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Where did you go?

Posted on Tue Mar 5th, 2024 @ 11:05am by Lieutenant Lily Marlow & Lieutenant Laural Hawke

Mission: A New Beginning
Location: Somewhere
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Lily was looking through the rotation sheets and the medical records of the USS Majestic. Sure she was no longer in that capacity of CMO but old habits die hard. Then she saw a familiar name, It was Lieutenant Hawke! She had disappeared just after the Adna Station situation had been taken care of. She tapped on her combadte, =/\= Lieutenant Hawke, this is Dr. Marlow, would you meet me at the mess hall? I will be there in ten minutes.=/\=

Lily put away her padds and tidied up then headed for the messhall. She arrived and stood at the entrance to see if Hawke would come.

It didn’t take long for Laural to arrive as she was already considering taking a food brake from her encryption studies when Lily called. It was a little strange to be called down to the mess hall by a medical officer, but she figured this might be one of Lily’s unorthodox healing methods. Spotting Lily ahead of her with her back to her, Laural carefully stepped up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder, “waiting for someone doctor?”

Lily gave out a quiet squeal and clapped her hand over her chest, before turning around. "Good heavens you about gave me a heart attack!" Lily gasped out. "How are you doing?" impulsively giving Laural an embrace. "I was worried when you disappeared before we stopped Adna from her craziness. We made it to the ship and then... you were gone." Lily letting Laural go.

Enjoying the sudden embrace, Laural smiled, “yea sorry about that, but that’s how things go in my line of work sometimes. I receive notice of something that needs my attention and I have to jump on it then and there. A lot of my work can be very time sensitive” she explained, doing her best not to reveal anything that could even hint at who she’d been working for. “But I’m back now, so there’s no need to worry”

"Well I am glad you are alive." Lily giving a smile. "Let's get something to eat and do some catching up." leading the way into the mess hall towards the replicator. "Much has happened, you may already know that I am not the CMO anymore, I stepped down to be the ACMO, and Sekat is now the CMO. Of which You probably know that as well." Lily chattering away as she selected a stew and some bread to go with it, along with a sparkling lemonade.

“Yes that Dr Seklar is an interesting one to say the least” Laural said as she ordered a chicken Cesar wrap with an orange juice, a lemonade and an empty cup. “To be honest, I was a little disappointed to hear you weren’t CMO anymore. I was really looking forward to another backwalking session, it was very relaxing last time, and quite enjoyable”

"Just because I am not the chief medical officer anymore, doesn't mean I don't do massages. I am still in business and still do my massage therapy." Lily replied. Once Laural got her food, Lily led the way to a table off in the corner beside a planter with live plants. "Let me know when you want a massage and I can give you one."

“How about later tonight? I’m not doing anything” Laural said, her voice a little more sultry than she’d intended. Although she was attracted to Lily, Laural was pretty sure she didn’t feel anything like that for her. What relationship they had built before Laural left was more of a friendship and that’s probably where it was going to stay. “Maybe I can return the favour this time?”

Lily raised an eyebrow then she nodded, "Sure that sounds great, tonight it is" she set about eating her food, in between bites she asked, "I take it you know how to give massages. That is nice to find out." Lily said then took another bite of her food.

Laural gave a shrug, “not really, but I’m a fast learner. So I’m sure that, with the right teacher, I could give a decent massage”

"Then, sure I can give you some instructions, and see what you can do." Lily giving a smile. “Just let me know, please." Lily had no clue that Laural was attracted to her, it was something that never entered her mind.

“How about tomorrow after your shift? My schedule is flexible” Laural said as she felt her cheeks warm up a little. Quickly giving her head a bit of a shake, Laural tried to focus her mind on the conversation rather then the random thoughts floating around in her brain right then, “unless you need time to prepare?”

"Tommorrow after shift sounds great. And the massage therapy room is at the ready." Lily responded. "Do you need time to prepare?" she then added. "Either way, you can let me know if you need preparation."

Just as Lily was going to add something more, there was a beep on her combadge. "Lieutenant Marlow, you are needed in medical.

Lily gave a slight sigh, "Well good thing I am done with my meal." giving a smile. "I'll see you later on Laural and welcome back." with that she rose from the table, giving a wave she cleaned up her tray, tossing it into the recycler and left the mess hall.

Returning the wave, Laural gave a contented sigh. It was good to be back onboard and to know that some of the crew were still the same. A sense of stability was sometimes a good thing.



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