you in times of need, and to a woman that can be a reassuring comfort. " She said with her smile a bit stronger now.

Xavon smiled "Ive got a crazy idea? Wht do ya say we finish up this food head to the holosuite and party a little I have the perfect 2000's earth beach party holo experience that I think you'd love" he said asate a little more of his burger "Why let the fun end eh?" he said winking at her.

S'anra thought it over for a long moment and shrugged her shoulders. " Sounds alright to me. But I have never been to a beach party before, so it sounds like it could be an interesting experience. What is required at a beach party? " She asked.

Xavon laughed "Just bring you self a beach towel, a bikini and let me take care of the rest" he sad with a broad smile "Theres always alcohol at these things so its a good time" He said with a wink.

" That sounds fun. So what time and holodeck are we meeting at? " Asked S'anra. " I have a swimsuit in my quarters, so I'll have to go and change into it. How long do you need to set everything up? " She asked Xavon.

Xavon smiled and let out a little laugh "It will be fun earlth parties always are" He said with a wink "Say holo deck 2 in about an hour" He said wolfing dow the rest of his food "I shouldn't need longer than an hour to make everything and get it all sorted"

S'anra smiled. " Alright, I'll meet you on holodeck 2 in an hour. " She stood up and took her tray to the recycler and placed it inside the drop off. She brushed some hair behind her ear, gave him another smile and walked out the door to go and get ready.

Xavon smiled "See you in an hour holodeck 2" He said beating up his uniform "I will try and be good guide" he said with a slight laugh "Well I will see you in an hour" he sad turning to exist the Mess hall "Youll have to let me know a song you like so I ca get that to play" He said with a slight cheeky wink.

S'anra stopped at the door and thought a moment. " A song that I like. Hmmm... That would be the Briz Bon. It is a musical selection that many young Orion females are taught and one that my sisters and I enjoyed dancing to. You did say this would be a fun party like atmosphere, correct? Then the Briz Bon would be good for the occasion. " She said with a smile. I'll see you in an hour "
With that said she turned and walked out the door to go and get ready.


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