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True Calling

Posted on Thu Feb 1st, 2024 @ 9:32pm by Captain Elijah Rutherford & Lieutenant True Keading

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Just after Departure.
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True adjusted her uniform and stood outside the Captain's ready room. She was aware that others could see her but she was pretending that they wouldn't be the slightest bit interested in looking at her. She often played this game to calm her nerves and to ensure that she reminded herself she didn't care what other people thought. She pressed the chime and waited to be invited in.

Before getting transferred she'd never even heard of the Majestic class but then again she really didn't pay a lot of attention to classes. People were her thing and she considered herself a fairly good judge of character. True wondered what her opinion would be of this new Captain she was about to meet.

Elijah was standing in front of the viewport, looking out towards the stars. He was in a contemplative mood, plotting out the next steps and where to take the ship. He turned to face the door when he heard the chime sound. "Enter!" he called out allowing access to his ready room. The blond haired Captain, gave his uniform the tug of straightening his tunic.

"Good morning Captain," True handed him the PADD she was carrying. "Lieutenant True Keading reporting for duty sir." She was never very good at standing at attention, not because she didn't respect authority but because she believed people needed her to be relaxed if they were going to learn to trust her. "I assume you've already gotten the orders though."

"Ah... I believe I did." Elijah giving a bit of a sheepish smile. "I've just been catching up on the last of the newly arrived. Please come have a seat, and lets do some talking shall we?" motioning towards the sofa and chair that was there. "I don't feel like standing at the moment anyway."

"Of course." True followed him in and took a seat on the sofa. She briefly thought of this as ironic given that she was usually the one sitting in the chair and analyzing those who were on the sofa. Perhaps he'd even offer her a cup of tea, then she'd really be amused.

"Can I get you something to drink while we talk? Tea or coffee. A glass of water? I will be getting myself a cup of tea myself." Elijah giving an congenial smile. "My wife likes Jasmine tea, one of the doctor's; Lieutenant Lily Marlow recommends a various assortment of teas. Such as Ginger or Lemon grass and even Peppermint tea."

True couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the turn of events. She'd never considered herself a psychic. "Yes please, peppermint is one of my favorites. I always keep a supply of it on hand for guests and or patients. Along with a selection of cookies, because everyone needs a little sugar when they're baring their soul."

"I am afraid all I have to offer for sweetner is natural sugar, my wife one of the counselor's she carries the cookies in her cupboards." Elijah bringing out a tea set, and setting some water to boil. "Peppermint tea, and the sugar." bringing over the tea bags.

"Perfectly fine. I don't plan on baring my soul today. It takes a while to get to know someone until they are at a point when they feel comfortable doing such things in your presence." she took the tea from him gratefully. "So Captain, is there anything specifically you want to know about my past service record?"

Elijah had a slight blank expression on his face as he thought over True's question, then he smiled. "I don't have anything specific to ask you about your previous service record. I've not looked at your record yet, this is due to my wanting to get to know a person uncolored by what has been written. I had asked the previous CO about what I can learn about the crew and she had answered with 'she felt it best that I get to know them'. Of which I took to heart. I have a few crew members who are dealing with a rather troubling experience before I was transferred to the USS Majestic. We are on the final part of that experience to close up what was to be a shoreleave and turned into a nightmare for a few of them." he paused then gave a chuckle. "Looks like I am the one that is sort of baring my soul to you."

"Well a counselor is never officially off duty," True crossed her legs. "I'd be very interested in hearing more about this nightmare mission. Especially if I'm going to be having sessions with this crew. The more I know the more I can help them. "

"A brief synopsis, the crew had gone to a station for a well deserved shore leave. It started out fun and enjoyable, then things went haywire. The AI, Adna, seemed to have had a glitch and the holo people." he paused for a moment as he collected his thoughts, "From what I could gather, the station was completely being run by holograms. Almost like it was as huge holodeck. Things became a bit more than what it should have been. The safety features were off, mostly, it seemed people had died then came back to a lobby of a sort. Others had disappeared, they were found in cryo sleep chambers. The holograms became rather aggressive as if Adna was searching for something. Wanting something. Several of the crew had witnessed the 'death' of their fellow crewmembers or loved ones. They were trapped. They did get help though from what I am gathering, a small group of 'rebel holograms' who seemed to have gained sentience. " he paused to take a drink of his tea, "Those holograms are currently in one of the holosuites, in more of a controlled environment. One of the people you may wish to speak to would be Lieutenant Lily Marlow. Perhaps you can get her to open up more of what happened. Another would be my XO, Commander Dominic Aldrich. I will give you a llst of those who are left of the crew who haven't transferred."

"Thank you Captain, that would be very helpful." True thought about what he'd said and of the different ways to help those who had recently gone through trauma. It reminded her of the distruction of the Yorktown. She had been placed in command after the Captain and Commander were killed. It wasn't something she liked to think about but something she'd had to work through. "I can start straight away."

Elijah gave a nod, "Thank you that would be great." drinking the last of his tea. Setting the cup down, Elijah looked at it quietly for a moment, his brow furrowed. "I do hope that you'll be able to get those that had gone through that experience to open up. Lily is also a good friend besides having served under me on the other ship." raising his eyes from the cup to look at True.

"It might take some time, but after they get used to a new counselor they'll come around and begin to open up. Out of curiosity what was your last counselor like?" True asked, sipping her tea.

"I never truly got to know him. He left shortly after I had taken upon the mantle of being the Captain of this ship. Lily had a session with him, she might be able to give you a little bit of an idea of what he was like. However he was called to another position and left quickly." Elijah remarked. "Now here you are and I do hope that you will be staying for longer than what Counselor Zacci did."

"I generally make any place I happen to be my home so I wouldn't worry about that unless Starfleet decides to send me elsewhere, but if they do I'll be a little bit impatient with them since I just got this assignment and am very nearly settled in. I'll have to meet Lily then, and everyone else of course. In time."

Elijah gave a nod. "If they were to try to send you off the ship I would be fighting them myself. The previous counselor, I don't recall if I had even spoken to him. As for you though, even if we just met, I like you and I feel that you are a great fit for this ship. I do hope this is the beginning of a new day for the ship and your new home." a smile appearing.

True returned the smile. "Thank you Captain, I shall endeavor to do my best."

Lieutenant True Keading
Chief Counselor
USS Majestic

Captain Elijah Rutherford
Commanding Officer
USS Majestic


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