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Sifting through information

Posted on Fri Feb 23rd, 2024 @ 10:04am by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Hadir Prenar

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Holo deck
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Seated in a chair, Aisanna thoughtfully sipped at her large mug of tea as she mulled over what she had unlocked in Lily's mind. She rotated her chair around to take a look at Hadir. "Thank you for the meal, and it seemed that those there thought it quite natural for you to be escorting me about the ship. Very nice cover." a playful smile danced on her lips. It faded though as she took another sip of her tea.

"Where do you want to start, where Lily's memory is concerned. There is a quite a bit to cover." Aisanna added.

"I think it perhaps best that we start with the explosion. Perhaps there is something or someone that we missed before. As I said that was a professional job so there had to be someone who planted the devices. We should look at a couple of days before the explosion, as we cannot rule out that the device was placed and timed, or remotely detonated." Hadir said as he began to bring up the data files from the previous day.

"The only thing that I was able to pick up from Lily's memories, was the two days before she went to go visit Annabelle. Would that be sufficient for you to have a look at? I can share what there was by utilizing the same apparatus we used earlier." Aisanna remarked.

"Yes I think that would be the best place to start. With any luck we will find someone or something." Hadir said as he began to lay out the apparatus. This was not his expertise however, he rather so enjoyed a mystery and this was some mystery. He would have to see this through to the end now.

The apparatus were layed out upon the very same bio bed that Lily had been lying on. Aisanna made herself comfortable and attached the contacts to her temples and the monitoring device upon her wrist. Aisanna's arms were at her side, she was in quiet repose, her eyes closed her breathing in a meditative state. Soon upon the monitor could be seen Lily in front of a view screen, talking to a woman with dark blonde hair, brown eyes which were redrimmed from her tears.

"Lily, I can't believe he is gone, we were to be married." Annabelle breaking down in tears once more. "I can't meet with you, I don't want to leave my home I just can't seem to make myself leave!"

Lily's mouth went into a rather firm line of determination, "I'll come to you instead. I'll spend time with you." The view screen went dark. Lily's reflection could be seen in the darkened screen. The day had been spent in traveling from what could be seen in the memories that Aisanna had picked up. from Lily.

The reunion between Lily and Annabelle was bitter sweet, Lily remembered in her mind the two weeks prior to this tragedy, was the proposal of marriage from Annabelle's boyfriend, after Annabelle's final performance of Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera. The boyfriend was tall, with black hair, eyes of green, the hair medium length which brushed it back from his forehead.Square jaw with a cleft in it. Athletic build, green eyes, with an intense gaze A handsome fellow by human standards. His name was Lucian. Lily prepped dinner with the supplies her father sent with her. The young women had a good meal, Annabelle taking comfort in Lily being there. Lily ended up sharing Annabelle's bed, holding her when the tears started to fall once more. Lily woke up briefly when she thought she heard the floor creak, and thought she saw a shape standing in the door way leading into bedroom. Annabelle moaned, caught in the throes of a dream which distracted Lily. When she looked back towards the door, the shape was gone.

The day before the explosion occured, Lily managed to talk Annabelle into going with her to a spa, Annabelle was needing it badly, to destress. Lily kept feeling that someone was watching her and Annabelle, when they had gotten into town and went to the spa. A man with short dark brown hair, and dark eyes. She ended up dismissing it as the man was actually looking towards a woman who came up and kissed him.

Aisanna paused that memory, "That man seemed a bit familiar to me, like Lily's interrogator, the human male." she commented.

The only acknowledgement that Aisanna had said anything was Hadir's "hmmmmm." He snapped his fingers with an idea. His pale fingers punched in commands on the computer in a blur. About one minute later he spoke. "Viola! I believe it is said on Earth." A side by side comparison of the two men Aisanna had mentioned appeared before them. "Yes I see the resemblance now too. Computer please tell me the possibility that these two men are the same?" About thirty second later the computer spoke. "These two men are 95% match to each other."

"Intriguing." Aisanna uttered. "Makes things all the more curiouser. "Could this man have been anywhere else if he's been tracking both Lily and Annabelle?" Aisanna sat up to look at Hadir. "We may need to question Lily as to where she has been since then. Or you could work your magic and trace her activity with this being the start and work backwards to the last station you had been at, not counting DS-9." she removed the connections and slid off the bio-bed to take a seat next to Hadir.

"This endeavor almost seems like a needle in a haystack situation." Aisanna went quiet for a moment, then quietly requested. "do you think we can have a little bit of Kanar while we sift through more of this?" Aisanna rubbing her temple gently. As she rubbed her temple, a niggling thought came to her. "Oh speaking of Kanar, Rashad Elgin, the lovely man who brought me here. He wished me to deliver a message. He said he owed you a bottle of Kanar for helping him out of a mess at the After Burner Bar, where ever that is at."

"That was just something that is classified m'dear." Hadir said with a smirk. "As for the kanar I don't see why not. Although it surprises me to find someone who is not Cardassian who enjoys it. Most do not like the texture or flavor." He turned his head and called for the arch. After inputting a few commands a bottle of kanar and two glasses appeared on a table next to Aisanna. "There we are. I think questioning Lily as to who this man is and where she has gone would be the next best step."

"There are several forms of Kanar that I have found, some is rather vile but yours, it has one of the better flavors. " Aisanna remarked with a chuckle, then picked up the bottle and proceeded to pour herself as well as Hadir, a glass.

"Shall we drink this then call for Lily to return?" Aisanna asked, lifting her glass towards Hadir in a salute.

Hadir poured himself a measure and returned the salute. Kanar was his favorite beverage and usually served to help open his mind and concentrate. "Indeed... a pleasure before work never hurt anyone."

"Indeed, I will agree with you on this. We're going to be getting into the thick of it very soon." Aisanna remarked.Of which she deemed that this drink of Kanar shared with Hadir was a good representative of what they will be digging for.


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